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[1.2.0] Patch Note(Oct 28)


[1.2.0] Server maintenance(Oct 28, 2020) Downtime : October 28, 2020 15:00~17:00(UTC+9)   Event Anubis King Pickup event Pickup reward : [Anubis King] Period : 10/28 ~ 11/18   Phantom Forest (Halloween event)   New Pet(13 type) Dog Legendary 4 type Dog Heroic 3 type Dog Unique 3 type Dragon Legendary 1 type Wolf Legendary 1 type Demon Rare 1 type   [Anubis King] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Abyss, Wind Normal skill: Reaper`s Scythe Active skill: Avatar Passive skill: Death Harvest Acquisition: Pickup event   [Anubis Wizard] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Light, Dark Normal skill: Sandstorm Arrow Active skill: Soul Curse Passive skill: Desert Mirage Acquisition: Hatching stone, Blackmarket(Limited)   [Anubis Bishop] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Wind, Light Normal skill: Pray of Anubis Active skill: Cycle of Life Passive skill: Protection of the Dead Acquisition: Hatching stone   [Anubis Knight] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Earth, Fire Normal skill: Absorption Blade Active skill: Restored Dragon tooth Passive skill: Immortal Desert Acquisition: Hatching stone, Evolution   [Janus] Grade: Heroic Attribute: Earth, Earth Normal skill: Cyclone Kick Active skill: Earthquake Passive skill: Desert Guardian Acquisition: Evolution, Hatching stone,   [Panume] Grade: Heroic Attribute: Water, Water Normal skill: Underwater attack Active skill: No Retreat Passive skill: Surf Acquisition: Hatching stone, Evolution   [Vanuts] Grade: Heroic Attribute: Dark, Abyss Normal skill: Serpent’s Curse Active skill: Living sacrifice Passive skill: Dark Sorcerer Acquisition: Hatching stone   [Sphinx dog] Grade: Unique Attribute: Wind, Wind Normal skill: First attack Active skill: Wind Guardian Passive skill: Battle Spoils Acquisition: Hatching stone, Capture(Wind Labyrinth 27-1)   [Pyramid Dog] Grade: Unique Attribute: Earth, Wind Normal skill: Corrupted Wind Active skill: Dark Corrosion Passive skill: Wind's Blessing 2 Acquisition: Hatching stone, Capture (Wind Labyrinth 22)   [Pharaoh Dog] Grade: Unique Attribute: Water, Wind Normal skill: Hydro Bomb Active skill: Ancient Wisdom Passive skill: Immortal Desert Acquisition: Hatching stone   [Forest Elder Dragon] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Earth, Wind Normal skill: Ancient claw Active skill: Dragon tooth Passive skill: Ancient Forest Acquisition: Morph   [Divine Vargr] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Earth, Light Normal skill: Shield Sweep Active skill: Rock barrier Passive skill: Guardian of the Barrier Acquisition: Expedition season 4 premium reward   [Halloween Wisp] Grade: Rare Attribute: Dark, Light Normal skill: Phantom Curse Active skill: Dark Shroud Passive skill: - Acquisition: Halloween event (Phantom Forest)   Game Play Guild System - establish guild, join (Priority of community functions) - Content expansion plans (guild level, guild raid, etc.)   New Skill

Taming Master: notice - [1.2.0] Patch Note(Oct 28) image 2

Blackmarket change Add

Taming Master: notice - [1.2.0] Patch Note(Oct 28) image 4


Taming Master: notice - [1.2.0] Patch Note(Oct 28) image 6

ETC Skill training information display Skill rank display (SS~C) Skill active rate display * Remove training max popup message   Bug fix Heavy Horns : accuracy error fix Battle Spoils : targeting logic fix Fireworks : targeting logic fix Expedition – Daily quest check error fix    

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