NovaEmpire LV.19 GameManager
Jun 18, 2021, 03:08 PM 109 read

New Feature Preview for Nova Empire


Advanced module feature will be released in a future version of Nova Empire. You will be able to further upgrade some of your orange and purple modules, which will have great improvement upon upgrading.   For example, you can use the same orange modules to upgrade your desired ones into orange modules of higher qualities, which will have greater effects after upgrading. Purple modules, on the other hand, will need another 4 max-level purple modules to be upgraded into an orange one.   Although not all modules could be further upgraded (for more details on how to advance your modules and the cost, please stay tuned), orange could be improved greatly, and purple modules will no longer be useless. So, better to keep more modules now and improve your strength when the new feature is released.    

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