WanderingWisp LV.3 アウトサイダー
Aug 3, 2020, 11:24 PM 182 read

I give up

Bug report

First I like to congratulate you guys for making such an interesting game. This game have promise, It's like a diamond in the rough. I have fun while I played. But it simply too frustating.   For about 5 days I played, 3 days is plagued with network error and on those 3 days, once i kicked out I only managed to login after several hours. Now, all the text in the apps turn black. ALL TEXT, including chat and even the copyright text in the bottom of the title. I have tried deleting cache and reinstalling, the problem remain. The fun, while it's good, simple not worth the effort.   Perhaps I will try to install the game again one day. But for now, I give up.   The game itself is quite interesting. I love how each creature have different stat, this is unlike the "easy" step taken by most collection game in android, where every creature of the same species have the same stat. This make the quest to get The Best Stat Creature is real. I suggest a ranking system for each species, that every player can see, so he know how rare or how good his pet is.   The tutorial need more flesh, it's too barebone as it is.   The network need more stability, I understand it cost money to rent good server, but player base is one of the most important thing in multiplayer game. If the server only capable of handling small number of player, it is a problem.   Dismantling pet, Evolving Pet and Swap Skill Pet should be accessible more easily. It is annoying wanting to evolve pet, then having to check whether it got good skill to swap before evolving, and returning to evolve page, only to realize that you need to dismantle pet so you don't have to use crystal, and of course if it failed, you have to leave the evolve building to dismantle more. I wish the pet page have buttons where we can do all those three, without needing to leave and enter buildings.

Comment 2

  • Studio LB LV.18 ゲームマネージャー Aug 4, 2020, 05:51 PM

    Thank you for your good opinion.

    Network problems are being checked now, but it has been confirmed that they are not problems with games or network server problem.
    (It is assumed to be local or time-related.)

    The convenience of the game will continue to improve.
    Once the content has been completed to some extent, it will proceed step by step afterwards.
    (Overall UI reorganization is required)

    We ask for your good opinion after that.

  • gamer717445766 LV.2 アウトサイダー Aug 4, 2020, 09:40 PM

    to many data at log in make it so hard to get into the game. u need not only good net connection but great fast net connection. its based on my experience playing this game so far. so forget it of u want to play this game when u just have good or even poor net connection.