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Hero Spotlight: Melvin - "Emptiness will lead us to the new world!"

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Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn: Tips and Guides - Hero Spotlight: Melvin - "Emptiness will lead us to the new world!" image 1

We're back with another Along with the Gods Hero Spotlight, featuring Melvin! If you missed our previous edition featuring Zemer, you can read it here:

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn: Tips and Guides - Hero Spotlight: Melvin - "Emptiness will lead us to the new world!" image 4

  ---   Melvin is a natural 3-star hero of the Water attribute and Melee class. While you may assume due to his modest 3-star rating that he's not an outstanding hero, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, he's one of the best Raid units in the game, particularly in the all-important Nhumer raid, and has many desirable characteristics that you'll discover as you raise him. Melvin appears in the Normal and Premium Hero Scroll Summon Lists, as well as the Water Hero Scroll. He can also be acquired as an Investigation reward and as a drop reward from completing stages in Area 16 of Scenario mode. As a 3-star hero Melvin is very easy to obtain and raise. This is beneficial in both attaining him and upgrading him. 3-star heroes such as Melvin tend to be relatively straightforward to Awaken and Transcend as you'll acquire many more dupes than you would of a 4 or 5-star hero. Melvin's skills not only boost himself but also the rest of your team and allow him to be both long-lasting while having solid damage output. His first passive is the incredible Revive skill which allows Melvin to revive once when his HP runs out with 50% of his HP. This makes him even more of a problem to take down. His Formation Leader Skill boosts the frontline's Attack Speed by 17% in raids which just adds even more to his utility in Raid situations. His Active Skill reduces the target's Defense by 50% for 10 seconds while stunning them for 2 seconds, which provides a window of opportunity for both Melvin and other heroes on your team to increase their damage output. Melvin's Auto skill Cruel Prayer increases the Critical Hit rate and Attack Speed of all allies by 30% for 10 seconds. Hollow Attack, his second auto skill, hits with 4 critical hits with 7% of the enemy's Max HP as bonus damage while inflicting the Excessive Bleed status and recovering his HP by 20% of the damage inflicted. Melvin is a dependable Melee hero, especially in Raids, with his HP% damage attacks, boosts to himself and his allies and capability to become a self-sustaining pseudo-tank who can still pack a punch.   How to Build Melvin   The most popular rune set-up seen on Melvin is a combination of two Evasion and two Vampire runes which make him a self-sustaining hero with high survival capabilities. You'll want to boost his Evasion and HP as much as you can with your sub-stats, especially with Melvin's second passive granting him an Attack boost equivalent to 1% of your Max HP. This is the most synergistic rune set-up with Melvin's innate characteristics and his use as a Melee Raid killer.   When choosing his Awakenings you want to consider Melvin's role. As a hero that you will primarily use in Raids you'll want to build him for this purpose. Our suggested Awakenings for Melvin are HP for Awaken I, Physical Wall for Awaken II, Crazy Warrior for Awaken III, Evasion Rate for Awaken IV and Skilled Assassin for Awaken V which raises Melvin and his allies' Critical Hit rate by up to 10%. Selecting these Awakenings helps make Melvin tough on both the defensive and offensive spectrum and a great front-line hero for your team.

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn: Tips and Guides - Hero Spotlight: Melvin - "Emptiness will lead us to the new world!" image 6

  A correctly built and upgraded Melvin can take on the Nhumer Raid virtually single-handed, and work well in other Raids too. The Nhumer Raid is one of the most important Raids in the game as it provides several coveted rune types such as Evasion, Accuracy and most importantly Warrior runes.   ---   If you haven't already acquired or upgraded Melvin you should add him to your to-do list. He's a low investment, high return hero. Newer players especially will find Melvin useful as he's easy to Awaken and Transcend and can help you progress through the game faster. Melvin is a hero that deserves a place in every player's roster. We hope you enjoyed this latest edition of our Hero Spotlight series and stay tuned for more. Let us know your thoughts and what you think of Melvin!   Bringing you the future of gaming today,   Team PlayDapp

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