Co-op? NG+ Hardest difficulty for rook outfit, only faiths region left

I have mars guns to cheese with but would like a buddy to run through the last part of the game with

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Making a team

Hello everyone! Me and some others are making a team! Lmk if you want to join either directly or through this post. Don't matter what games you play we are working on servers for them. Everyone is welcome as long as you're chill and a good person

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Looking for people to play Far cry 5

Just add me on discord corex#3755
Im playing on PC
Im german but i speak good english (or at least i try my best)

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Fav game

What's everyone playing right now? I'm playing new game+ on far cry 5 game mode hard

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Sneaky Boy

I’ve had the game for awhile and never really played it but I’m looking for someone to co-op with and go as silent as possible. Add me on discord if your down. Haven#7679

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i got all pearkes

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love the game

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Gaming Community?

So I’ve had this idea for awhile and I’ve tried presenting it on other platforms. I want to start a group of fellow gamers with the sole purpose of squad forming. So a diverse group of console and PC players that interact regularly on discord. With the goal of one person becoming interested in a new game and realizing that having a squad is almost necessary or would make for a better experience. That person can than hop on our discord and find other gamers that they already regularly converse with and are comfortable with to join them in whatever new game they are wanting to start. So overall a community of gamers that are friendly and willing to explore new gaming experiences with other like minded gamers. . If anyone is interested feel free to join the discord or message me directly

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I love far cry

But I’m a far guy

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Best game

Far cry new dawn is one of my favourite games I have ever played! Here are some of the photos I took whilst playing! What's your favourite game?

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Far cry 5

Im down to play anyday, if you see this like a day after, 2days after, kr even a week, ill still play. So just add me lol.

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Far Cry 6

Does anybody know when Far Cry 6 is coming out?

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Looking for someone to play with on farcry5 xbox (mic suggested)

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Anybody what to play farcry on PlayStation new dawn or farcry 5
My psn is EMP_balldropper

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farcry new dawn

look for someone to mess around with on xbox

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will help

I’ll help you on Far cry ND ->PlayStation<-

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Wanna join me and my friend to screw around? (PS4)

Looking for four more people to join for us to go around doing random shit, gamertag is YT_Abrak, message asking to join and we'll add you

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Farcry 4

Anybody wanna play far cry 4 later?

LV.8 Shotcaller 2mo

I’m looking for someone to play far-cry new dawn with

I beat the campaign 3 times already

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LV.9 Try Hard 2mo

Check out my new video about Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough Gameplay Part 14

Watch "Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough Gameplay Part 14 Now That's Entertainment" on YouTube #FarCryNewDawn #FarCryNewDawnCommunity #Evilhaavy4 This video was pre recorded for 7/31/19.

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Arcade hero

LFG on ps4 to play a arcade hero mode so I can get the trophy for playing it 5 times

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Will anyone gameshare with me on ps4 so I can play the game until I can buy it for myself?

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Far cry new dawn

Looking for people to play with I’m on Xbox

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Starting farcry 5 over again come and join if you would like gamer tag is saltycactus1997

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Should I get Far cry 5 after I already beat new dawn?

I don't want to watch gameplay or have any spoilers to it, just curious if the story is worth the run through along with gameplay or if not

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i need a partner in new dawn on ps4

need psn

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Far cry new dawn

Just farming supplies

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Doing jacob missions (XBOX FAR CRY 5)

Doing jacob missions to level up my resistance im not that newbie please dont be super overpowerd with mars guns because they make it not fun message me so we can talk

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