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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Nova!


It's July again and this year is the 3rd year of Nova Empire! We've prepared several great Events for our dear commanders start on the 15th of July:   Pirates Drop: During the anniversary, Pirates will now carry gifts across the galaxy. Eliminate them and get random rewards in the crates, resource items, and speedup items included!   Nova Cake Donation: What's a birthday without a cake? So let's decorate the birthday cake with Nova Emblems, a special item that you'll get when you open the crates dropped by the Pirates. Earn points by donating Nova Emblems at the Event interface and get tons of rewards when you reach certain donation levels!   Ready to try your luck? Get "Solar Dust" by participating in the Event and use the dust to redeem one "Solar Stones". Ten stones each stand for the number 0-9. The player with the correct number will get an "Orange True Damage Module". For more details about the rule please check:

  Multiple Pack: Here comes Multiple Pack again! Come and see what multiples you'll get. Purchase the pack and get at least double items in it. Strengthen up with multiple resource items and speedup items!   Please check our Facebook page for detailed Event Schedule:   Forementioned Event items (Nova Emblem, Solar Dust, Solar Stone, etc) will be removed when the Events end. Please exchange your desired items in time!

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