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[1.1.4] Patch note(Aug 3)


Server maintenance(August 5, 2020) Downtime : August 5, 2020 15:00~17:00(UTC+9)   [1.1.4] Event Kyrie, Traitor Pickup event Pickup reward : [Kyrie, Traitor] Period : 8/5 ~ 8/26   Guild skill reset cost : 1 gold Pet equipment ductility cost : 50% reduce Pet equipment unlock cost : 100% reduce Period : 8/5 ~ 8/26   New Pets [Fallen Aruru] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Earth, Dark Normal skill: Betrayal Dagger Active skill: Doom Madness Passive skill: Forest Shadow Acquisition: Evolution, Morph, Hatching Stone   [Aruru of Chaos] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Earth, Abyss Normal skill: Ghost Assassin Active skill: Chaos Edge Passive skill: Forest Memory Acquisition: Morph, Hatching Stone   [Kyrie, Traitor] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Dark, Water Normal skill: Traitor's Assassination Dagger Active skill: Dark Elf's Night Passive skill: Throne Extortionist Acquisition: Pickup event, Hatching Stone   [Kyrie of Massacre] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Dark, Fire Normal skill: Scar of Flame dragon Active skill: Restored Dragon tooth Passive skill: Sanguine Fury Acquisition: Evolution, Hatching Stone   [Kyrie, Dragon Slayer] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Abyss, Fire Normal skill: Scar of Flame dragon Active skill: Dragon Slayer Passive skill: Eternal Dragon Curse Acquisition: Hatching Stone, Black market(Limited)   [Kyrie] Grade: Heroic Attribute: Dark, Dark Normal skill: Cutting Dagger Active skill: Infiltrate Passive skill: Citadel’s Shadow Acquisition: Hatching Stone   [Abandoned Forest Kyrie] Grade: Heroic Attribute: Abyss, Dark Normal skill: Cutting Dagger Active skill: Shadow Raid Passive skill: Forest Hunter Acquisition: Forest Labyrinth(30-4), Hatching Stone   [Shurin of Prominence] Grade: Legendary Attribute: Fire, Light Normal skill: Hunting trap Arrow Active skill: Flame Barrage Passive skill: Prominence Shooter Acquisition: Expedition season 2 premium pass reward(Lv 3)   Game play New content Elemental ruins - Daily(7Type attribute) - Entry 3 times a day, PVE competition between users based on the highest record standards (waves, number of kills) and compensation by rank Selectable buff appeared when clearing wave   New item - 6~9T attribute relics - 9T Synthesize equipment   Expedition - Season 2 start - Reduce reset cost - Expedition EXP gain : Complete > Departure - Increase quest EXP 3 times - Special reward can be select pet in deck   Black market

Taming Master: notice - [1.1.4] Patch note(Aug 3) image 2

  Balance [Pet skill] Flame Barrage : ATK value 110% > 120%, additional attack cumulative increase Void Flash : ATK value 215% > 305% Queen’s Reign : health reduce change to ignore resist, reduced health ATK value 10% > 20% Moonlight Sweep : Max health > current health Dark Nails: Stealth > Heal block   Arctic Heart(rework) Decrease ATK Speed of all enemies by 20% of (Self)Skill ATK Speed(Fire Attribute 2x) Each Regen turn, Increase Physical DEF of Water, Light Attribute allies by 30% of (Self)Magical ATK for 1 turn.(Stack)   Sanguine Fury(rework) Increase Critical Rate by (Self)Defense Penetration Each Attack turn, Recover Skill Gauge by 18% to ally with highest Physical ATK and yourself, Increase Physical ATK of all allies by 3% for 1 turn.   Summoner`s item(Grandmaster's Robe) : health option change to %   Bug fixed Increase Morale, Magic-Imbued Claws : English tooltip error Relentless Lord : On kill effect fixed Lord of Pain : Passive DoT will trigger skill   ETC - Change to display [Skill ATK speed] in stat tooltip - Arena : Master-Diamond promote error fix - Game performance optimization - Removed pet passive skill action(except PVP) - Improved network issue - Improved client security      

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