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So I have played this game for maybe 2 weeks now. Loving it. Overall this is a fantastic game with deep nurturing system. But there's a lot could be improved.   1. Arena. Matching system is a mess, everyone should agree that a tweak is necessary at some point. Since we cannot control but watch the matches, give us a skip button so we can simply click "fight" and know whether we win. There's no point to watch some of the matches. Right now we need 21 consecutive wins to get promoted. One single lose cost us all LP and 2 loses will cause a rank drop. This is really irritating. Win and lose should give/cost LP at least at same magnitude, like 5 and 10 maybe. 5 and 100 is simply insane. A lose in defense also cost way too much LP. Opponent sees part of my lineup, how am I expected to beat them all the time? I just have to pray to be lucky and not get picked by other people. Right now with one lose I have to use 5-10 tickets to counter the LP lost. This makes no sense.   2. Pet book We should be able to check how each pet can be evolved FROM, not just evolved to. For example, I know Blue Wolf can evolve to a Bluemane Wolf. But when I check Bluemane Wolf, I have no idea how to get it other than back tracking the Common pets by guessing. Also we should know whether each pet is capturable in explorations, and if so, which chapter/sub-chapter. And if clicking that chapter leads me to the corresponding exploration chapter that would be fantastic. It would be better if we can see the success rate of an evolution There's no way to filter based on the pets' secondary attribute. This should be a good addition.   3. Explorations We should be able to check the details of the items and pets listed in the details. For example in picture below, I should be able to check details of all three capturable dragons, the meat, fur, claw, enhancing stone etc.

Taming Master: General - Suggestions image 2

For stages where there's forbidden area, we need to know at least some details too (e.g. main evo material that it drops) It would be better if we can buy stuff from the food shop while in exploration. This way I don't have to exit and buy another coffee and go back in. Loading is a pain. 4. Leveling Once we reach level 50, the exp needed to level up is just insane. I farmed hard 4-5 for 8 hours (on spare phone) and my pets only leveled from 56-57. The enemies are over level 80, how could this happen? Most people don't have access to a spare phone to play this game, it is simply unrealistic if exp is set this high for them. I also would prefer I could at least have 1-2 fully leveled heroic (not even legendary) pets after 2 weeks of playing. 5. Store We should be able to see more details of the items in the store. For example what's a Selected Miraculous Hatching Stone that cost 1500 cherries?   @Studio LB Please consider my suggestions. Thank you.  

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  • Studio LB LV.18 GameManager Apr 17, 2020, 02:31 PM

    Thanks for your suggestion, we will improved step by step each update.
    Please understand that it is difficult to be fix at once in a short period of time.

  • gamer714317630 LV.9 Nomad Apr 17, 2020, 02:42 PM

    Sure. This is a great game already.