Andy Wiliams LV.4 Lurker
Nov 28, 2021, 05:51 AM 625 read

full electric in their household

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Has anyone gone full electric in their household. Induction/electric hob, electric oven, electric boiler or heaters, electric car/bike? What do you say, is it really possible to do?  

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  • Andy Wiliams LV.4 Lurker Nov 28, 2021, 05:55 AM

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Of course, solar panels are an investment that will pay off in a few years. However, I think this is a promising direction, unequivocally.

  • lolapaluuza LV.2 Lurker Jan 28, 2022, 10:29 PM

    Electricity is often turned off and then all sorts of failures occur and it infuriates.