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Jul 2, 2020, 07:09 PM 2,941 read

Kraken Fracture: Event Guide

Strategies & Tips

Enter ●After the event begins, players can send fleets to the outermost systems ●Participants can send one fleet each ●If the fleet is destroyed or recalled, another can be sent to replace it   Connect ●Work with your alliance to gain control of a connecting system. They provide the only path to the core. Each alliance can hold only one. After controlling one, the alliance's fleets will be weakened if they move to other connecting systems.   The Arc ●Wipe out enemies in the core and hold the arc until the event ends to win ●When the event ends, the alliance that is in control of the arc will be victorious ●Alternatively, control the arc for 6 hours continuously to win early   Blueprints ●Both the connecting systems and the core have their own exclusive, time-limited blueprints ●At the end of the event, alliances controlling these will gain the blueprints to use. During the event, destroying Kraken fleets that appear will also have a chance to drop limited build rights for Kraken ships. ●When the event fully closes later, these blueprints will no longer be usable

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