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Dec 7, 2020, 07:07 PM 711 read

New Galaxies' call to 101, 105, 108


More galaxies have reached a new chapter...   Related Galaxy: G101, G105, G108   Transferable Elite Galaxies: A01   Server Merging Time: December 9 – December 16, 2020   Event Notes:   This time the Server Merging won't have limit on players' strength, every commander will get to enter the new Server.   After moving galaxies, all alliances will be lost. Alliance members will be compensated additionally during the merge event for their lost alliances. Compensation is based on amount/levels of alliance buildings as well as the size of total controlled territory and consists of GEC, crates and more. In the new galaxy, commanders can contact each other to reform or create new alliances.   When the merge event begins, please quit and relogin to the game to receive your merge reward BEFORE JUMPING to the Elite Galaxy! If you do not collect your reward in your current galaxy, it will no longer be available after jumping to the Elite Galaxy.   Alliance leaders, please be sure to TRANSFER YOUR ALLIANCE to other players rather than disbanding it. If you disband your alliance before your alliance members come online to collect their merge reward, they WILL NOT BE ABLE to collect their merge reward. If you want to jump into the Elite Galaxy straight away, we suggest after collecting your merge reward you transfer control of your alliance to another member, then leave the alliance and jump.   Please look out for future announcements concerning merge plans for later galaxies and other news. For questions on this merge, please feel free to contact our support team.   Thank you for your support and we look forward to the adventures ahead!

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