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Update Preview(June, 30)


Server maintenance(June 30, 2020)   New content [Guild Raid] - Competitive PVE content among guilds   - Opening period: biweekly (1 week in progress, 1 week in compensation) - Time limit in one combat - Each person can enter 3 times a day - Not allowed to enter at the same time - Same Pets(all Pets with the same name) can only be used once a day - Boss type: 5 types *Unique characteristics *May be added/changed depending on season - Difficulty level: Normal, Hard, Hell (repeated) *Clear all bosses of each difficulty, move to the next difficulty level - Rank: total number of damage by Guild - Compensation: Boss clear (every clear), Difficulty clear (every clear), Final guild rank (1 time) - Main rewards: Crystal, Summon circle Box, Crafting Content (maximum Mythical grade)Related items     2. New pets - 6 types of dragon(Discalisha series) - concept art(below)

Taming Master: notice - Update Preview(June, 30) image 2

  3. Others - Attendance compensation for the 2nd anniversary of the Korean server - Pick-up box for the 2nd anniversary of the Korean server (increase the probability of 23 types of pickup pets - 2nd Anniversary Package for Korean Server - Discalisha Pickup Package - Twice bonus of the crystal package. - Ticket A, B, C, D Update exchangeable lists - Fairy Forest, Phantoms Forest seasonal open -> Change to permanent entry (limited number of entries) - Add Optional Guild Marks (5 types of insignia, 8 types of symbol, 3 types of symbol colors) - Change App Icon

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