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Along with the Gods - Community Rules


Hi, welcome to the Official Moot Lounge for Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn! This Lounge is where the community can hang out and discuss the game together and receive official updates, news, and announcements from PlayDapp.   This Lounge follows Moot’s Content Policy which can be found here:

  We expect all members of this Lounge to abide by Moot’s Content Policy as well the rules below so please take the time to familiarize yourself with them.   1. Any posts that disparage things like race, religion, sexuality, nationality, gender identity will not be tolerated.   2. Bullying and harassment in general will not be tolerated. This includes flaming or any abusive language.   3. Spam, off-topic posts and promotions/advertising are not allowed   4. Please make sure to check your post is being posted in the correct board   5. Don't post people's personal information without their consent. This includes photos, social media accounts, the social media accounts of their friends/family, phone numbers, or any other private information that the user(s) in question have not shared on their own behalf. Additionally, please be careful regarding who you share your personal information with.   6. Do not post illegal content here! This includes any links to pirated content. If it is illegal, do not link to it here. This also includes any links or references to hacks or modded APKs. Anything that goes against moot’s content policy will also be removed   7. Respect the decisions and authority of moderators and admins.   We hope you enjoy the Lounge and Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn!   Team PlayDapp

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