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What's New in Along with the Gods Play-to-Earn 2.0?


Find out everything you need to know about the coming P2E upgrade  

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn: Notice - What's New in Along with the Gods Play-to-Earn 2.0? image 2

--- Hello Knights!   We're pleased to announce that the Play-to-Earn system of Along with the Gods will be upgraded!   We also believe these changes will make Play-to-Earn in Along with the Gods more accessible for a wider demographic of players, and allow more participants in PlayDapp's multi-homing ecosystem.   The new system will increase the maximum earning potential of Arena Ranking PLA Rewards for players from 2800 to 7000 PLA.   Read on to find out everything you need to know about the new and improved Play-to-Earn system!   The new Play-to-Earn system and changes will become active as of 04/06/2022   ---   [PLAYZ NFT Durability System]   PLAYZ NFTs will now have a 'Durability' meter which degrades over time while they are Staking. Starting from a top point of 100, the Durability of a PLAYZ NFT affects how much a player can earn from Staking, and once a PLAYZ NFT's Durability reaches 0 it is no longer able to earn PLA rewards from Staking and will change the Staking status of a player from On to Off.   We'll have more details about Durability, how it works and the benefits received for keeping durability, and more in the near future.   The logic of the durability system is to keep the long-term viability of the Play to Earn system, keeping PLA flowing to and from players in a healthy way, ultimately helping to add more value to PLA as a token.   We'll also be running an event or two, to make this transition even more rewarding! Look out for details soon!   [PLAYZ NFT Buyback System]   We know that things like this new durability system might be a worry for stakers. That's why we are committed to a PLAYZ NFT Buyback period, for anyone that does not want to continue in the new structure. As we approach the change date of 04.06.2022 we'll release more details of buyback, however, we are taking as fair an approach as we can. PLAYZ NFT will always continue to be yours, and fully in your control. We hope you'll join us in the exciting new world of PLAYZ NFT and Along with the Gods Play to earn 2.0.   ---   [Arena In-Game Rewards and Major Arena Ticket Bonuses]   There are bonus in-game Arena tickets for stakers, meaning if you're staking you'll be better off in the long run!   All players will receive one extra Major Arena Ticket per day, while SSR Staking users will receive 10 extra Major Arena Tickets per day. Tickets that have not been used within 24 hours of issuance will be reset.   Major Arena will also have some changes in point rewards. Values will now be. When Attacking Victory: 10 points Defeat: 3 Points When Defending Victory: No change Defeat: 3 Point deduction In-game rewards for Arena will continue as normal for all users.   ---   New PvP Rewards Structure - an extra 13,500 PLA up for grabs!   The PvP ranking rewards from Major Arena have been adjusted. The total rewards pool has been increased with an extra 13,500 PLA tokens now in the mix.   PLA in each applicable bracket is also now increased, with the top dogs, having a great boost. Come top and you'll win 7,000 PLA, rank in second or third and you'll see 3000 & 2,000 PLA respectively.   You can refer to the table below to get a full breakdown of the new PLA rewards structure:

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn: Notice - What's New in Along with the Gods Play-to-Earn 2.0? image 4

  ---   This will include a Major Arena rankings reset to 1000 points for all players once the new system is in place. The rankings reset will occur weekly for all players.   ---   We hope this guide helped you understand the changes in Along with the Gods Play-to-Earn 2.0! The new Play-to-Earn system and changes will become active as of 04/06/2022, save the date!   ---   Team PlayDapp Social Media Facebook: Moot: Twitter: Medium: Discord: Telegram: Reddit:  

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  • gamer502658472 LV.1 Mootie Mar 27, 2022, 03:59 AM

    thanks for that interesting update! Looking forward!

    Maybe you can answer some questions in advance:
    1. Will merging SR NFTs into higher grade NFT still be possible and also even after losing their durabilty? Will the merged SSR NFT have full durabilty?

    2. How many days is a 100 durabilty worth? Is it 100 durabilty = 100 days or even a whole year (366) days for example?

    3. Will there be new NFT sells in the future?

    Thanks in advance! And keep up the awesome work!