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1/26 Maintenance


Hello, Players   Thanks for waiting for our new update for a long period. Finally First Major Update is Here!   We will have a Maintenance in January 26th 00:00 PST for 3 hours.

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+Added Tier 7 Gears. Graphics are not done yet so they will look same as Tier 6 Gear. We will update Graphics as soon as we are ready. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Events: https://moot.us/lounges/346/boards/1688/posts/5429828/event-boss-kill-event



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- User Request: 1. Added warning pop-up when using diamond when constellation buff is activated 2. Fixed so that Creature is not deleted even if the creature durability reaches 0. 3. Made to send a message by mail when receiving a gift from another user 4. UI mini chat function improvement (1. Animation added, 2. Chat window pops up when chatting is touched, 3. Displayed for up to 3 seconds) 5. Fixed to display the item name and properties when touching an item that can be engraved in the equipment rune/soul stone slot 6. Fixed an issue where material equipment was not in inventory when attempting to Grade upgrade. 7. Restoration on other users and my creatures, the restored value is displayed. 8. Fixed the storm weapon recommendation pop-up to only occur up to 5 times a day even if reconnected 9. Fixed an error that occurred when accepting a guild mission 10. Added rupee cost display for Dismantle 11. Fixed an issue where, when selecting a target for a skill, the location was not updated and thus attacking a monster that was not set as a target. 12. Fixed an issue where the directions were not maintained when riding the portal during the main quest directions 13. Fixed to target summoned monsters first when touching the panel in the dungeon 14. Fixed so that if someone kills a relic monster in the Relics of Arid Moonlight, all survivors will get the relic. 15. Fixed diamond not being used with auto-revive function 16. Fixed to display the number of used slots/total number of slots in the bag when in sleep mode 17. Added Success and Jackpot Chance to Crafting 18. Added an indication of the amount of recovery when recovering creature HP 19. Added warning pop-up when using diamond in retrieve pop-up 20. Modified the maximum number of paid slots in the bag and storage 21. Fixed Pass Event mission count Error ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch Note: 1. Fixed an issue where the remaining time count did not appear in the party dungeon waiting time 2. Fixed an error that occurred when trying to enter a party dungeon immediately if it was not near the entrance 3. Fixed an issue where the redemption button was activated when mileage compensation could not be received 4. Fixed an issue where you could level up additionally when reconnecting while the creature is at maximum level 5. Fixed an issue where the pop-up did not change to a red icon immediately when a creature died 6. Fixed an issue where the end date of limited packages and starter packages was displayed abnormally 7. The first diamond purchase bonus has been modified so that it can only be acquired within a certain period of time after character creation. 8. Fixed so that the chat message input box does not pop up when clicking the chat window on the left 9. Fixed the problem that it is impossible to repurchase after purchasing a daily benefit product 10. Fixed an issue where an abnormal number was displayed when using an honor item 11. Fixed an issue where the creature behavior mode would reset every time you teleported. 12. Fixed an issue where the party dungeon Conqueror's domination time was negative. 13. Fixed an issue where the constellation buff activation cost was displayed larger than the actual usage 14. Fixed an issue where the icon did not disappear after interacting with intelligence 15. Fixed the problem that the character appeared abnormally when riding some mounts 16. Fixed the issue where the South Gate Guard would not move 17. Fixed an issue where boss monsters did not spawn normally when the date changes 18. Fixed an issue where the free package could not be received when there was space in the bag 19. Fixed an issue where the hero cancel auto-attack while manipulating a creature 20. Fixed an issue that caused characters to become stuck during auto-hunting 21. Added a warning pop-up indicating that Diamonds & Crystal can be used by clicking on the price setting section when purchasing automatically as a convenience package 22. The 7-day event certificate has been modified so that it can be sold for rupees. 23. Fixed an issue where the remaining time was not immediately updated when using a time extension ticket in the Devildom 24. Fixed an issue where the information was incorrect when entering the ivory tower when the entry level is not enough 25. Fixed the problem that drop objects do not disappear in sleep mode   Thank you -Rappelz Mobile Team

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