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Complete F2P Beginner’s Guide to AWTG: Part I

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A complete step-by-step F2P guide to progressing through the early game  

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  Hello Knights! We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from new players who are being discouraged by early-game hurdles and being unable to progress through the game.   We’ve heard your cries and we’re here to help with this progression roadmap guide which will lay out specifically which steps to take to progress through the game as efficiently as possible, without spending any money to get there.   [Preliminary Reading]   Before you start with this guide, it’s worth taking a look at one of our previous guides, our 10 Tips for New AWTG Players, to get some game fundamentals under your belt and you can also check out the Tips in-game to make sure you understand basic game systems and mechanics such as the UI, Rune upgrades and how to to Awaken Heroes:

The in-game tips menu also has plenty of helpful content for new players that will teach you the basics of all aspects of the game. Learning what certain debuffs and buffs do and other such terminology will help you come up with better strategies and team compositions, and also evaluate Heroes with greater precision.  

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Along with the Gods is a deep, strategic game so you shouldn’t be surprised or ashamed if you’re having difficulties during the early game. However, some players mistake this challenge for the game being P2W or having a paywall, and thus impossible to progress through for a new F2P player. This is demonstrably false, with many high ranking Arena players being completely F2P.   You can and will succeed as a F2P player if you apply the right knowledge with sufficient effort. This guide will show you how to make it through the early-game and progress to the endgame without spending a single cent on purchases.   [How to Progress Quickly in AWTG, For Free]   When you start the game your priority should be clearing as much of Scenario Mode as you can. Clearing Scenario Mode will provide you with more EXP for your heroes and useful clear rewards such as Scrolls and Evolution Incarnations. Progress in Scenario Mode will be the primary vehicle for your overall progression.  

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Use the coupon code ‘playawtg1’ to receive a bunch of useful free items and Scrolls. Use all of the scrolls and chances are you will receive some helpful Heroes.  

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You should blitz through the first half of Normal mode without any trouble and the rest of Normal mode shouldn’t present any difficulty at all if you’ve been doing the bare minimum of equipping runes and accessories, obtaining Heroes through scrolls and leveling up your Heroes.   If you’re extra conscientious you can start evolving and awakening your Heroes here. It’s not strictly necessary at this stage but will give you a good head start for Hard and Hell mode and help you get a foothold into other game modes.   Pick Harley, Rene and Floria from the Hero Tokens and Light Token. If you already have those heroes before you acquire the Hero Tokens and Light Tokens we recommend picking them again anyway to acquire “dupes” (duplicates) of them. Harley and Renee are both powerful DPS Heroes and Floria is a healer/support Hero who heals, buffs and also provides great Crowd Control (CC). Harley is also a combination Hero material for a powerful free 5-star Hero named Oliver so having extra copies you can use for acquiring Oliver will be extremely helpful. These three will be useful in every game mode including PvE and PvP, specifically in the Minor Arena.   You can read more about Floria here:

And you can read more about Oliver here:

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  A lot of new players wonder what the best use for Gems is and in the long run it’s for key refills. However, at the beginning of your journey you should also use your Gems for Continues in Scenario Mode, in addition to refilling Keys. Brute forcing your way through stages by reviving your defeated party to get the rewards on offer for completion is also a viable use for Gems.   Keys are an indispensable resource, without them you can’t enter Scenario or Raids and you’re going to need a lot of them to fuel your progress through the game. Use Gems to refill your Keys to speed up your progress and make sure to collect all the free Keys sent to your player Inbox through Weekly and Weekend Events on a regular basis. As you get further along in the game you’ll find your need for Keys will increase and accordingly you’ll be spending an increasing amount of Gems to refill them.   You should also make a habit of taking care of all of your daily tasks such as logging in, checking in to your Guild, checking your Inbox and completing Daily and Weekly Quests etc. You can get some awesome rewards through these tasks and it all adds up over time.   [Evolve and Upgrade Your Hero Roster as you start Hard Mode]

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Hard mode is when the difficulty will pick up a bit and pose some level of challenge for the average player. To start coping with this, you’ll need to upgrade your Heroes in the right way. Use the 2-star heroes you pick up throughout the game as evolution fodder. You can also use some of the less useful 3-star Heroes you don’t plan on using as fodder. Collecting and using as many evolution fodder units on your good Heroes as possible will help you progress through the game faster.   Natural 4-star Heroes should not be used as fodder for evolution at this stage unless they’re one of the lower-tier 4-star Heroes, such as Coral Zombie Plunderer, and even then you’d be better served using them as Synthesis material for a chance of getting a 4 or 5-star Hero in return, rather than as plain Evolution fodder.   5-star Heroes should only ever be gotten rid of through Hero Synthesis, and only when players have a sufficiently powerful/deep roster to be able to afford to expend a 5-star Hero, and at this early stage of the game you’ll probably want to hang on to them instead. Incarnations, both Evolution and Awakening, will be pretty scarce at the beginning of your journey so you should focus on acquiring cheap fodder and duplicate units and utilizing them to upgrade your team instead.   At this point in Hard mode you should have at least a few stand-out Heroes you can rely on. Focus on upgrading these Heroes, evolving them and equipping them with your best Runes and Accessories. Make sure to match Rune stat bonuses appropriately for each Hero class. Certain stat bonuses such as HP are better for Tanks, Magic Power for Magic Heroes and so on.   Attack Speed is a universally beneficial stat across all Heroes. Make sure to look at each Heroes’ Skills and and Passives and see which Runes have the greatest overall synergy with that Hero, for example, Lin can utilize lesser used Rune types such as Critical and Rage due to her unique Skills.   Try to level up your Heroes and evolve them as quickly and as often as possible at this stage. Evolved Heroes receive a large increase to their stats and power and you should be aiming to have at least a full or nearly full team of 5-star evolved heroes by the time you finish Hard Mode.   In order of evolution priority for Hero Classes, you should focus on DPS>Support>Tanks. DPS Heroes benefit the most from the jump from 5 to 6-stars due to their inherent frailty. Most Tanks will function adequately at 5-stars for a while so you can evolve them last as you focus on evolving your other, squishier Heroes to 6-stars.  

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Despite being integral to the story and representing the game, Ian and co. should be outgrown quickly as they aren’t very useful compared to the rest of the game’s Heroes and you will obtain much better Heroes. Ian will have some initial use as a meat shield until you can replace him with Arthur, after completing 6.10. Arthur is only a stopgap himself though and many players will find other Tank Heroes, such as Zemer and Blith, more beneficial.   The other starter Heroes such as Leo and Claire are even more expendable. Easily obtainable 3-star heroes like Melvin and Kaho will be of far greater use to you.   Don’t spend your Evolution Incarnations or Awakening Incarnations on any of the starter heroes like Ian and Leo, who are not viable long-term. You’ll just set yourself back by wasting valuable resources.   Hellen is an adequate healer for the early-game. Arthur in particular isn’t really worth evolving above 5-stars. By the time you finish Hard mode and start Hell mode you should have better Heroes you can use.   Floria is a much better overall Hero and you should strive to substitute or supplement Hellen with Floria for your healing and support needs.   Awakening Heroes will provide them with an array of powerful stat boosts and abilities and shouldn’t be neglected. The relative ease of Awakening on lower rarity Heroes should be taken advantage of by new players. Also make sure to complete as many Sanctum of Strength stages to obtain Essences, which you can use to power up the Awakenings for Heroes of their corresponding element. High level Essences are harder to come by so this will require consistent farming to fully level the Awakenings of your Heroes.  

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Adding friends is going to be a huge help in your early progress and can be an easy growth hack for your progress. Making friends with higher level players will give you access to their Representative Hero during Raids and Scenario Mode. A powerful Representative Hero can solo many of the early stages by themselves or carry a weaker team through difficult PvE content such as Scenario and Raid stages.   Look for players with powerful offensive Representative Heroes such as Patricia, Alexis and Lucius who are at least Level 60, and ideally fully Awakened and Transcended. Send friend requests to stronger players so you can summon them during tough stages you’re having trouble completing by yourself. Strong friends can carry you through battles that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to win.   [Conclusion]   We hope you enjoyed Part I of the guide and that it helps you start Along with the Gods off in the right way. In Part II we will be covering how to get through Hard mode as well as prepare yourself and your team for Hell mode.   Bringing you the future of gaming today, Team PlayDapp   [Social Media]   Facebook: Moot: Twitter: Medium: Discord: Telegram: Reddit:

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