Nova Halloween Carnival!

Halloween Events timetable from 28th October to 4th November.
Server: 1 – 476
1. Pumpkin Donation (October 28 – November 5)
2. Pirate Drop (October 28 – November 4)
3. Legion Mission (October 28 - November 3)
4. Elite Pirates (October 28 - October 30)
5. Solar Dust Event (October 28 – October 30)
6. Galaxy Scan (October 28 - October 31)
7. Void Materials Ranking (October 28 - October 31)
8. Collection (October 30 - October 31)
9. Speed Up (October 31 – November 1)
10. Anping Event (November 1 – November 4) – New Adjutant
11. Alliance Ranking (November 1 - October 4)
12. Eliminate Pirates (November 2 - November 4)
13. Fleet Expansion (November 2 - November 4)
New Adjutant – Daan Van Den Berg coming!
Professor at the University of Galaxy Empire who is possessed with idea to rediscover Anping’s lost city.
-Missile Boost
Missile damage increases 40%.
-Hedge Risk
Fleet evade increases 20.
Festival Items – Sweetmeats, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Witchcap, Jack-O-Lantern, and new Adjutant upgrade material – Forgotten Clue will be available in Halloween Events. Stay tuned!

Nova Halloween Carnival!
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New Admiral - Vekket Coming!

Vekket, the perfect scientist ever created.
-Cannon Surcharge
Increase 40% Cannon damage to the attaching fleet.
Increase 30% Armor resistance to the attaching fleet.
He will be waiting for you at Anping Event! (Upgrade materials will be available in the recent Events. Stay tuned!)

New Admiral - Vekket Coming!
New Admiral - Vekket Coming!
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Void Materials Event Description

The lowest points in the rankings are 200 points, and 2000 points is a display error. Please inform each other.

Void Materials Event Description
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Final Result of Solar Stone

Thus concluded the Galaxy War in 5th September, the sum of the digits on thousands places of the first players are ""40"". The players with Solar Stone No.0 will be able to exchange an ""Orange weapon module crate"" in the Exchange Event on 9th, other players will be able to exchange for ""Cornerstone Crystals"". We will REMOVE the Solar Stones when the Exchange Event ends, so please exchange your items in time.
Score Details for GW Top1:
G-102: 1550272187
G-114: 559267088
G-116: 912295542
G-119: 539599172
G-445: 149893780
G-446: 100716923
G-448: 92326793
G-1000: 1057732404

Final Result of Solar Stone
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12/08/2020 Update

Maintenance time: 12/08/2020 03:00 (UTC)
Estimated Duration: 2 hours
NOTE: These features will be released on 12/08/2020. You will be forced to update Nova Empire to the newest version then, so please be sure to update as soon as possible for your convenience!
- New Intergalactic Event: Hlidskjalf
1. Players will participate Hlidskjalf in Server basis.
2. In the Event Galaxy, every Server has its own territory. Players will be able to jump to the territory of their own Server.
3. Players will get a visa BUFF for four hours at every successful Station Jump, when the BUFF expires, their Stations will be automatically sent back to their original Solar System.
4. Players will earn Battle Points by eliminating Pirates and other players and collecting resources. Use the Points to exchange/unlock specific BUFFs to enhance your or even the strength of the whole Server.
5. The Event is divided into 4 phases, namely, Prewar Phase, Strategizing Phase, Engagement Phase and Occupation Phase. The battle rules and the Galaxy map will change with the battle progress.
- Bug fixes.

12/08/2020 Update
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Elite Galaxies' call to 426-443

More galaxies have reached a new chapter...
Related Galaxy
Standard Galaxy:
Transferable Elite Galaxies:
105, 108, 109, 123, 128, 129, 130; G141
Server Merging Time: August 12-August 19, 2020
Transfer Requirement: Development > 9,000,000
Event Notes:
1. Commanders in Standard Galaxy can access the Server Merging interface via the event list. The Server Merging interface contains detailed conditions and regulations for server merging. Commanders qualified for entering Elite Galaxies can only view servers that are transferable and transfer to one of the specified Galaxies; Commanders below the conditions will be able to view transferable Standard Galaxies and reach the conditions within the 1 week event time and still be able to move to the Elite Galaxy or choose to be transferred to Standard galaxies randomly. Commanders failed to reach Elite Galaxy conditions will be transferred to a given Standard Galaxy, but will be able to enter Elite Galaxy via future Server Merging Events.
2. There will be a number limit for players who want to jump into old Elite Galaxies. For New Elite Galaxies there are no any limit. Commanders can check your transferring status by manually refreshing in order to transfer to the Galaxy you want in time.
3. Commanders successfully transferred to old Elite Galaxies can obtain extra rewards. Rewards will be given via Mysterious Gifts after transferring. Please check the Server Merging Event interface for detailed information.
4. After moving galaxies, all alliances will be lost, but the stats of alliance structures created in the elite galaxy will begin from a standard relative to a normal galaxy's alliance level 21. Alliance members will be compensated additionally during the merge event for their lost alliances. Compensation is based on amount/levels of alliance buildings as well as the size of total controlled territory and consists of GEC, crates and more. In the elite galaxy, commanders can contact each other to reform or create new alliances.
5. When the merge event begins, please quit and relogin to the game to receive your merge reward BEFORE JUMPING to the Elite Galaxy! If you do not collect your reward in your current galaxy, it will no longer be available after jumping to the Elite Galaxy.
6. Alliance leaders, please be sure to TRANSFER YOUR ALLIANCE to other players rather than disbanding it. If you disband your alliance before your alliance members come online to collect their merge reward, they WILL NOT BE ABLE to collect their merge reward. If you want to jump into the Elite Galaxy straight away, we suggest after collecting your merge reward you transfer control of your alliance to another member, then leave the alliance and jump.
Please look out for future announcements concerning merge plans for later galaxies and other news. For questions on this merge, please feel free to contact our support team.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to the adventures ahead!

Elite Galaxies' call to 426-443
Elite Galaxies' call to 426-443
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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Nova!

It's July again and this year is the 3rd year of Nova Empire! We've prepared several great Events for our dear commanders start on the 15th of July:
Pirates Drop:
During the anniversary, Pirates will now carry gifts across the galaxy. Eliminate them and get random rewards in the crates, resource items, and speedup items included!
Nova Cake Donation:
What's a birthday without a cake? So let's decorate the birthday cake with Nova Emblems, a special item that you'll get when you open the crates dropped by the Pirates. Earn points by donating Nova Emblems at the Event interface and get tons of rewards when you reach certain donation levels!
Ready to try your luck?
Get "Solar Dust" by participating in the Event and use the dust to redeem one "Solar Stones". Ten stones each stand for the number 0-9. The player with the correct number will get an "Orange True Damage Module". For more details about the rule please check:
Multiple Pack:
Here comes Multiple Pack again! Come and see what multiples you'll get. Purchase the pack and get at least double items in it. Strengthen up with multiple resource items and speedup items!
Please check our Facebook page for detailed Event Schedule:
Forementioned Event items (Nova Emblem, Solar Dust, Solar Stone, etc) will be removed when the Events end. Please exchange your desired items in time!

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Nova!
Happy 3rd Anniversary, Nova!
NovaEmpire NovaEmpire
LV.13 GameManager 3mo

Galaxy war Information

Ranking rewards
Ranking according to the player’s score during the national war
Champion Galaxy Rewards
NO.1 Overlord Crate*50&Orange Admiral-Samurai Miura
NO.2 Overlord Crate*40
NO.3 Overlord Crate*30
NO.4~10 Champion Crate*30
NO.11~30 Champion Crate*20
Runner Up Galaxy Rewards
NO.1 Overlord Crate*40
NO.2 Overlord Crate*35
NO.3 Overlord Crate*30
NO.4~10 Champion Crate*30
NO.11~30 Champion Crate*20
3rd Place Galaxy Rewards
NO.1 Overlord Crate*35
NO.2 Overlord Crate*30
NO.3 Champion Crate*30
NO.4~10 Champion Crate*25
NO.11~20 Champion Crate*20
4th Place Galaxy Rewards
NO.1 Overlord Crate*20
NO.2 Overlord Crate*10
NO.3 Champion Crate*20
NO.4~10 Champion Crate*15
NO.11~20 Champion Crate*10
Participating Galaxy Rewards
NO.1~3 Champion Crate*20
NO.4~10 Victor Crate*10

Galaxy war Information
Galaxy war Information
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