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May 26, 2022, 08:02 PM 58 read

Tips for New Galaxy War


Commanders, Here are a few points to help you understand the new Galaxy War better. Have a good read!   1. Energy Crystals Participate in the Deep Space Tournament to get tons of GEC and Energy Crystals You can have up to 4000 Energy Crystals and can use it during Galaxy War   2. Donation You can donate in Alliance HQ or Outposts to build and level up the Alliance Defense Amplifiers, and get GEC at the same time; You can donate with or without an Alliance, and can donate to any Alliance you see fit. But it's better to donate to the Alliance HQ with Ember's building permission; The max level of a Defense Amplifier is 3. You can build up to 4 Alliance HQs and 3 Outposts.   3. Ember Before Galaxy War, the top three Alliances with the most Alliance HQs on the server Ranking list will have access to building the "Ember" The Alliance with access to building the "Ember" needs to have 4 Defense Amplifiers before "Ember" can be built; Donate Energy Crystals to the 4 Defense Amplifiers can improve the rank and level of "Ember".   4. The lowest level of the 4 Defense Amplifiers will determine the Rank of Ember The Amount of Energy Crystals required for Defense Amplifiers: Lv.1: 8000 Lv.2: 16000 Lv.3: 40000

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