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Jun 23, 2020, 03:09 PM 316 read

Banned Accounts- Dispute process


Hello Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn players,   The PlayDapp team has been made aware of issues regarding player bans. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and confusion being caused to users over these issues. We are listening and we are addressing it.   We have written an additional notice to address your concerns, explain the process and provide full transparency to the community. Currently, inquiries are being made about the criteria for bans and how to resolve them.   1. Q. Why did I receive a ban?   A. Bans are currently being given to users whose accounts have displayed suspicious activity according to our detection methods. The primary indicator we are using is measuring game progress against in-game data tied to the account such as Hero strength, and any abnormal or impossible outcomes are registered. After the initial registration of suspicious activity, players are placed under further data monitoring to determine if a ban is applicable.   2. Q. How do I remove the ban?   A. If you receive a ban despite regular gameplay on your account, please contact us at the e-mail address ( with your account and login details so we can conduct further investigation. The player’s account data will be used to copy the exact game state including all Hero information, rune information etc. of the registered suspicious activity. We will then use this game state to run through the content in question multiple times until we have determined whether or not such an outcome was possible. We will undo any bans that are found to be incorrect after further investigation.   3. Q. What about compensation for incorrect bans?   A. If there is an incorrect ban applied, we will make sure you receive all of the log-in bonuses and any other applicable rewards from the period of the ban.   Thank you for your understanding and we hope this is helpful in resolving any confusion over this issue.   Regards, Team PlayDapp

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