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Galaxy War: Event Guide

Strategies & Tips

1. Station jumps now allowed to all friendly alliance territories to assist with teamwork and organization. 2. A one time per event Alliance Shield allows each alliance to protect their buildings from attack for a few hours to rest and regroup. 3. Mercenary defense fleets will appear to defend all alliance buildings. Their numbers will depend on each alliance building's level. 4. Capturing alliance buildings now requires 30 minutes of continuous occupation, during which time everyone is able to jump into the occupied area to assist. 5. After losing an alliance building to the enemy, your side will gain a slight attack buff bonus that only applies while in your own galaxy. 6. The victorious side will have loads of pirate workships holding GEC appear throughout their galaxy every 6 hours. 7. Interface and performance improvements to improve the whole experience.   1. Open Territory a. When the Galaxy War starts, intergalactic rifts will appear randomly around the Galaxy Map. b. The rifts and nearby areas will temporarily become neutral. Commanders from both galaxies can jump into this area. After jumping in from a foreign galaxy, your station can remain stable for up to 4 hours, after which time you will be automatically transported back. c. During the event, you can jump within your own galaxy into any uncaptured territory (including other alliances' territories). d. However, jumping to other alliances' territories will use a greater amount of jump charge and take longer to recharge.   2. Alliance Shield a. During the battle, every alliance has one opportunity to activate their ""Alliance Shield"". This can be activated by rank 3 or 4 alliance members from the Galaxy War screen. b. After activating the shield, all of your alliance's uncaptured buildings will be unattackable for 6 hours. This protection does not apply to members' fleets or Space Stations. Only alliance buildings.   3. Mercenary Defenders During the event, mercenary defender fleets will appear in all alliance buildings to help defend them against attackers. The amount of mercenaries and their strength increases according to the level of each alliance building.   4. Building Capture a. Points are earned by capturing enemy buildings and defending your own. After occupying an enemy outpost or HQ, you must hold it for 30 minutes to capture it fully. During this 30 minutes occupation period, everyone can station jump into the area to assist or defend, but this requires more station jump charge than a normal jump. b. If a building is retaken during this 30 minute occupation time, it will be recaptured instantly to the original owner. If it's retaken after the 30 minute occupation time, the recapturing side also needs to hold the building for 30 minutes to finish recapturing it. c. After being captured, all alliance influence territory area generated by the building will switch to the captured area, and only friendly forces will be able to jump into the area.   5. Buff Bonus Alliances who get their buildings captured will get a buff bonus for each building captured that increases their attack power in their own galaxy.   6. Rewards a. The total amount of systems controlled across both galaxies will determine the winner of the event. b. Every player can earn additional personal rewards by defeating enough enemy fleet power, with the players defeating the most earning greater rewards. c. The victorious galaxy will get bonuses from the enemy galaxy's captured buildings for 3 days after the event. d. In the day following the event, swarms of pirate workships will appear in the victorious galaxy every 6 hours carrying GEC. Players can destroy them to collect the GEC.

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