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Complete F2P Beginner’s Guide to AWTG: Part II

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Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn: Tips and Guides - Complete F2P Beginner’s Guide to AWTG: Part II image 1

  Hello Knights! We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from new players who are being discouraged by early-game hurdles and being unable to progress through the game. We’ve heard your cries and we’re here to help with this progression roadmap guide which will lay out specifically which steps to take to progress through the game as efficiently as possible.   In Part I we covered starting your journey and progressing through Hard mode. In Part II, we will be covering the tail end of Hard mode, important game progression concepts and preparing yourself for Hell Mode in Scenario.   [Obtain the Free 5-star Heroes, Focus on your Best Heroes, Start Farming Raids]  

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn: Tips and Guides - Complete F2P Beginner’s Guide to AWTG: Part II image 3

  Once your team is strong enough to take on higher level Raid Bosses, concentrate on farming Raids to obtain better runes and obtain useful drops such as Premium Hero Scrolls and Evolution Incarnations. We recommend focusing on the Kraken and Nhumer Raids as they provide the best rewards in terms of Runes, Vampire and Warrior Runes especially, and can be taken on by many natural 3 and 4-star heroes. Raids are a much more reliable and efficient way to get Runes than crafting them in the Workroom, so focus on farming Raids.   Complete as much of Scenario as you can, strengthen your Heroes so they can overcome any plateaus and then concentrate on Scenario again. Your ultimate goal in Scenario is finishing 20.10 and receiving an Ancient God Hero Scroll, but to do that you’ll need a team full of fully upgraded 6-star heroes, some strong friends and a lot of Gems.  

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  There are also methods to obtain many great heroes, including 4 and 5-star Heroes, for free in Along with the Gods without relying on luck or chance to obtain them. Every 28 days of logging in will net you multiple Premium Hero Scrolls, Special and Legendary Hero Scrolls and one Mythical Hero Scroll on the 28th day of logging in, which will guarantee you a 5-star Hero when summoning, so make sure you log in every day! You can also purchase Light Shards from the various Shops in the game, daily Quests and obtain Light Shards from Heroic Dungeons. You can obtain the best Support Hero in the game, the Ancient God Hero Styx, by gathering Light Shards as rewards for Daily and Weekly Quests.   Here is our list of notable newbie-friendly Heroes you should be looking out for: Useful 3-star heroes: Kaho, Tallia, Hannah Excellent 3-star heroes: Melvin, Floria, Phantom Knight Excellent 4-star heroes: Ereth, Blith, Vern, Akurel, Eoin, Orelia, Rene, Ardo, Turan, Gohr, Peishan 5-star Hero Combination Heroes: Lin, Oliver, Zemer  

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn: Tips and Guides - Complete F2P Beginner’s Guide to AWTG: Part II image 7

  The list of viable 5-star Heroes is extensive and most 5-star Heroes are going to be very useful early in the game. However, within the roster of 5-star Heroes there is a lot of variance in how strong and useful they are. The difference between a top-tier 5-star Hero and a low tier 5-star Hero can be as great as the difference between Heroes of different star levels.   Here is our list of the most useful 5-star Heroes you should immediately lock and start raising when you get them: Alexis, Zenon, Patricia, Lucius, Glen, Mei, Atmos, Styx, Divana, Prospera, Lin, Oliver, Kadus, Ramia, Marcus, Zemer   You can also check out this list of Hero ratings provided by the members of the elite Ipso Facto Guild:

Keep in mind that these ratings are subjective and not prescriptive. Broadly speaking, Heroes rated above 70 are worth raising. Any Heroes in the 80’s you should definitely raise and anything approaching or above 90 you should immediately prioritize. Although this list is compiled by strong experienced players, there may be some variance in your experience with certain Heroes or you may develop your own preferences and priorities. Remember to experiment and see which Heroes you vibe with in terms of strategy and playstyle.   It’s also important to emphasize that 5-star Heroes aren’t the only Heroes you should be looking out for. Some 3 and 4-star Heroes are actually much more worthy of your consideration than even some 5-star Heroes. For instance, Arkhan is a natural 5-star Earth Tank Hero but Blith is considered a much better Earth Tank Hero despite being a natural 4-star Hero.   Obtaining Melvin, Phantom Knight and Floria is easy, and upgrading them through Awakening and Transcendence is also a breeze thanks to them being natural 3-stars. Melvin is a great Hero to use in Raids, particularly the all-important Nhumer Raid and Ancient Storm Drake Raid. They’re all excellent at clearing content for newbies and will be useful long-term as well.   You can check out our previously published guide to the best 3 and 4-star Heroes for more detailed explanations.   Floria in particular is very easy to obtain through a variety of methods such as summoning through scrolls, purchasing Light Shards in the Raid Shop and obtaining Light Shards through Heroic Dungeons. Phantom Knight is an underrated hero who is useful across a variety of game modes including PvP and PvE, and is also an easily obtainable and upgradable 3-star Hero. These easily obtainable heroes will immediately benefit any new player.  

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  Acquiring the three 5-star heroes mentioned above through Hero Combination in the Temple of Heroes should be a priority for newbies and can be the best chance for many players to obtain their first batch of powerful 5-star Heroes. Lin, Oliver and Zemer are all incredibly useful Heroes and will significantly increase a player’s capacity for progress. Lin is one of the best PvE heroes in the game, and is a huge help in Raids. Oliver is a powerful Magic Hero and who thrives in PvP but will also help a lot in clearing the higher levels of Scenario and Infinite Tower. Zemer is useful in all game modes and will prove to be a reliable Tank who will help you progress in all aspects of the game.   Ereth is a 4-star Hero who’s more than worth the effort of combination from the Temple of Heroes and should also be made a priority in addition to the three 5-star Heroes. To get him you’ll require a few easily obtainable 2 and 3-star Heroes as combination material: Harpoon Fisherman, Starfish Shaman, Kaho and Phantom Knight. Ereth is extremely powerful and will help you clear PvE content and he’s also indispensable in Minor Arena, single handedly shaping the meta. Ereth pairs well with another 4-star Combination Hero Akurel, a Water Ranged Hero who is also an essential Minor Arena Hero and useful in other PvE game modes as well.   It’s well worth going out of your way to collect the Combination Material Akurel, Ereth, Zemer, Oliver and Lin who are all leading Heroes in the game and all freely obtainable.  

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  Make sure to read your Heroes’ skill descriptions and understand what they’re doing. This will help you avoid falling for mistakes like increasing Divana’s Magic Power when her abilities don’t use her Magic Power in their calculations at all, thus you’d be better off improving one of her other stats such as HP or Physical Defense. Understanding your Heroes’ Skills and what they do will help you come up with more effective strategies and team compositions. Always consider how your opponents’ Skills will match up with what you’re sending out and vice versa.   Upgrade your Runes with Gold to increase their level and make sure your Heroes have the right Runes equipped. Runes make a huge difference to the power of your character and can completely change how effective they are. Initially you won’t have access to the best classes of Runes so basic Rune types such as Life and Attack/Magic runes, depending on your character’s class, will be your go-to choices as a newbie.   Don’t waste your Gems trying to Smelt these basic Runes as they’ll simply be a stopgap until you can obtain better Runes.  

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn: Tips and Guides - Complete F2P Beginner’s Guide to AWTG: Part II image 15

  Typically, you’ll want to combine two different sets of two Runes to get a combination of Set bonuses, especially as many set bonuses for four Runes of one type aren’t that useful and you’ll almost never see high level players equip four of the same rune type on their Heroes. As you get further in the game you’ll be able to start obtaining higher star level runes and better Rune types.   Evasion, Vampire and Warrior Runes will generally be the best Rune types for your Heroes as you progress through the game with Philosopher Runes being considered the best Rune type in the game, especially in PvP. Make sure your Runes have appropriate stat bonuses that are relevant to the Hero they’re equipped on. There’s no point equipping Critical runes with an Attack Bonus on a Support hero, or Magic Runes with a Magic Power bonus on a Melee Hero, for example.  

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  Adding high-level friends so you can summon their strong Heroes during battle and using Gems to revive yourself are the best methods to make as much progress as quickly as possible in the game. Don’t be shy about using Gems to help yourself progress. That being said, you’ll likely need thousands of Gems if you’re planning to brute force your way through the entirety of Scenario, both for Continues and Key refills so it’s important to stockpile as many as you can.   [Tips for Managing your Heroes and Teams]   Obtaining Heroes is a crucial part of the game and there is definitely some luck involved, however many players will fall for the fallacy that 5-star Heroes are automatically the best and that lower rated heroes are useless. It’s also a common misconception that failing to summon 5-star Heroes immediately means that their account is doomed. Many 5-star Heroes are incredibly powerful but there are plenty of 4 and even 3-star Heroes who are just as good and useful as many 5-star Heroes.   In some cases these lower rarity Heroes are even better than many 5-star Heroes and this is an important point that needs to be reiterated.   There are also 5-star Heroes that can be obtained for free, guaranteed, by any player in the Temple of Heroes through Hero Combination. Eventually, you will be able to obtain powerful high-level Heroes through the course of their journey regardless of your starting luck in the game.   You absolutely do not require a team full of natural 5-star Heroes to progress through the early stages of Scenario mode.   Even with below average luck you should be able to obtain usable heroes through a variety of methods. Upgrading your heroes will also boost your team’s power and is just as important as obtaining the right Heroes. Make sure to level up, evolve, Awaken and equip/upgrade Runes and Accessories if you don’t want your Heroes to fall behind the difficulty curve.  

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  When you put together a team for a stage take a look at the enemies’ Attributes, Classes and any special Skills or characteristics they may have and look to counter those with your own Hero selection. Knowledge of both your own team and your opponent’s team will help you make the most informed decisions and increase your chances of winning. This applies to every game mode in PvP and PvE, Hell difficulty Infinite Tower stages can be especially brutal for unprepared teams.   For difficult PvE stages you can check out the usage statistics of people who have successfully completed the stage and see which Heroes are the most used if you’re ever stuck and need ideas for which Heroes to use. You can also check out the Arena mode rankings and the Hall of Fame to check out the Heroes and upgrades that the very best players are using in the current metagame.   Never waste Awakening Incarnations on 3-star Heroes, you should only be using dupes to Awaken them. High-value 4-star Heroes such as Ereth and Akurel are worth Awakening but due to the fact they can be combined at the Temple of Heroes, it would be more prudent to save your Awakenings for other Heroes. Spend your valuable 2-star and your 1-star Awakening Incarnations on your best 5-star Heroes instead.  

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  You should also begin accumulating Essences from the Sanctum of Strength at this point, along with your Awakening Incarnations to power up your Heroes’ Awakenings. This can make a substantial difference in the overall power of your Heroes, for instance an unleveled HP Awakening gives a 10% boost to HP whereas at +5 it grants a 20% boost HP. Transcendence of all your major Heroes should be your long-term goal.   [Conclusion]   That’s it for Part II of the guide, we hope this helped you understand the best path to take to get through Hard mode and prepare for Hell Mode. In Part III of the guide we’ll cover the beginning of Hell Mode through to the end game of Along with the Gods where you can compete in high level PvP and conquer high level PvE. We hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful for getting you through the game! Let us know what you think in the comments and if you have any other tips for getting through this phase of the game!   Bringing you the future of gaming today, Team PlayDapp   [Social Media]   Facebook: Moot: Twitter: Medium: Discord: Telegram:  

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