Umma LV.7 Nomad
Jun 17, 2020, 10:08 AM 70 read

Moving to ps4 paladins

Yo im Z or umma ive been playing pc paladins since closed beta and Nintendo switch paladins since release I'm trying to get back into the hang of paladins but on ps4 so if anyone is down and wanna match up and have some fun times I would love to play just hit me up and let me know I LOVE TO EXPERIMENT WITH BUILDS So you will never see me running the same thing unless I'm down to sticking with it The only characters I main are cassie,kinessa,Corvus I will use other characters just to play em and help the team so if you need me to play a character just let me know since I'm playing on ps4 now tho its a brand new save so bare with me when we play 😊 💖 LOTS OF LOVE -Umma PSN: TheSideArmBandit

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