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11/18 Maintenance


Hello, We will have a Maintenance in November 18th 00:00 PST for 2 Hours   There will be new events coming up! https://moot.us/lounges/346/boards/1688/posts/5429828/event-boss-kill-event


And there are some minor changes! Please read our patch notes for more details.

Rappelz Mobile: notice - 11/18 Maintenance image 4

1. Deleted some items sold in the shop. EXP Potion, Buff Potion, [B] Fishing Bait, [S] Creature Food, [B] Skill Book, [B] Upgrade Stone, [B] Grinding Stone, [B] Taming Card, [A] Taming Card, [B] Creature Skill Book, [C] Guild Food, [B] Guild Food, etc.   2. Modified to sell HP potions and MP potions at the store, one at a time. 3. Item quantity change in general item draw and Treasure Chest draw 4. System push notification added (Aurumis Sanctuary, Shrine of Palmir, Moonlight Cemetery Entry time) 5. Spirit menu change - Edit Help - Change menu - Edit tutorial path 6. Devildom, Lost Mines, and Meteor Dungeon contents open scene added 7. Added skills of Uriel NPC monsters that appear in the main quest 8. Hero skill's target monster number increased 9. Field monsters, Devildom, and elite monsters have been modified to drop grinding stones. 10. When the Hunting Quest is progressing as the main quest, it is modified so that it is completed only by accepting it. 11. Story Dungeon (Orc Garrison, Abhuva Temple) Reward Drops higher grade Grinding Stone. 12. Monster difficulty adjustment : Adjusted level 28-40 monster difficulty (downgrade monster attack power, HP, etc.) 13. Changed 1day Mount egg from gacha to 7day Mount egg. *For Players who have used 1day Mount egg obtained from Gacha will be provided 7day Mount egg is future Maintenance. * We are aware of mounts with more than 24hours do not show time. Period works correctly. 14. Changed amount of Diamonds provided in Diamond Charge. *https://moot.us/lounges/346/boards/1687/posts/5429829/diamond-charge-amount-change

15. Sent out CP ranking event reward for players in rank 4~500 via mail.

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