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Hlidskjalf: An ethereal Kraken ruin drifting through the empty void was finally revealed by intensive exploration to be the Hlidskjalf of the once dominating civilization. Despite the fact that the Galaxy itself was blown to pieces, the abundance of resources still lures powerful and hungry Alliances from across the galaxies. The dread of war quietly creeps upon the fleets of commanders from various void, the situation is getting tenser every second.   1. Players will participate Hlidskjalf in Server basis. 2. In the Event Galaxy, every Server has its own territory. Players will be able to jump to the territory of their own Server. 3. Players will get a visa BUFF for four hours at every successful Station Jump, when the BUFF expires, their Stations will be automatically sent back to their original Solar System. 4. Players will earn Battle Points by eliminating Pirates and other players and collecting resources. Use the Points to exchange/unlock specific BUFFs to enhance your or even the strength of the whole Server. 5. The Event is divided into 4 phases, namely, Prewar Phase, Strategizing Phase, Engagement Phase and Occupation Phase. The battle rules and the Galaxy map will change with the battle progress.   Prewar Phase: 1. In Prewar Phase, players can only conduct activities in their own territory. Enhance their strength by gaining Battle Points in preparation of the coming war. 2. By using the core skill Fleet Warp, players will be able to get in other Servers' territories for a short time and earn more Battle Points by eliminating enemy players. However, the greater the yield, the greater the risk.   Strategizing Phase: 1. In Strategizing Phase, neutral Hub Galaxies will be unlocked, with more abundant resources and stronger Pirates inside. 2. Players will be able to enter enemies' territory via Hub Galaxies, at this point, the most effective strategy is to gain as much Battle Points as you can while preventing your enemies from gaining Battle Points.   Engagement Phase: 1. In Engagement Phase, players with a Gravity Stabilizer will be able to enter Core Galaxy to fight over the control power of the structures. 2. Players can exchange Gravity Stabilizer with Battle Points, only 30 players in a Server will be able to exchange the Stabilizer. 3. Players need to occupy the Hubs before they can enter the Core Galaxy and occupy the Ruins. 4. The control of the Core will be lost once players have lost control of the Hubs. The Server who suppresses and occupies the Core Ruins for a consecutive 6 hours will be the winner of the Event in advance.5.The Gravity Stabilizer is only available for purchase if your Alliance occupies the Core in Kraken Event.   Event Detail: Live at 14:00 12th August. Preparation Phase: UTC 6:00 12th August-UTC 6:00 15th August. Strategizing Phase: UTC 6:00 15th August-UTC 6:00 16th August. Engagement Phase: UTC 6:00 16th August-UTC 6:00 17th August. Servers Participating for the First Time:107,112,113,115,118 The forementioned servers please read the Event rule carefully and be prepared during the Kraken Event on 8th of August.   Reward Detail: There would be several Admiral Passes in the reward for players on Hlidskjalf Ranking list. The reward will be delivered according to your place on the Ranking list. Use the Admiral Pass to exchange for a formidable admiral! For more details please check the Event panel when it's live.

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