Studio LB LV.18 GameManager
Aug 7, 2020, 03:27 PM 399 read

[1.1.5] Client update notice


Clients with fixed errors are being distributed. [Google Play], [Appstore]   1. Attack priority - For intuitive attack sequence, when the gauge is full at the same time, the priority attack right with a higher gauge.   2. Elemental Ruins - Interim record storage > When exit: Save based on the record > Forced termination, network disconnection, etc.: Save as the last wave - Fixed display error in Hall of Fame   3. Skill attack speed tooltip fixed   4. Passive numerical log display > After motion deletion, normalized the problem of not showing passive values ​​of some skills   5. Pet skill Traitor's Assassination Dagger Target change to highest enemy with [Current Health] > [Max Health]   Underwater attack Deal damage to random enemy with 2 times > to random enemy(2 times)   Scar of Flame dragon When target is Wind, searching new target with highest ATK speed.

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