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12/1 Maintenance


Players, We will have a Maintenance in December 1st 00:00 PST for 2 hours.     ********************************Important Notice********************************* Delete Creatures (listed below) due to Balance issue.

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Players who own these creature Compensation: 500 Diamonds + Creature Gacha coupon x10 + Creature Food according to Creature Level *Players who have used these creatures in fusion will not receive the compensation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Events! https://moot.us/lounges/346/boards/1688/posts/5431144/event-hot-time


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch Note:

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- User reported issue: 1. Spirit Collection - Modified to be able to set both weighted and non-weighted entry slots - Not solved 2. Fixed structure so that you can manually level up when Reaching level 30. 3. Fixed an issue where the Guild Altar reward could not be received even though the Moral Points displayed in the Guild Domain were max. 4. Fixed an issue where interaction button does not appear to Silvia 5. Fixed an issue where a red dot would occur even though there was nothing to receive in the ranking reward 6. Fixed the problem that the user who attacked was not visible in the lowest graphic option 7. Modified so that the main menu button can be used in all dungeons 8. Changed the title exchange certificates so that they can be sold for rupees. 9. Modified so that combo skills can be used in quick slots 10. Deva, Asura skill range correction 11. Guild war push notification added ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other issue: 1. Remove resolution 432p from graphics options and add 1080p 2. When a character below level 10 tries to enter the dungeon entrance, a pop-up asking whether to enter has been added. 3. Fixed to show the remaining time when moving to the entrance before the event dungeon opens 4. Fixed to move to the entrance when teleporting when the event dungeon is not open 5. Fixed an issue where logged out heroes were displayed as level 0 when requesting a friend 6. Fixed an issue where the number of days remaining on fixed-term mounts did not appear 7. Changed the color of the names of other dimension users and NPCs to light blue 8. Fixed a bug where the equipment obtained through the equipment box obtained through the training quest was non-binding. 9. Fixed a bug where the wear weight of tier 3 equipment among open gift items was 0 10. Story Dungeon Reward Change : The EXP reward obtained in the second story dungeon 'Orc Garrison' is greatly changed from that of the first story dungeon 'Deathmate Invasion' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes: 1. Fixed the creature popup to also show information about the creatures you don't have 2. Add skill book acquisition location: Palmir Ruins, Moonlight Cemetery 3. Reward Swap from First Charge Event and Cumulative Charge Event Jewel of Agni <-> Title (Rising Hope) 4. Main quest modification : Changed the location of the first treasure chest in the quests on the trainee's island : 10 potions given when opening potions => 100 potions : Additional placement of starfish on the beach of the practitioner's island : Changed the brown bear kill time within the time limit to 60 seconds => 150 seconds : Talisman tutorial deleted 5. Open menu and edit tutorial : Changed the cruise mode opening time to the front of the first treasure chest search : Removed Meteor Dungeon opening tutorial : Deleted the step that shows the route in the Hunting quest tutorial 6. Monster Balancing Changes : Wearied orc warriors, wearied wyverns, and wearied brown bears that appear in Laksy slightly weaker : Increased the frequency of use of Great Wyvern skills that appear at the beginning of the main quest. 7. Add crafting recipe : You can craft a mount awakening essence with mount eggs. : Grinding stone, Upgrade stone, and skill book can be produced at lower grades 8. Change Mounts : Changed the level required for all mounts (Tiger 30 => 1, Unicorn 40 => 1) : balancing fixes 9. Addition of damage reduction factor from Patrol guards according to the spirit level : Level 1 0, Level 2 10%, Level 3 15% ... 10. Modified so that additional elemental damage can only be applied to strike equipment 11. When moving to another dimension, recommended items are displayed.   Thank you -Rappelz Mobile Team

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