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AWTG’s Blockchain explainer - NFT Assetization

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Knights, time for another dip into the waters of Blockchain. And this time we’ve got a mouthful of a word for you.

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  Worry not, it’s not as bad as it seems! We’re here to break it all down for you in as easy a way as possible! So let’s crack on.   On the most basic of levels, ‘Assetization’ just means “converting something into an asset”. Adding NFT at the beginning just means we’ll be turning it into an NFT asset. Simple right!   So if you take nothing else from this, NFT Assetization just means turning something into an NFT Asset. Boom! Job done!

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Of course, there’s more! NFT Assetization needs a bit of context for Along with the Gods. Players, what does it mean for you?   For you, it means that items you’ve worked hard to acquire in-game will become NFTs allowing ownership over them and giving you more power. You could keep it, making your time in Along with the Gods more valuable and enjoyable. Or you could sell it to other players earning yourself a nice real-world boost. Or further yet you could use is across the PlayDapp ecosystem, in our interoperable games.   It’s that last one that we feel has the biggest potential impact. A constantly changing and evolving world of games and experiences all for you.   But how does an item go from being locked down and only part of Along with the Gods to an NFT Asset? Well, that’s the secret PlayDapp Magic. We can’t go into all the details just yet, but we can take you through some basic ideas.   Traditional Blockchain games place all items ‘on-chain’ a process that records items on a blockchain. This is ok, however, it can slow some things down, which isn’t the best fit for having uninterrupted fun!   PlayDapp has taken an approach to maximize the fun by allowing items to undergo NFT Assetization while still being in use in the game you collected them. Then after NFT Assetization finishes the inter-operability kicks off and you can go ahead and get into the awesomeness of true player ownership.   On top of this, we’ve approached blockchain gaming with a mixed-asset approach. Not every item will be converted to an NFT. Truth be told, internally we’re working on how best to give you, the players the ultimate choice of what to, and what not to make undergo NFT Assetization. Again, delivering that player choice and ownership over your items!  

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We imagine a system where you can take items earned in the game and decide to NFT Assetize them yourself. Player control, player ownership, it’s the best bet for everyone!   The Blockchain Version of Along with the Gods is getting closer and closer and we just can’t wait!   Till the next blockchain article, happy adventuring!   Medium: Twitter:

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  • Andy Wiliams LV.4 Lurker Nov 16, 2021, 11:34 PM

    Very cool news for the world of cryptocurrency and NFT in general. I'm also interested in NFT, especially games. After all, you can simultaneously play and earn tokens that can be sold in the future. That's how I managed to start building Tartiers tokens in the game from EOS Projects ecosystem. If anyone is also interested in this topic, here is a link to the article Here you can learn more about this game and the bonuses that each player will receive.

  • gamer513768000 LV.6 Nomad Jul 19, 2022, 03:09 PM

    I agree that it's actually a breakthrough for the crypto world, and I even think about developing my own crypto project. I already have a plan, and I even managed to discover this launchpad to take my startup onto the Elrond blockchain. Hopefully, I won't face many problems, but I understand that it won't be easy to work on something like that.