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Feb 18, 2021, 10:11 PM 744 read

Pre-notice of next update(Mar,3)


We will pre-notice of the improvement of the Dungeon of Trials for the next update and existing special ticket will be reset.   [Maintenance] March 3, 15:00(UTC+9) 1. Dungeon of Trials - Incease all EXP - Ticket will be consume when clear. - Change ticket units.   <EXP Increase> Stage 1 - 1.20x Stage 2 - 1.35x Stage 3 - 1.50x Stage 4 - 1.65x Stage 5 - 1.80x Stage 6 - 2.00x   <Unit change> Current: Refill every day at 00:00(UTC+9) by 100/100, 20 tickets spent each try (5 times a day) Change: Refill every day at 00:00(UTC+9) by 10/10, 1 ticket spent each try (10 times a day) - After maintenance on March 3, all summoners will have 10/10 special tickets.   - Existing tickets will disappear during maintenance due to efficiency changes, so please use them before March 3rd. (Ticket in mailbox will be remove)   Update on March 3 will add/improve the following systems. <Level up Box > : each 5 levels from 10 to 80 levels. (total 12000 crystals and other high-grade items)   <Abyss labyrinth expand > EXP zone with the highest level of difficulty will be added in abyss labyrinth. This area offers twice as much experience as the 33rd floor. But, very high access/battle difficulty compared to Hard 6-9 or 33rd floor of the labyrinth.    

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