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[Event] Taming Ranking

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Complete Against Guilds and Tame monsters!   ⏰May 26, 2022 00:00 PST ~ May 31, 00:00   Event Details: 1. Taming success Number increase as user success taming. 2. Number adds up to their own. 3. Every taming success only counts as 1 regardless of grades. Monsters counts are all same.   Reward Detail: Menu -> Event & Reward-> Taming Ranking Event.   Note: 1.You can receive rewards according to your ranking at the end of the event. 2.Taming counts increase when the creature egg is obtained by defeating the monster after successfully using the taming skill. 3.Rewards not received will disappear when the the rewards collection period ends.   Please click the link below for Taming instruction Guide https://moot.us/lounges/346/boards/1703/posts/5427739/tip-how-to-tame-monster

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