Hero Spotlight: Ereth

“Take my good-looking attack!”
We’re back with another Along with the Gods Hero Spotlight, featuring Ereth!
If you missed our previous edition featuring Melvin, you can read it here:
Ereth is a natural 4-star Fire attribute Melee Hero and this Handsome Noble is revered as the King of Minor Arena. Just take a look at the top ranking Minor Arena players and you’ll see a commonality among them: Ereth. He’s also powerful enough to take center stage in a variety of other game modes. Ereth has a number of characteristics that elevate him above his station from a natural 4–star Hero to the level of a high-tier 5-star Hero. Read on to find out what makes Ereth so great and how to make the most of him!
-Ereth’s active skill Stab hits a random opponent, removes all beneficial effects on that opponent and increases Ereth’s Attack Power by 30% for 10 seconds.
-His first auto, Shining Sword, homes in on the enemy with the highest Physical Attack and can hit up to two other adjacent enemies, and has a 50% chance to blind the target for 5 seconds.
-His second auto Shh! homes in on the enemy with the highest Magic Attack and can also hit up to two adjacent enemies, with 50% chance to Silence the target for 5 seconds. This attack can punch a huge hole in Magic backlines, with Magic Heroes often being quite frail on the Physical Defense side, and if they manage to survive they’ll be completely nullified and vulnerable with the Silence status.
-Ereth’s passives give a 15% boost to his Attack Power and can entice any opponent who attacks Ereth with a 15% chance.
As you can see, Ereth has a great kit with high damage, limited AoE attacks that can inflict crippling Status afflictions, remove all beneficial effects on a target and buff his own attack by 30%. Ereth doesn’t provide much in the way of traditional support to the rest of the team but his devastating damage and status spreading are more than enough for him to contribute to a team.
Ereth’s skills are great by themselves but the animations he performs when executing his skills also grant him several frames of invulnerability (i-frames). As Ereth teleports around the battlefield terrorizing his enemies, they’ll find him difficult to pin down and hit. This also helps make Ereth less frail than other DPS Heroes.
Possessing Ereth alone will shoot you up the Minor Arena rankings. In other game modes such as Infinite Tower and Raids and even Major Arena, Ereth is very much still a viable hero. Ereth can also help clear mobs with ease in Scenario mode and can play a key part in the Pantahras and Earth Drake Raids.
Ereth’s rune set-up has quite a few possibilities; however Ereth is best used as a primary Melee damage dealer so keep that in mind when you’re deciding how to rune him. Some players prefer to boost Ereth’s Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage to boost his overall damage output whereas others prefer to boost his Attack Power to achieve this goal. Evasion runes on Ereth can be used to make him even more difficult to get a hit in for the opponent with his i-frames and increased Evasion numbers.
Vampire runes are popular on many Melee Heroes and can be used on Ereth to give him better longevity, especially as his high damage output will lead to plenty of recovery from the damage inflicted. Warrior runes are always going to be a viable choice on any Hero and will provide Ereth with protection from Inability Effects. The rune sub-stats you’ll want to look out for are Attack and Attack Speed, with Critical Rate also being useful.
Try and find a combination of these runes that work for your Ereth and the team around him. If you want Ereth to have a bit more self-sustain then you can opt to make him a bit more “defensive” with Vampire runes and some specific Awakening choices.
Ereth’s Awakenings are fairly straightforward, however your choice for Awakening II comes down to personal preference.
Awakening I: Increase Attack Power as you want Ereth to do as much damage as possible
Awakening II: You can go with either here as some players enjoy giving Ereth a bit of a buffer from physical hits whereas other players want Ereth to inflict as much damage as possible with the addition of the Bleed status, however the Physical Shield seems to be the more popular choice among high-ranking Arena players
Awakening III: Increase Attack Speed as you’ll want Ereth to attack as much as possible and enter into his animation’s i-frames faster
Awakening IV: Increase Attack Power as you want Ereth to do as much damage as possible
Awakening V: Increase Critical Hit Rate as it increases the Critical Hit Rate for not just Ereth but also the rest of the team. Increased Critical Hit rate benefits Ereth greatly, especially in Minor Arena Ereth vs Blith situations
Ereth is absolutely worth the time and resources it takes to Transcend him. His attacks grow much more powerful when he’s transcended and he becomes even harder to kill. He’s well worth the investment it takes to transcend him all the way to Level 66.
In Minor Arena you’ll often see Ereth paired with a Hero like Blith, a Tank who can provide healing support and defensive cover for the rest of the team from the frontline while Ereth provides the offensive firepower. Ereth benefits from having a frontline partner, especially with his Leader Skill giving 10% more HP for each ally in the frontline in PvP battles.
Ereth is particularly dangerous for backline Heroes, especially Magic Heroes, who naturally have lower Physical Defense and are automatically targeted by Ereth. Ereth is also one of the most effective Heroes available against opposing Blith, another Minor Arena staple, who is notoriously hard to kill.
Whether you’re using him or facing him, there’s no escaping Ereth and the way he defines the Minor Arena meta.
Ereth is a must-have Hero for all players. He is arguably the best Minor Arena Hero in the game and is a useful Hero to have for Scenario, Infinite Tower and other PvE situations as well, and is more than capable as a Raid Hero against Earth attribute Bosses as well.
Let us know what you think of Ereth and how you have him set up!
Bringing you the future of gaming today,
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Hero Spotlight: Ereth +5
Hero Spotlight: Ereth
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Nhumer Raid Guide: How to Slay the Devourer of the Desert

Hello Knights! We’re back with another Raid guide for you, this time we’ll be giving you all the info you need to dominate the Nhumer Raid! If you missed out on our previous guide to the Kraken Raid you can read it here:
Nhumer is a fearsome Fire attribute Raid Boss who can make short work of any unprepared adventurers. After you clear the first 3 stages of mobs, you’ll come face-to-face with the monster itself!
Nhumer has arguably the best overall rune drops of all Raid Bosses, as he drops the highly coveted Evasion, Accuracy and Warrior runes. All these rune types are amazing and see significant usage, especially Evasion and Warrior runes which a lot of the top players like to run on their Heroes. This makes the Nhumer Raid a high priority Raid and an important part of progression in the game.
Nhumer hits hard and fast on the physical side, so you’ll need to make sure your team is equipped to deal with constant heavy physical attacks. They also come with a whole range of nasty debuffs and harmful effects that will seriously hurt and slow down your team. Additionally, Nhumer’s kit contains several powerful self-buffs on both the defensive and offensive end, which makes him a tricky opponent to survive and take down.
Nhumer’s first skill inflicts Stun and Burn and the second auto decreases the team’s Magic Power and Physical Defense while the third auto increases his own Magic Defense and Physical Defense by 50% each. Nhumer’s passives are equally as powerful, with the first passive increasing his Attack Power by 200% and the second decreasing Nhumer’s skill cooldown by 5 seconds every time a team member is defeated.
Read on to find out how to overcome the Devourer of the Desert!
[Recommended Heroes]
Here’s our list of recommended Heroes to use in the Nhumer Raid, we’ve tried to strike a balance between accessibility and viability for players with our selections.
They’ve been separated by class and come with some honorable mentions of other great Heroes you can use:
Melvin will be a key Hero in defeating Nhumer for many players and comes with our highest recommendation. He’s very easy to obtain and fully Awaken and Transcend, and his unique characteristics make him especially effective in taking down Nhumer. He possesses a HP% attack, ability to reduce an opponent’s Defense, can buff his team’s Attack Speed and Critical Hit rate and has the capability to self-sustain throughout the battle. A well-built and fully upgraded Melvin can essentially solo Nhumer and function as a hybrid Tank/Melee DPS. We recommend equipping Vampire and Evasion runes and investing in him if you want a reliable Nhumer killer.
For more detailed information on Melvin you can check out his Hero Spotlight article:
Siho is a natural 4-star Melee Hero and is also highly effective against Nhumer, although not quite as good as Melvin. Her attacks do HP% damage and cause the Bleed and Poison effects on Critical Hits, which make her a highly effective Melee DPS in the Nhumer Raid. She’s also able to sustain herself with an Evasion boosting skill and 40% HP recovery on damage dealt with her auto skill.
Honorable Mentions: Sha’rade, Lucius
Zemer is a great tank in most circumstances and he’s excellent against Nhumer too. Zemer is a true team player against an opponent like Nhumer, with his team Physical Defense and Inability Resistance buffs and ability to inflict the Blind status also helping out the rest of his team. Zemer can be obtained through Hero Combination in the Temple of Heroes.
For more detailed information on Zemer check out his Hero Spotlight article: https://moot.us/lounges/345/boards/1686/posts/4381408/hero-spotlight-zemer
Atmos is an incredible Hero and she shines in the Nhumer Raid. She can withstand Nhumer’s attacks and keep fighting all while supporting her teammates. Her Harmful Effect Immunity buff reduces Nhumer’s disruptions to your team and her other team buffs, especially her shield, will greatly boost your team’s survival rate and ability to finish Nhumer.
Honorable Mentions: Peko, Karen
Kaor is a 5-star Range Hero with a good mix of damage dealing capabilities and CC effects. His abilities work well in the Nhumer Raid as he not only deals solid damage but has several beneficial effects attached to his skills such as Slowdown and Excessive Bleeding which help a lot in mitigating Nhumer’s onslaught.
Akurel is often compared to Kaor for their similar characteristics and although Kaor often comes out of those comparisons slightly ahead, Akurel is still a great Hero and has one distinct advantage over Kaor: Akurel is a natural 4-star Hero which makes him easier to Awaken and Transcend than Kaor. Akurel also provides great damage output and beneficial effects such as reducing the opponents’ Attack Speed and inducing Stun and Silence.
Tallia is a very easily obtainable 3–star Hero, she appears in Heroic Dungeons, who can do a lot of damage against Nhumer. Her ease of acquisition as well as upgrading can make her an incredibly viable choice for a Water Range DPS for many players if they don’t possess Kaor or Akurel. Her active skill halves the target’s Physical Defense, allowing herself and her teammates to inflict big damage. Her auto skill also ignores the opponent’s Defense stat which is especially useful against an opponent like Nhumer. She can also inflict the Blind and Bleed statuses with her attacks.
Honorable Mentions: Lin
Alexis is a Hero you’ll be familiar with if you’re an avid player of Arena mode. He’s one of the most powerful Heroes in the game and with his Water attribute advantage over Nhumer he’s a force to be reckoned with. Not only do Alexis’ attacks deal a huge amount of damage, with his active skill hitting with guaranteed Critical Hits, but they also debuff the enemy a ton. He can inflict Slowdown, Damage Weapon, Weaken and Stun with his attacks.
Elheim is designed to take down Raid Bosses and as a Water attribute Hero, she’s a huge threat to Nhumer. Her HP% based Magic attacks will strip Nhumer’s HP bar down quickly and the effects on her attacks are also very helpful. Her attacks can inflict multiple instances of the Poison status as well as Stun, providing steady passive damage in addition to her powerful active skill, Void Spear.
Zenon is a high-capacity Magic DPS, who isn’t a specialist in Raids but is arguably the best Magic DPS Hero against Nhumer. Zenon’s active skill hits with HP% damage and his other skills carry a bunch of super helpful debuffs and effects. He can induce lowered Attack Speed, Stun, Weaken and Slowdown with his attacks which greatly hinder Nhumer all while pumping out big damage numbers.
Turan is a more accessible option for Water Magic Heroes than the 5-star Heroes listed above him and is still highly effective as a Raid specialist. His Light Shards can also be obtained with Raid Coins in the Special Shop. His active skill packs a huge punch against Nhumer with its bonus HP% damage while also reducing Physical Defense by 50%, and many players will find him more than adequate in the role of Magic DPS against Nhumer.
Honorable Mentions: Tiat, Oliver
Ramia is an amazing all-round Support Hero with healing, team buffs, opponent debuffs and a little bit of damage dealing thrown in too. Ramia’s ability to provide Harmful Effect Immunity, healing and reduce Nhumer’s Attack Power by 30% are particularly helpful. These characteristics, which the Fire Heroes Styx and Kadus also share, plus her Water attribute make her a leading candidate for your Nhumer team.
Hellen is a natural 3-star Hero, but an evolved 5-star copy is given out to players at the beginning of the game. Most players should have a copy of her lying around, which helps make her easy to recommend to the average player. If not, you can always obtain her through the Heroic Dungeon and upgrade her easily. She’s a very steady, solid healer and with the attribute advantage against Nhumer she does a fine job. Hellen will be a viable option if you don’t possess any of the other Support Heroes mentioned, such as Kadus or Ramia. However, as you take on the higher level Nhumer stages she may become less effective, especially in a solo Support role and we recommend supplementing her or replacing her entirely once you get to the highest level Nhumer Raids.
It may seem odd to recommend using a Hero who has an attribute disadvantage against a Raid Boss but Ardo is an exception in this case. Ardo is renowned for being one of the best straight-up healers in the game. His skillset doesn’t contain anything fancy like debuffs or magic attacks, he just heals and cleanses your team but he does it well and sometimes that’s all you need.
Honorable Mentions: Styx, Kadus, Misty, Oswald
[Putting it all Together]
Now that you know which Heroes you should be looking out for, let’s put them together and talk about composition and strategy. As Nhumer is a Fire attribute Boss you’ll be relying primarily on Water attribute Heroes to take him down, especially in the damage-dealing department.
We recommend having at least one support unit when facing Nhumer for healing and, if possible, cleansing and status removal. Having DPS Heroes with HP% attacks will be critical to taking on Nhumer effectively. Having a Tank Hero in your frontline can be very helpful especially if your team is frail as they will be able to absorb some of Nhumer’s offensive pressure and provide a defensive boost to the rest of your team, however some teams can function without one.
Nhumer can be punishing for defensively weak teams or teams that can’t finish him quickly enough so it may be necessary to run two support Heroes to sustain your team and ensure your team doesn’t wipe out. If your team has enough offensive firepower to put Nhumer down quickly you may only need one support Hero and can run a solo Melee DPS in your frontline with your other Heroes being Range and Magic DPS Heroes, but at the highest levels of the Nhumer Raids this will require fully upgraded/transcended Heroes to pull off consistently. As usual against Raid Bosses, Heroes who can use HP% damage attacks will carry the load offensively.
Heroes that can debuff Nhumer’s Attack and Attack Speed will be very beneficial, in addition to Heroes who can buff your own teams’ stats, especially Defense, to survive Nhumer’s attacks. Heroes such as Zemer and Atmos are great for this purpose as they buff your team’s Defense and shield from Harmful and Inability Effects which will stop Nhumer from overwhelming you. Having a Hero who can negate Nhumer’s self Defense buff is also important if you plan to make Physical Attackers the focus of your team
Melvin has an ability which cuts enemies’ Physical Defense by 50% for 10 seconds which provides a huge window of opportunity for himself and his Range and Melee teammates to hit Nhumer for big damage. Tallia and Turan have similar skills to reduce Physical Defense, and combined they can open Nhumer up to huge damage on the physical side. Look for synergies like this among your pool of viable Heroes.
As always, prioritize ensuring completion over anything else when making a Raid team, there’s nothing worse than leaving an auto-battle run going and coming back to see that you wiped out.
The goal of building a Raid team is building a team strong enough to successfully auto-battle a Raid Boss. If your team isn’t strong enough to auto clear a stage every time without fail then you should add another support Hero for the extra security, or perhaps change your overall team composition around to see if something else works better, or drop down a level in the Nhumer Raid.
We hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful. Let us know the roster and strategy you use to fight Nhumer or any other thoughts you may have in the comments!
Bringing you the future of gaming today,
Team PlayDapp
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Nhumer Raid Guide: How to Slay the Devourer of the Desert +18
Nhumer Raid Guide: How to Slay the Devourer of the Desert
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A Guide to Choosing your Hero from the Selective Hero Scroll

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn is now available from Google Play Store! Download and play the game from the link below:
After completing Stage 1–10 in Scenario mode you’ll be gifted with a Selective Hero Scroll which presents you a choice of natural 4-star heroes to choose from. Here’s a quick guide to help you make your decision!
First off, there are no bad choices here and if you simply choose who you think looks coolest that’s fine. These heroes are all solid, especially for new players, so don’t be too concerned that you’re making a terrible mistake. You’ll also gather a lot of heroes throughout your journey, including the ones available from this list.
However, there are pros and cons for each hero. Maybe you’ve already got other 4- or 5- star heroes and don’t want to double up on roles. Maybe you need a hero to help you clear Scenario as fast as possible or maybe you’re thinking long-term. We’re here to help.
[Hero Breakdowns]
Vincent is a water-type tank with insane durability; however, you will be gifted a free 4-star tank in Arthur soon after this point so keep that in mind. He is still a solid pick if you choose to use him, especially if you require a trusty Water hero. He absolutely wins the coolest looking hero as well.
Harley is a strong choice to consider as he is an absolute beast in Scenario mode. He will obliterate enemies in Normal and Hard mode with his high damage output and freezing capabilities. In the final areas of Scenario mode you’ll be facing a lot of Fire enemies so he’s extremely helpful there too. He’s also combination material for the powerful 5-star hero Oliver and many players would consider this a huge positive to picking Harley.
Carmen is a very useful Support character who specializes in the Fire raids against Havoc and Nhumer. Her abilities are uniquely effective against the two Raid bosses and you may find her carrying your Raid teams against them. She can even hold up in other Raids with the right rune and team set-up.
Bella is a Fire Tank hero. She’s a solid pick for people who want a Tank who can bully enemies with her stun and pushback, and sponge hits. Apart from Scenario mode, some players like utilizing her as part of their frontline in Arena mode too. However she doesn’t particularly shine in any particular mode or aspect.
Mumu is an Earth Melee hero with an interesting set of abilities including HP% Damage Abilities. She shines brightest in the raid against Kraken. She can also be a strong niche/counter pick in Arena against Water based teams with her abilities and typing.
Gangbi is a Fire Melee character. Initially some players may be underwhelmed by him as he can be quite frail despite his high damage output. However, as you acquire better runes and better support for him his longevity can massively improve and his ability to AOE stun opponents is a huge boon.
René is an Earth Ranged character. She is most useful in Arena, especially Minor, and is very powerful in Scenario mode and the Raid against Kraken too. She has a high damage ouput and has the incredibly useful and annoying ability to turn her opponents into squirrels, giving her a solid form of crowd control.
Benechia is a Fire Support character. Her main purpose on a team is as a physical buffer. She also buffs your team’s critical rate and debuffs opponents. If you have or plan to build a physically oriented team she can be a great choice. She will find use in Scenario mode as well as several of the Raids due to her abilities. She is also available as a combination hero in the Temple of Heroes so some players would rather obtain her through that method than choose her here.
De’Har is an Earth Mage. She is very adept at clearing enemies out in Scenario Mode with her high damage output and AOE attacks. She lacks the same level of utility in Raid mode, although she can still find use in Arena mode and can wipe out opposing players’ teams if given the chance.
Aaron is a Fire Ranged character. He has respectable bulk to go with his steady damage output. However, players will want to try to obtain Evan, another Fire Ranged hero. You can combine heroes to summon Evan and in turn Evan is combination material for Zemer, one of the best Tank units in the game. For many players, they may find Aaron superfluous.
In the end, if you care a lot about optimizing your early game or long-term use, Harley and Carmen are the two front-runners. Harley in particular is a popular and well regarded choice, but each choice of hero has its merits.
Comment below with who you ended up choosing!
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A Guide to Choosing your Hero from the Selective Hero Scroll +11
A Guide to Choosing your Hero from the Selective Hero Scroll
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Hero Spotlight: Melvin - "Emptiness will lead us to the new world!"

We're back with another Along with the Gods Hero Spotlight, featuring Melvin!
If you missed our previous edition featuring Zemer, you can read it here:
Melvin is a natural 3-star hero of the Water attribute and Melee class. While you may assume due to his modest 3-star rating that he's not an outstanding hero, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, he's one of the best Raid units in the game, particularly in the all-important Nhumer raid, and has many desirable characteristics that you'll discover as you raise him.
Melvin appears in the Normal and Premium Hero Scroll Summon Lists, as well as the Water Hero Scroll. He can also be acquired as an Investigation reward and as a drop reward from completing stages in Area 16 of Scenario mode. As a 3-star hero Melvin is very easy to obtain and raise. This is beneficial in both attaining him and upgrading him. 3-star heroes such as Melvin tend to be relatively straightforward to Awaken and Transcend as you'll acquire many more dupes than you would of a 4 or 5-star hero.
Melvin's skills not only boost himself but also the rest of your team and allow him to be both long-lasting while having solid damage output. His first passive is the incredible Revive skill which allows Melvin to revive once when his HP runs out with 50% of his HP. This makes him even more of a problem to take down. His Formation Leader Skill boosts the frontline's Attack Speed by 17% in raids which just adds even more to his utility in Raid situations.
His Active Skill reduces the target's Defense by 50% for 10 seconds while stunning them for 2 seconds, which provides a window of opportunity for both Melvin and other heroes on your team to increase their damage output. Melvin's Auto skill Cruel Prayer increases the Critical Hit rate and Attack Speed of all allies by 30% for 10 seconds. Hollow Attack, his second auto skill, hits with 4 critical hits with 7% of the enemy's Max HP as bonus damage while inflicting the Excessive Bleed status and recovering his HP by 20% of the damage inflicted.
Melvin is a dependable Melee hero, especially in Raids, with his HP% damage attacks, boosts to himself and his allies and capability to become a self-sustaining pseudo-tank who can still pack a punch.
How to Build Melvin
The most popular rune set-up seen on Melvin is a combination of two Evasion and two Vampire runes which make him a self-sustaining hero with high survival capabilities. You'll want to boost his Evasion and HP as much as you can with your sub-stats, especially with Melvin's second passive granting him an Attack boost equivalent to 1% of your Max HP. This is the most synergistic rune set-up with Melvin's innate characteristics and his use as a Melee Raid killer.
When choosing his Awakenings you want to consider Melvin's role. As a hero that you will primarily use in Raids you'll want to build him for this purpose. Our suggested Awakenings for Melvin are HP for Awaken I, Physical Wall for Awaken II, Crazy Warrior for Awaken III, Evasion Rate for Awaken IV and Skilled Assassin for Awaken V which raises Melvin and his allies' Critical Hit rate by up to 10%. Selecting these Awakenings helps make Melvin tough on both the defensive and offensive spectrum and a great front-line hero for your team.
A correctly built and upgraded Melvin can take on the Nhumer Raid virtually single-handed, and work well in other Raids too. The Nhumer Raid is one of the most important Raids in the game as it provides several coveted rune types such as Evasion, Accuracy and most importantly Warrior runes.
If you haven't already acquired or upgraded Melvin you should add him to your to-do list. He's a low investment, high return hero. Newer players especially will find Melvin useful as he's easy to Awaken and Transcend and can help you progress through the game faster. Melvin is a hero that deserves a place in every player's roster.
We hope you enjoyed this latest edition of our Hero Spotlight series and stay tuned for more. Let us know your thoughts and what you think of Melvin!
Bringing you the future of gaming today,
Team PlayDapp

Hero Spotlight: Melvin - "Emptiness will lead us to the new world!" +2
Hero Spotlight: Melvin - "Emptiness will lead us to the new world!"
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Kraken Raid Guide: How to Slay the King of the Deep Sea

Hello Along with the Gods players! We’re back with another guide for you, this time we’ll be giving you all the info you need to dominate the Kraken raid!
Kraken is a fierce Raid Boss of the Water attribute. After you clear the first 3 stages of mobs, you’ll come face-to-face with the monster itself!
Kraken’s rune drops are Penetration, Vampire, Critical and Patience runes. The most valuable among these are Vampire runes, which are a popular rune choice on many heroes and well worth farming. As with other Raid bosses, Kraken will also drop other valuable items such as Rune Dust, Gold, Evolution Incarnations and Premium Hero Scrolls.
Unlike other Raid bosses such as Havoc or Python, who are more restrictive in which heroes will be effective against them, Kraken is a bit easier to build for and you can be more flexible with the units you use. As a general rule of thumb, heroes who can do HP % based damage are going to be your best option against raid bosses, especially when they have an attribute advantage. In this case, Earth heroes will have the advantage against Kraken.
One of the defining aspects of the fight against Kraken is its ability to regenerate its own health. This means you’ll either have to bring a hero who can block/reduce healing or simply out-damage its recovery, which requires extra firepower and can make the battle a lot longer and trickier.
Kraken deals primarily magic damage so you’ll want to make sure your heroes can survive its barrage of magical attacks. Kraken’s own magical defense is high, so you’ll want to channel your offense through physical attackers, although there are some magic heroes who can still be effective, which we’ll discuss below.
Kraken also has the ability to manipulate the positioning of your heroes. It can push your frontline back and bring your backline forwards, enabling it to neutralize your melee attackers and hit your support and magic heroes with its tentacles which deal physical damage, as opposed to the main body which deals magic damage. Destroy the tentacles quickly to neutralize this threat.
You’ll face various other debuffs and crowd control methods from Kraken, including a debuff which stops your team from being able to receive any positive effects. Its crowd control effects can cause major disruptions to your team so having a hero who can mitigate that and/or equipping Warrior runes on your team will give you a greater chance of victory.
Naturally you’ll want to bring Earth attribute heroes when you aim to take Kraken on. Here’s a list of, and quick rundown on, the best Earth heroes to use against Kraken.
[The Best Heroes to Use Against Kraken]
Lin, a 5-star hero, is the Queen of Raids and the Kraken raid is where she shines the brightest. Her HP % based skills takes huge chunks out of Kraken’s health bar and her armor break enables other teammates to increase their damage output too. You can obtain her through Hero Combination in the Temple of Heroes.
Glen is a powerful 5-star Earth melee hero and his attribute advantage and raw damage output make him a big threat to Kraken. His ability to inflict the Bleed and Stun effects with his attacks is also a huge boost to his effectiveness. The Legendary Chef chops Kraken up in next to no time.
Prospera is a 5-star Ranged character and as an Ancient Goddess you already know she’s going to pack a punch. Her skills, attribute and natural power make her a great Kraken killer. Her Formation Leader skill which increases the backline’s HP by 50% is also amazing for boosting your team.
Peishan is a 4-star Ranged hero whose attacks cause the Bleed effect and the Heal Block effect, which alongside her high single-target damage output makes her tailor-made to destroy Kraken. You can purchase Peishan’s Light Shards in the Arena Special Shop with Team Arena medals. If you want to make light work of Kraken, bring Peishan.
Ardo is one of the best Earth healers in the game and. His natural sturdiness, self-revive ability, and attribute advantage alongside his powerful healer skills, which includes both HP recovery and debuff removal, make him a great choice to anchor your team.
Divana is a stand-out Earth Support hero and can completely block all damage on the team for 5 seconds with her active skill, while her auto skills heal her teammates and removes debuffs. She is a great healer for almost every situation.
René can function as a Kraken killer with the right set-up and support. While she’s not quite as effective as some of the other Ranged heroes on this list she is quite easy to obtain compared to a hero like Prospera and will still do a lot of damage against Kraken.
Patricia is a mage without any HP% based attacks, yet she still proves herself to be one of the better heroes to use against Kraken. Her skills increase the cooldown of enemy attacks and decrease enemy attack speed and energy acquisition which will all severely hamper Kraken. She also has enough raw power to contribute offensively in bringing down Kraken.
Jenia is hugely effective against Kraken and she’s easily obtainable for most players through Hero Combination in the Temple of Heroes. Her attacks deal HP% based damage and combined with her Earth attribute she absolutely shreds through Kraken. If you don’t have access to some of the rarer heroes mentioned she’s a godsend.
Blith is a powerful Earth tank who can easily endure Kraken’s attacks and dish out damage and lead your frontline against Kraken. Blith’s great sustainability comes from his ability to heal himself and his teammates while also being to generate offensive pressure.
Arkhan is another Earth Tank who can help you immensely against Kraken. His high HP and Shield abilities make him able to survive throughout the battle against Kraken and provide support to the rest of your team.
Other Earth heroes such as Floria and Alshara are great against Kraken too. Many of the heroes mentioned above are 4-star heroes and/or obtainable through Hero Combination or purchasable Light Shards which helps make Kraken one of the most accessible raids.
While attribute advantage is an important aspect of Raid Boss battles, many heroes from the Water attribute can also be effective against Kraken too. Oliver, for example, a Water mage, has an auto skill that blocks her opponents’ ability to heal. Turan and particularly Elheim, despite being mages, are also useful against Kraken due to their HP % attacks and attribute neutrality. Zemer and Atmos are highly effective as tanks in the Kraken raid. Most players will also have access to Hellen and she is more than usable as a healer versus Kraken as well. If you have some strong Water heroes don’t be afraid to mix them into your team.
There is also a very limited group of special Fire heroes who can be used successfully in the Kraken raid. Kadus and Styx are both great heroes to use with their amazing support abilities.
[Putting it all Together]
Now that you know how Kraken operates and which heroes are good to use, you need to put them together in a team. For the Kraken raid we would recommend that you have at least one Ranged DPS hero such as Lin or Peishan as a heavy hitter. Having a tank such as Zemer will be beneficial to your team and alongside them you can add a Melee DPS such as Jenia or Glen. If you want to go all-out in attack you can have two DPS heroes in your frontline. The number of support heroes required can vary between one and two, depending on the overall strength of your team and their ability to withstand Kraken’s attacks. If you only need one support hero you can use this as a flex slot, perhaps add another DPS hero to make the battle against Kraken quicker. Try to make sure at least one of your heroes has the ability to block healing.
The goal of building a raid team is building a team strong enough to successfully auto-battle a Raid boss. If your team isn’t strong enough to auto clear a stage every time without fail then you should add another support hero for the extra security, or perhaps change your overall team composition around to see if something else works better. Only then should you aim to clear Kraken as fast as possible. Safety first should be your mantra.
If you’re finding that even with an extra support hero, or tinkering with your composition, that your team is failing to clear Kraken close to 100% of the time, you should drop down a level and focus on strengthening your team.
When farming raids you want to ensure your streak won’t be stopped on auto-battle and then after that ensure you clear the stage as fast as possible for maximum efficiency.
We hope you enjoyed our guide to the Kraken raid and found it helpful! Feel free to leave your thoughts and any other advice you may have as well!
Bringing you the future of gaming today,
Team PlayDapp
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Kraken Raid Guide: How to Slay the King of the Deep Sea +14
Kraken Raid Guide: How to Slay the King of the Deep Sea
PlayDapp PlayDapp
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AWTG’s Blockchain explainer – What's a Wallet?

Hi Knights, it’s time for another dip into blockchain and gaming! Are you ready? Last time we spoke about NFTs and their awesomeness for blockchain gaming. Missed out? Go catch up.
This time, we’re going to take a step back. Dealing with a blockchain essential. The Wallet. Luckily we can make this super relatable. A Crypto Wallet acts like a normal wallet. It holds your valuable items. Such as those valuable NFTs…
When it comes to CryptoWallets, there are four main types.
We could dig in deep on all four, but for blockchain gaming, it’s best to look at two in particular. Cloud and Mobile wallets. These are known as “hot’ wallets because they are internet-connected and software-based. There’s nothing Physical about them.
You’ll need a wallet to interact with Blockchain Games, and this will handle any NFT you acquire. We recommend a couple of different Wallets, all of them are super easy to use and work great with the PlayDapp ecosystem. The three we recommend are Samsung Blockchain wallet, Portis.io and MetaMask. All three have been tested robustly with our games.
So, what do you need to use a wallet?
For the Samsung Blockchain Wallet you’ll need the Samsung Blockchain wallet app, which is available for the Samsung Galaxy series. For the others, you’ll need an email address you have access to.
For all three the process of creating a wallet is super easy. You’ll be guided by the wallet set up, but we’ll give you a breakdown of two important parts here.
Mnemonic phrase / seed phrase.
This is a group of 12 words that allow you to have access to the wallet. It's super important as if you ever need to transfer the wallet address to a different system (say import MetaMask to portis, then you’ll need this.) It’s super important to keep a record of this group of words.
Wallet address
This is an alphanumeric string of characters; this is essentially like a bank account number. It’s your unique identifier on the blockchain. This is the address you’ll use to send anything to and to receive anything too. This wallet address will also act as a unique identifier for your account across the PlayDapp ecosystem.
Of course, with the wallet storing super important things, like NFTs you need to take care. Some basic safety tips are:
 Use antivirus and anti-malware software on your desktop or laptop.
 Have a strong and secure firewall installed.
 Never install unverified software or apps on your device.
 Do not get phished and always check the URL twice before accessing your web-wallets.
 Use only trusted wallets and always update them ASAP.
 Use 2-FA authentication in case you have stored crypto for a day or two on exchanges.
 Keep your passwords very hard to guess or brute-force.
 Avoid accessing your crypto wallet from public wifi.
You can take some deep dives into wallets and really get to know them here:
After you create and connect your wallet to any Blockchain game you’ll be able to play and keep track of all your progress. Not only that but those valuable items will be in your wallet.
Get ready for the future of gaming, with PlayDapp!
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AWTG’s Blockchain explainer – What's a Wallet? +2
AWTG’s Blockchain explainer – What's a Wallet?
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AWTG’s Blockchain explainer – Non-fungible tokens (NFT).

We’re starting our journey into the awesome world of Blockchain Gaming! Introducing the Non-fungible token (NFT). NFTs are one of the most exciting parts of the blockchain game ecosystem. Now we can go on and explain this all in highly technical terms. Using examples like lending a dollar to a friend and them deciding to pay it back with a bracelet. And how this works in a Fungible state but we want to make it more friendly for you.
Imagine you had an awesome rune in Along with the Gods, or a badass leveled character with equipped runes. Now, normally the best you could do with such a thing is to use it in-game and then when you find a better one, move on. We say this is unfair. You invested the time to level up and play, so why should all that go to waste?
Well with the power of NFTs that won’t be the case, imagine that character is now useable in a different way in a new game, giving you some serious power-up. Or totally sellable to another player, with zero risks in the trade. Or if you’re not interested in either you can flaunt it for all the world to see, showing off that sweet item.
Pretty cool for one game right? Well, PlayDapp isn’t doing this for just one game, we’re applying this to an ecosystem. Meaning, any item you get in any game will unlock some awesome things in any game.
🔥NFT for the gamer!🔥
When it comes to NFTs for gamers there are some core things to remember, and these are where the awesome power comes from!
Unique – Each and every NFT is Unique, once created no other NFT will be the same. You may be able to make them look the same but each one is technically unique. This means that if you start trading them, you’ll always be able to trace the exact game item.
Limited Ownership – Each NFT is owned, it can’t be split or shared. This ownership is also independently recorded on the blockchain. This record is also 100% independently visible, and tamper-resistant.
This all guarantees that the NFT is verifiably yours, form uniqueness, history of ownership and trade, and to any enhancements and changes.
NFTs represent some powerful changes in the way that games are played. As well as how rewarding they will be. With our vision of NFTs and gaming, we believe that you’ll be able to play any game in the PlayDapp ecosystem and get the great gameplay you expect but in-game items will also be transferable between players and between games.
Moving a game item (NFT) across games will be incredibly easy as rather than living exclusively in the game any NFT game item lives in blockchain wallet. – We’ll be covering this in another post, but for now, just think of it literally as a wallet that holds your valuable game items.
Not only that but, when trading items between players you’ll be able to use the PlayDapp NFT marketPLAce, which is a trustless and risk-free environment. On top of this, any NFT game item you sell will give you ETH, a cryptocurrency.
So, the key things to take away are, NFTs represent a brand-new way to own gaming items and, if you're inclined, make money by trading. NFT-ization of game items gives you control over your items. Letting you show them off, keep track of them, and store them securely forever via the blockchain.
We can't wait to start applying NFT and Blockchain technology to more games and we are sure that you'll find some awesome value in the future direction of Along with the Gods: Knights of the dawn!
Want to get more up to speed with NFTs? Read this awesome explainer document at dapp.com. https://www.dapp.com/article/beginners-guide-to-nft?
Ready to jump in and taste blockchain games? Start with PlayDapp's own CryptoDozer - https://cryptodozer.io/ totally free to play for 30 levels and with super easy gameplay.

AWTG’s Blockchain explainer – Non-fungible tokens (NFT). +1
AWTG’s Blockchain explainer – Non-fungible tokens (NFT).
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LV.19 GameManager 2mo

Hero Spotlight: Zemer

Meet this fearsome Water Tank!
“I’ll be the protection of light”
We’re back with another Along with the Gods Hero Spotlight, featuring Zemer!
If you missed our previous edition on Floria you can read it here: https://moot.us/lounges/345/boards/1686/posts/4148111/hero-spotlight-floria
Zemer is a default 5-star Water Tank hero, and is right up there as one of the best Tanks in the game! What’s more, any player can obtain him for free through Hero Combination in the Temple of Heroes. Everyone should make it a priority to be able to fuse him if they haven’t already. He’s well worth the effort!
You’ll need Jenia, Evan, Misty and Rex as combination materials. Jenia and Evan can be attained through combination themselves while Misty can be obtained by purchasing her Light Shards from the Arena Shop with Team Arena medals. Rex will be the trickiest hero to obtain as you need to randomly summon him through scrolls or synthesis.
So, what makes Zemer so great?
Zemer is an all-rounder who can be used to great effect in both PvE and PvP. He’s a beast in the Arena and also does well in the various PvE modes such as Infinite Tower and Story. He’s also an effective hero to use in the Nhumer and Havoc Raids.
With great stats and an immense HP pool, Zemer is incredibly useful as a tank. He also has sky-high Physical Defence and his Skills augment this further. Opponents will have a hard time bringing Zemer down through physical attacks.
His skills are top-notch, providing an unbelievable amount of buffs and support to himself and the rest of his team. Zemer’s active skill deals 300% physical damage along with 10% of his Max HP as bonus damage, which ties in well with his overall tank build. His active also makes him completely invincible for 5 seconds. Powerful stuff.
His auto skill protects all allies with the dragon’s armor to increase the Physical Defense for 10 seconds and grant immunity against inability effects for 5 seconds, the former is a nice buff but the latter is a game-changer and a huge part of Zemer’s overall appeal. His passives provide a 15% chance of cleansing his allies whenever he takes a hit as well as a 20% boost to his own defenses. His overall kit is perfectly engineered to augment himself while also strengthening the rest of your team.
Zemer also has the option to boost his Inability Effect Resistance even further through Awakening, making him almost impervious to Inability Effects. He can further boost his HP with his Awakening I skill, and his Awakening IV skill can further boost his HP too. With fully leveled Awakenings he can receive up to an additional 40% to his HP. Other Awakening upgrades allow you to increase other important stats such as Attack Speed.
Zemer is a super flexible character when it comes to rune set-up. The standard PvP focused set-up of Philosopher and Warrior Runes works as well as ever, providing Zemer with a 50% boost to his Inability Effect Resistance as well as 10% more energy at the start of a battle. However, due to Zemer’s overall versatility, he can equip other types of runes effectively as well.
Some top players have been seen equipping him with Torrent runes and/or Recovery runes, letting him provide even more utility to the rest of the team by providing extra acquired energy or received recovery. Patience runes are also an option to beef up his lower Magic Defence stat. Some players even like to simplify things completely by equipping Life runes on him to boost his HP as much as possible.
Another more exotic variation consists of combining Vampire runes with Evasion runes. This turns Zemer into an incredibly frustrating problem for your opponent. Alongside his natural bulk, his heightened evasion and HP recovery from attacks make him doubly hard to kill.
In general, you should keep Attack Speed and HP in mind as important rune sub-stats for Zemer when you build him. Zemer should be built to survive as long as possible in battle and sponge damage in the frontline while getting off as many skills as he can to help his team. Beyond that, Zemer can largely be molded to the needs of your team so feel free to customize him as you see fit.
Zemer is one of the game’s best Tanks and every player should make him part of their roster. Individually, he’s an incredibly durable hero, but he also provides an amazing array of benefits to your team as a whole with his buffs and shields. There are few better at leading your frontline.
Let us know your thoughts on Zemer and how you use him!
Team PlayDapp
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Hero Spotlight: Zemer +4
Hero Spotlight: Zemer
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How to Become an Arena Mode God!

Featuring Tips from the #1 ranked World Team Arena player — Jimmy13
The Arena mode is Along with the Gods’ crown jewel, and many players dream of climbing the ladder and ascending into the Hall of Fame.
In this article, we’re going to take a comprehensive look at all the variations of Arena mode and then get one of the top players in the world to share their secrets and advice with you! A massive thank you to Jimmy13 for sharing his time and knowledge with us.
You’ll go from a wimp to a winner in no time after reading this.
First off, let’s discuss the four types of Arena battles you can enter. Major Arena sees you take a team of 5 heroes without any restrictions into battle. Minor Arena restricts you to using only heroes of a default 4-star grade or lower. In Team Arena you select 15 heroes who fight in three teams of 5 in a best-of-three format, and World Team Arena where only the top players are permitted to enter and the competition is fiercer. We’ll talk more about the specific strategies required for each a bit later.
The key principles to remember in Arena are to hit hard and hit first. One overriding tip that applies to all Arena modes is to avoid CC (Crowd Control) and Inability Effects at all costs. Getting stunned, silenced or frozen will put you at a huge, often fatal, disadvantage as your opponent will most likely launch their attacks before you and you’ll be completely helpless to defend yourself.
To this end, Warrior, Philosopher and Evasion Runes will be your best bet if you’re trying to dominate in Arena mode. Warrior Runes provide a 50% boost to your inability effect resistance. Evasion will make your opponents’ attacks miss and prevent them from damaging you. Philosopher Runes allow you to start the battle with more energy meaning you get to unleash your active skills sooner. Accessories and Awakening buffs that further boost these stats are also going to be critical components of your builds.
Any hero who can provide CC in their skillset, especially their active skill as they ignore evasion, is incredibly valuable. Consequently, heroes who can prevent CC are also incredibly valuable. Some examples of great CC manipulating heroes include Zemer and Oliver. Zemer can grant himself and his entire team complete immunity to inability effects for 5 seconds. Oliver’s skills turn her victims into squirrels and freezes them, rendering them incapable of action. Look for heroes with similar effects and abilities.
You’ll want a team that can avoid damage, avoid taking CC effects while being able to dish out damage and enact CC effects on your opponents. Keep this in mind when you’re building your team by selecting your heroes and their runes. As it stands right now, mages are the dominant damage dealing class in Arena however there are plenty of melee characters such as Zemer, Ereth and Glen and Rangers such as Prospera and Akurel who are key heroes in Arena.
Setting your skill order is another important aspect of success in Arena mode, you’ll need to set up the right order if you want to win. There’s no point saving your best damage output for last when by that time your entire team has probably already been wiped out. Your team’s skills should flow in a logical manner and in accordance with the principles outlined earlier.
However, there is still room to maneuver and tinker as alternative playstyles can be successful, if you have the creativity, knowledge and resources. Some players will disregard the rapid burst style of game-play and opt for more defensively sound teams that can slug it out if they happen to have the right heroes and resources.
If you’re struggling with how to build a hero, or have no idea where exactly to start, a handy tip is to look at the leaderboards or Hall of Fame and take a look at the top ranked players for some “inspiration”. Good artists copy, great artists steal, as they say. You can visit their profile and see their heroes and how they have them set up.
You can also visit our Tips and Guides board right here in our Moot community to ask for advice and someone from the community can help you out: https://moot.us/lounges/345/?flair=1686
Each type of Arena battle requires different strategies to fit their unique characteristics.
Major Arena is the most straightforward of the Arena mode types. But that doesn’t mean you should just throw 5 heroes together. Think about your team synergy and how your team functions as a unit. Do you have a way to prevent Inability Effects? Will your DPS mage have the support to be able to get their active off before the opponent can take them out? Can you deal with Water tanks such as Atmos and Zemer?
In the Minor Arena some heroes’ viability increases drastically as they don’t have to compete with default 5-star heroes. You’ll need to reevaluate which heroes you rely on, no more relying on obvious powerhouses such as Atmos and Patricia here. Rene, Floria, Ereth, Blith, Akurel and Vern are commonly regarded as some of the best heroes in Minor Arena.
In Team Arena you’ll need more than 5 heroes to put out on the battlefield, you’ll need 15! You’ll need to think about how to distribute your heroes to give yourself the best chance of winning the best-of-three format, especially if you have heroes of differing strength levels.
There’s also an added layer of strategy here due to the best-of-three format and the fact that you can change around the order in which they’ll face the opposing team. Do you load up your best heroes in one team or balance out the power? Do you send your weakest team out against their stronger first team so your first team can get the win against an ostensibly weaker second team?
A lot of players will set their best team as their first team in defence, their second strongest next and their weakest as their last. This might be a psychological thing but it is something to take note of. Maybe it’s something you’re guilty of doing in setting your defense team as well.
If you feel like your strongest team can’t beat their first defense team you can sacrifice your weakest team to them and preserve your stronger team to give yourself a better chance of winning the next two battles.
Judging this is a skill you’ll need to learn as you play and knowing the likely outcome of a battle beforehand is going to help you make the right decisions.
There are also some little tricks you can apply in the 5 hero Arena modes. Maintaining a winning streak in Arena will enable you to climb higher and faster and also gain more Coins for the Arena Shop. You should take a look at each listed opponent and take them on in an appropriate order. Try and keep a number of the easiest, or at least winnable, opponents for last so you can potentially build a bigger streak as the list refreshes.
Looking at the opponents’ teams before battle can also help you make decisions based on strengths and weaknesses. Helping you to decide things such as elemental match-up adjustments, or subbing in a Physical Defence buffer if you notice their team is focused on strong physical attackers. You should also make sure to test and observe your teams in action to get a clear picture of what is and isn’t working for your team.
That’s our Tips and Tricks, but what about a real player, how do they put it into action?
If you’ve ever taken a look at the Arena leaderboards or Hall of Fame you’ll be familiar with the name ‘Jimmy13’. He was kind enough to agree to an interview and share his knowledge with us:
PlayDapp: What do you think is the biggest mistake new players, or players in general, make when it comes to Arena?
Jimmy13: I feel the biggest mistake for new players is focusing on PVP too early. The main focus should be on progression. The first part is to advance to the hardest scenario they can and once they hit a wall, they should focus on doing raids to get better runes. The most popular raid dungeon is Nhumar for early/mid-game. Pick a raid dungeon and evolve your team to be able to advance that dungeon as far as possible. If you choose Nhumar, You will want to focus on evolving your blue units since Nhumar is red. Melvin is a great unit to focus on for his % based attack, def debuff, survivability, crit/spd buff. For arena, you should have a plan in mind when you build your team. Also, be mindful of evade mechanics. You can evade auto abilities but you can not evade an active ability. The cap is 75% and is extremely useful paired with someone that can blind opponents to reduce accuracy. The best advice for PVP is crowd control. Unless you face someone with warrior and 75% evade, crowd control is king for PVP. Freeze, Stun, etc.
PlayDapp: Who are your top recommended heroes in each variant of Arena mode?
Jimmy13: For minor, Ereth, Akurel, Floria, Phantom Knight are great units and if you plan to be more melee, try to squeeze someone that can buff attack. Same for magic. For major, there are a lot of good units but the most common are Patricia, Lucius, Oliver, or any of the gods.
PlayDapp: How do you come up with your team composition ideas? What are you looking for when you build an arena team?
Jimmy13: for PVP, there are 2 main things to look for. Color and unit type. 1. Remember the counters, Blue>Red>Green. Dark>Light. Here’s an example. If you face a team predominately red, you want to use your blue units. Also, remember the 4 different units Melee/Tank/Support/Archers/Caster. Tanks have a high physical defense but low magic resist. If you face a couple of tanks, use casters. Casters have low physical defense and high magic resist, archers are their best counters and melee is second. These aren't the only things to look for since CC(crowd control) is the king of PVP. If you can't do anything, none of this matters.
PlayDapp: Are there any interesting trends or ideas you’ve come across in Arena recently? Where do you think the Arena meta is headed?
Jimmy13: Gods rule major and Ereth rules minor. That's the trend that I see. If you are fortunate to get a god, build around him to maximize their efficiency. Same with Ereth. Casters currently are the meta but that's mainly because the strongest players are choosing those. Remember archers, on paper, are their counter due to their higher magic resist and casters extremely low physical defense.
PlayDapp: Any other general advice or tips you want to give to players who want to improve in Arena mode?
Jimmy13: Focus on progression and don't forget about the awesome 3-star units. The reason 3-star units are so awesome is that they are A LOT easier to fully awaken. It's hard to beat a full awakened Melvin 1v1, no matter who you are. Melvin might not be the best PVP unit but since he is so great with everything else, you should include him in your minor team since he should be one of your stronger units. Floria is amazing with her buffs and heals. You can build Ereth full DPS and still be able to survive. If you focus on just your natural 5-star units, you will be weak in the Minor Arena. Focus on units that are helpful for all aspects of the game.
Now get out there and apply what you’ve learned and see just how high on the ladder you can climb! Let us know your thoughts and if you have any tips and knowledge you’d like to share for the Arena in the comments below!
Team PlayDapp
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How to Become an Arena Mode God! +6
How to Become an Arena Mode God!
PlayDapp PlayDapp
LV.19 GameManager 3mo

Hero Spotlight: Floria

“Let’s plant this seed together. This is a seed that will change the world!”
Floria is the path finder for the Star Group. The elves of Turilleon treasure her warm-hearted personality and her adorable smile. Nobody is able to stay angry in front of her.
Floria is a natural 3-star Support-type hero of the Earth attribute. Don’t let her innocent appearance or 3-star grade fool you though because Floria is a force to be reckoned with. What’s more is that she’s very easy to obtain which makes her great for new and free-to-play players and she can be easily Awakened. Her Light Shards appear in Heroic Dungeons and as purchasable items from the Raid Shop with Ancient Coins. If you see her Heroic Dungeon pop up make sure to complete them and pick up her Light Shards. Gathering 20 will allow you to summon her!
She’s also a combination material hero for Evan in the Temple of Heroes.
Floria is an amazing hero for Scenario, Infinite Tower and Minor Arena modes with her abilities. She provides support to the rest of the team through healing, physical defence buffs, CC (Crowd Control) resistance, as well as disrupting the enemy with her auto ability which transforms them into squirrels for 5 seconds, rendering them incapable of taking any action. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this debuff you know just how dangerous and, frankly, obnoxious this can be.
Floria’s impact in Minor Arena is further enhanced by the restrictions of the format, only natural 4-star heroes or below can be used. Her auto ability to turn your opponents into squirrels will severely hamper them and could provide the window of opportunity for you to land heavy attacks on the enemy, with a character like Terenth for example, without resistance.
Players may find increasing her HP to be useful as Floria is a Support-type and she doesn’t have as much raw stamina as higher level heroes and she’ll be a crucial link in your team. This will increase her longevity and give her more sustain through battles. Alternatively, or in conjunction, you can pump up her Evasion stat for her to avoid damage and survive longer.
Her attack speed is important to consider as this will increase the number of times she can perform her abilities, which is especially important for a Support hero in this game. Increasing her Magic Power is nice to improve her healing capabilities as her healing power is based off of her Magic Power stat.
For PvP focused builds, Warrior runes, which boost inability effect resistance, need to be considered as avoiding CC effects on your Support is crucial in Arena. Floria being inactive will have a negative domino effect on the rest of your team.
You can achieve these effects through set bonuses and/or sub-stats on each individual rune.
Here are some examples of set-ups that combine these building principles for Floria:
An example rune set-up on Floria could be the following: 2 Warrior with 2 Evasion runes, giving her set bonuses of +50% Inability Effect Resistance and+20% Evasion respectively. The most desirable sub-stats would be HP, Attack Speed, Magic Power and Evasion. This set-up should make her a potent force in Arena battles.
A more generalized set-up that players can use involves 2 Life Runes and 2 Torrent Runes, giving set bonuses of +20% HP and +10% Acquired Energy respectively. Desirable sub-stats here would be HP, Magic Power and Attack Speed. This set-up could be good good for players looking to use Floria more in PvE modes or beginner players who do not have access to high-quality Warrior runes yet.
Of course, different team set-ups and needs will call for different Rune set-ups so try and see which works for you but these general guidelines should help you build a strong Floria.
Overall, Floria is an amazing hero with long-term viability that all players should try to get, and use. Try her out for yourself!
If you're already a fan of Floria, comment below with what you think of Floria and how you use her!
Bringing you the future of gaming today,
Team PlayDapp
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Hero Spotlight: Floria +4
Hero Spotlight: Floria
PlayDapp PlayDapp
LV.19 GameManager 3mo

10 Tips for New Along with the Gods Players

There’s a lot to take in when you first load up the game so here are some helpful tips for people to get their bearings and discover all the wonderful things about Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn!
1. Don’t just charge into battle!
Along with the Gods rewards good team choice and composition and punishes sloppy choices. This is especially the case in Hell mode Scenario, Infinite Tower, Raid and Arena battles. Pay attention to things like attribute match-up, ability effects, and team role composition. If you’re facing a team with strong Fire attribute mages, for example, it doesn’t make sense to bring a team of Earth attribute heroes with low Magic Defence. If your opponent can inflict harmful status effects, you should take note of this and try to bring support-type characters with status healing abilities. Knowledge is power in this game. Fight smart, not just hard!
2. Don’t judge a book by its cover!
Even units you might not think are useful can be. There are 2 star units that you’ll actually want to get and level up and evolve for combination materials for awesome heroes down the line, and there are several 3 star units who will be useful for you throughout the game.
Some examples of 3-star heroes who are just as useful as higher-level heroes include Hellen, Floria and Terenth. They are worth keeping, evolving, and raising alongside your natural 4- and 5-star heroes. Some 3-star heroes are also very good in specific circumstances such as certain raids. Tallia is incredibly effective in the Havoc and Nhumer raids for example.
3. Explore every game mode!
Finishing Scenario mode on Normal difficulty is the priority for you to unlock other game modes and start your progression. After unlocking the other modes, playing each game mode is going to help you gather the resources you need to build your team and progress further in the game. Different game modes will give you unique rewards which is why it’s important to play them all. For example, the Raid mode will give you a supply of great runes and playing the Arena mode will supply you with Arena coins which you can exchange for scrolls and other valuable items in the Special Shop. Variety is the spice of life, and Along with the Gods.
4. Spending your riches!
New players may be wondering what exactly the best uses for gems and gold are in this game. The best use of gold in this game is for upgrading runes and it can get quite expensive to make sure you have suitable runes throughout your adventure, so keep piling up that gold. The Random Shop also has some items that are worthy of your gold, such as Normal scrolls and Premium scrolls. Beginner players may also find some runes in the random shop that may be of use to them early in the game.
Gems are a valuable resource and there are several functions within the game that make use of them, such as continuing a lost battle or getting more keys. New and/or F2P players may find saving and spending their gems for the Summon Pack II in the shop to be a useful kickstart giving you 11 premium hero summon scrolls and Eggies. Gems can also be used to expand storage space for runes, heroes and accessories which can be very helpful as you expand your roster of heroes.
5. Level up your leveling up!
While you can feed heroes to another hero to increase their EXP and level them up that way, there is a way to power level characters in this game. Simply place the character you wish to level up quickly in a team of max characters and all the EXP will all funnel to that one character for up to 5 times more EXP per battle! Combine this with the auto-battle function and turning off the boss animations in Settings to really speed up your grinding.
6. Become a social butterfly!
There a ton of benefits to adding friends in Along with the Gods. You can send Friend Points to, and receive them back from, your friends, which you can use for additional spins on the daily FP Roulette. Additionally, you can also select friends, and their representative hero, at the pre-battle menu to take along with you to Raid and Scenario mode battles. Your friends can help you out during those tough battles!
Heroic Dungeons are Raids that appear randomly where you can farm shards for a specific hero, gathering enough of these shards lets you Summon that hero! Any time one of your friends finds one of these Heroic Dungeons you will also be granted access to them!
7. Change your representative hero!
Some of you may really, really like Ian but a lot of you will want to change your representative hero. You can do this in the Heroes menu, selecting a hero and changing them to your rep hero in hero settings. Not only will this change your avatar to something more unique but people will be more likely to add you as a friend or accept your friend request, especially if you set it to a useful character who can help them out in those tough raid and scenario situations.
8. Runes run the game!
Runes are the secret sauce in Along with the Gods. Your rune setup can completely change how your hero performs, you can patch up weaknesses and enhance strengths with runes, and runes can be the difference between victory and defeat, so you should get familiar with them as soon as possible. Runes offer bonuses to your stats individually and as sets, and they can be upgraded with gold! Upgrades increase the bonus percentage as well as unlock more bonus types. For example, an individual Attack rune could offer ATK +3.7% and Magic DEF+3.0% at base level, while it offers ATK +12.1% and multiple new bonuses when upgraded to +12.
When equipped together, a set of four attack runes gives you the bonus of increasing your Attack Power for 10 seconds with a fixed chance when you attack with a basic attack. Equipping runes with helpful and relevant individual and set stat buffs and bonuses is important (an offensive mage like Harley isn’t going to benefit from having higher ATK but will love having higher Magic Power) and upgrading them is going to noticeably increase the power of your characters. You’ll receive many runes throughout your adventure, so you’ll constantly be upgrading and switching runes out as you progress. Raids are the best way to obtain high quality runes as well as crafting them in the Workroom.
9. Feel free to mix and match your runes!
While you do get Set bonuses for having four of a single rune type, you also get bonuses for having two of the same rune type so you can receive two different types of bonuses, which you can use to your advantage. Each different type of rune grants different bonuses. For example, a Melee DPS character such as Gangbi will typically suffer from being bombarded by attacks on the front line and not having the natural ability to take hits. Equipping two life runes (2 Set bonus of HP +20%) and two critical runes (2 set bonus of Critical rate +15%) gives him a balance of greater longevity while not compromising his ability to dish out damage and plays to his strengths while patching up his weaknesses.
Sometimes simplicity is the best philosophy though, and a tank character like Arthur may benefit most from equipping four life runes. Four life runes will grant him a shield when he’s attacked and help him do what he does best, sponge hits and drive forward.
Experiment and see which setups work for you.
10. Be consistent!
Even if you don’t have a lot of time to play on a particular day make sure to at least log-in every day. You get daily rewards for logging in and there are some awesome rewards for cumulative log-ins that you don’t want to miss out on.
We hope you enjoyed these tips and that they help new players out. Enjoy Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn!
If you're looking for advice or have some you'd like to share, the Tips and Guides board is open to all so please feel free to post and share your knowledge!
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10 Tips for New Along with the Gods Players
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