Nachtsensei LV.3 Shadow
Jun 29, 2020, 12:43 PM 193 read

App crashes


Hi there. This issue happens a lot. When i return from explore or forbidden area to town and the next i go back to explore. App crashes. Is due the loading of data or idk the reason but it crashes most of the time. If i am lucky it won't crashes but is 100% the time after i go explore. As an example. Use food buff. Go explore. Buff time run out. Go back town. Renew buff. Go back explore. App crashed. No message pop up. It just closed app and shut shut down. I cannot provide a screenshot because it make no sense to send a pic of game and a pic of my phone home menu. It doesn't really matter if i use wifi or 3G. It happens all the time. I use an iphone incase your side needs to locate which platform. Cheers

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  • Studio LB LV.18 GameManager Jun 29, 2020, 04:16 PM

    Please more detail information of your play environment.
    (iphone model number, iOS version)

  • Nachtsensei LV.3 Shadow Jul 1, 2020, 03:51 PM

    Hi studio lb
    Sorry for the late reply. I use an iphone 6s. Version 13.1.2

    After some days playing the issue is getting worse by the day. Before i mentioned it was about app shut down when re-enter explore on the second or third time. But now it also happens when i am in forbidden area or just farming in explore or trial or daily dungeon and worse once a while in arena. Which is not nice when u just reached 100 points only to find urself after reboot at 50lb or worse at 0lb.
    I have not tried labyrinth yet but following this trend I wouldn't be surprised if is also happening there.
    The moment i write this reply is also after just having app crash from 6-9 forbidden farming. Everything is unexpected. No pop up. No wifi lost. No overheated phone. No low battery status. It just shut down. Right now i expect game to shut down after returning to explore. Which makes me losing time to load game. Food buff and also interest.
    Please check into this issue. Yesterday someone said in chat that he/she also shares the same issue.