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Dec 22, 2020, 10:53 PM 2,122 read

Christmas events(Dec 24~25)

Taming Master: event - Christmas events(Dec 24~25) image 1

  Taming of Blessings event Various items will be provided by mail when login within period.(only once)   [Login reward] Pet Equipment Selec Box (8T)x1 ▶ High-end box for selection of Forbidden area equipment with Unique (Golden) option   Snow flower Circle (6T)x1 ▶ new circle, light/water attribute have additional effects.   Harin’s Special Addictive Meatballs x1 ▶ Best capture food that increases satisfaction by 1,000   Soul Potion x1 ▶ Restore 100% of the soul point   Radiant Box of Crystal x1 ▶ lucky box to randomly acquire crystals   [Buff event] Pet encounter rate 200% Pet equipment Unlock free Alchemy Synthesize 50% Alchemy Ductility 50%   ◈ Schedule(Based on UTC+9) December 24 (Thursday) 00:00 ~ December 25 (Friday) 23:59 (for 48 hours)  

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