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NFT Generation Event Guide

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Find out how to level up your team and generate NFTs and win prizes! ---   Hello Knights!   As part of our launch for NFTs and blockchain integration into Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn, we're holding some special events with incredible prizes to celebrate.

  Apart from our NFT Trading and Twitter Hashtag Events, we also have an NFT Generation Champion Event. This article will help guide new players towards reaching the NFT generation stage as quickly and smoothly as possible.   But first, you need to download and install the game if you haven't already, which you can do from Google Play Store.

  To become the NFT Generation Champion, you'll need to use the Item Manager to convert in-game items into NFT. Then it's just a simple case of listing them on the dedicated PlayDapp marketplace. The more you convert, the higher you'll climb in the ranking. The higher your rank, the better your rewards, including in-game items, PLA on Polygon and PlayDapp NFTs!   We'll be running the event for 4 weeks, so it's a marathon, not a sprint. And the best thing is, the more you play regular Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn, the more valuable items you'll have to convert to NFT.   ---   What's the Best Way to Obtain NFTs for new players?   If you're a complete beginner to the game we recommend you check out the Top 10 Tips for new players article here:

  The best way for new players to generate NFTs is by obtaining 6-star Runes.   Only 6-star Runes that have been fully upgraded to +15 are eligible to be made into NFT's. The star grade of a Rune is immutable and cannot be upgraded. Ancient God Heroes are scarcer and harder to obtain and you'll have to rely on getting lucky with Hero Summon Scrolls or Hero Synthesis.   You can obtain one guaranteed from an Ancient God Hero Scroll. An Ancient God Hero Scroll can be obtained by completing every Hell mode Scenario stage or you can obtain an Ancient God Hero Scroll from completing 7 rounds of Summon Mileage at the Temple of Heroes, which are no mean feats.   You can also Combine for Alexis at the Temple of Heroes to obtain an Ancient God Hero but this requires several natural 5-star Heroes as Combination material.   The best way to obtain 6-star Runes is by farming high-level Raid Boss battles.  

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  To do that you'll need a team strong enough to take on Level 7+ Raid Bosses such as Nhumer and Kraken. However, the drop rate of 6-star Runes becomes noticeably higher once you start completing Level 10–13 Raids.   To help new players get up to speed and start generating NFTs ASAP, we're going to be giving out amazing rewards to all players that will supercharge their progress through the early stages of the game. Logging in regularly, players will receive Prospera Light Shards, collect enough and you will receive a free Ancient God Hero, Prospera. Players will also receive a bunch of free 4-star Evolution Incarnations, Emperor Earth Eggies and Awakening Incarnations.  

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  [What's the quickest and easiest way to acquire Runes?]   You'll want to focus on building up a strong PvE team that can get you through Scenario Mode quickly, as Scenario Mode is the main driver of early game progress and the easiest way to build your team up.   Acquiring Runes from Raids is quicker and more likely to net you NFT-worthy Runes than crafting Runes in the Rune crafting station.   You'll want to have members of your team hit Max Level 6-stars with appropriate Runes and Accessories to ensure you're capable of taking on these high-level Raids.   The Raids we recommend you focus on are the Kraken and Nhumer Raids, as not only are they the easiest Raids to prepare for but they also provide some of the most useful and in-demand Rune types. The other Raid Bosses are doable as well if you have the right team but are either more difficult to prepare for and/or give out less valuable Runes.   You can read in-depth about the Kraken Raid here:

  You can read in-depth about the Nhumer Raid here:

Two Heroes you should become familiar with are Melvin and Lin, who can singlehandedly help you take down these Raid bosses when they're fully leveled and evolved. These two Heroes are Raid specialists and can demolish Nhumer and Kraken respectively with their unique characteristics. We also have more in-depth analyses you can read to fully understand the power of these Heroes.   Melvin is a 3-star Hero who's relatively easy to obtain but he's among the best Heroes in the game and well worth raising.

  Lin is a 5-star Hero who you can obtain from the Temple of Heroes through Hero Combination and is arguably the best PvE specialist Hero in the game.

  Combined with Prospera, you should have no problem slaying Raid Bosses like Kraken and cruising through Scenario Mode.   You can also read our comprehensive free-to-play beginner's guide for more in-depth progression tips here:

  One essential technique to ensure your Heroes grow as quickly as possible is to place the Hero you want to level up in a team of Heroes who are at Max Level. Instead of the EXP being shared, all of the EXP will go to that one Hero who can still receive EXP. Load up on those Keys, set to Auto battle and watch your Heroes rack up levels in no time!   ---   Once you've got your Runes you'll want to get some Sealing Scrolls and head to the Item Manager to seal your Runes, which will convert them to Polygon network NFTs. You can then list them on the Marketplace.   For a full guide on this process, check out the guide here:  

  ---   We hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helped you understand the best way to farm NFT eligible Runes. Make sure to participate in this event and the others for your chance to win some amazing prizes!   ---   Social Media   Facebook: Moot: Twitter: Medium: Discord: Telegram: Reddit:  

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