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12/22 Maintenance


Players,   We will have a Maintenance in December 22nd 00:00 PST for 2 hours. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Events: https://moot.us/lounges/346/boards/1688/posts/5431144/event-hot-time






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Patch Note: 1. Changed to be able to sell EXP potions, blessed EXP potions, buff potions, and EXP Scrolls 2. [S] HP potion sold only in the bag shop has been removed 3. Modified the Deva's Resurrection skill so that it can be used in dungeons except dungeons where other users cannot be resurrected (party dungeon, arena, lost mine, meteo). 4. Changed to be able to purchase mounts in main quest 5. Added an exit button to the Battle Fishing 6. Added Special Package and Cash charge Popup Disable for Today check box 7. Creatures are also modified to recover in the auto-recovery area. 8. Modified to be able to set the creature's behavior mode 9. Fixed an issue where the remaining time and the box icon overlapped in the Relics of Arid Moonlight 10. Fixed an issue where the world contribution ranking looked abnormal 11. Fixed an error that occurred when entering the dungeon during other actions 12. Fixed the problem that real-time update could not be done when using Elixir 13. Fixed the problem that the Guild War replay was displayed as a Text key 14. Fixed the problem that the creature's level was not updated in real time in the creature menu 15. Fixed an issue where equipment with 0 weight could not be registered in the collection 16. Fixed the problem that the fortune popup did not close 17. Fixed an issue where the animation did not work properly when another user transforms during an attack at the Palmir Ruins. 18. Fixed an issue where items could not be removed from the rental item bag properly 19. Fixed an issue where normal play was not possible when transforming a character in the Palmir Ruins 20. Fixed an issue where creatures did not automatically revive when a character died and then revived 21. Fixed an issue where items in the Storage would appear when upgrading equipment 22. Fixed an issue where blessing properties were not present when obtaining blessing equipment through fusion 23. Fixed an issue where my creatures were not visible in the Relics of Arid Moonlight 24. Fixed an error code that occurred when attempting in grade fusion 25. Fixed an issue where objects could not be interacted with in the Remains of the Ancients 26. Fixed the problem that the guild mission count was 2/1 27. Added open preview that is displayed when reaching level 30   28. Fixed an error where the number was incorrectly displayed in the description text of the title   *If you have an item that can not be deleted or can not be used, Please send a ticket, we will delete it and give you another item. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Balance Patch: Ability downgrade   The rebel warriors, High senior warriors, and black bats appearing in the story dungeon Abhba. Apostle (Light/Dark/Electric/Fire) and Priests (Light/Dark/Electric/Fire) appearing in the Relics of Arid Moonlight Monsters that appear on the 4th floor or higher of the Devildom The tree giant that appears in the arena, the spirit of the earth Monsters that appear in boss annihilation Monsters that appear in Meteor Dungeon after level 30 Monsters that appear in the Lost Mine after level 30 Bear Road Difficulty 4 Brave Grizzly Bear Monsters that appear above the 25th floor of the Ivory Tower ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you -Rappelz Mobile Team

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