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Nov 30, 2020, 04:30 PM 2,900 read

01/12/2020 Update


Maintenance time: 01/12/2020 03:00 (UTC) Estimated Duration: 2 hours NOTE: These features will be released on 01/12/2020. You will be forced to update Nova Empire to the newest version then, so please be sure to update as soon as possible for your convenience!     [New Event: The Wrath of Einherjar] -When the Event begins, pirates will appear at set intervals and come attack commanders' Stations. Eliminate intrusion pirates to earn event points, players can exchange event points for rewards once their personal points and Alliance points reach a certain level. -When the Event begins, Pirate Chiefs will appear in the galaxies and provide special BUFFs to intrusion pirates. Players won't be able to see Pirate Chiefs at the start, complete missions to reveal their locations. Eliminate Pirate Chiefs to earn more event points and weaken the intrusion force. -The difficulty will rise with the intrusion waves, players can send their Station locations to their allies and ask for reinforcement. Players will earn extra event points according to the amount of strength they eliminated while helping their allies. If players were defeated by the intruders, their defence will be deemed as failures, two failures will mark the end of their personal event progress and intruders will no longer appear. -Destroyed ships will be stored in a special recycling station and will be returned to players when the event ends.   [Others] -Fixed some known BUGs -Improved game stability  

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