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Aug 3, 2020, 06:00 PM 280 read

Arena reset issue(Aug 3)


We apologized for the confusion caused by the issue related to the arena. During this weekly reset, all tier rank changes and LP changes were handled normally. But, EP for some users have not been properly reset.   1. EP Semi reset error - Cause: The combat result was not completed before 24:00 a.m., the end of the week, and the combat results after the reset were affected by the before reset of EP. There was an issue where the EP (ELO point) in processing was maintained.   - This problem occurred during the settlement time due to the 24-hour playable arena system without maintenance time.   - The issue is currently being fixed by hotfix.   2. Handling EP Increase - EP is not a fixed commodity, but an ELO point, which is a matching level that varies depending on the outcome of the user's battle. - As a result, EP of the few users, which have been preserved as a variable and volatile resource and relative concept, have already been largely distributed to other player since midnight.   - In some cases, promote reward may have been obtained by starting with a high EP and reaching a high level of one tier for a short period of time, but promote reward, not a daily/weekly reward, is limited once per season given to everyone, and it has been determined that there is no additional benefit and will not be reclamation.   - We decided that to be more reasonable than roll-back, inconvenience of adjusting the numbers (LP, EP) of all users who battle against the users.   - Overall composition shows a slight increase in overall EP in the arena that have been redistributed to battle several users who have preserved EP.   - Due to the structure of arena, Master tier is an absolute evaluation section, not a relative evaluation, so fortunately there are no users affected. - There is a lot of time left until the weekly deadline to determine the owner of the Grandmaster, and it is unlikely to affect the natural re-deployment of EP.   3. Compensation - Due to EP system, repeated combat results, most preservation EP have already been exhausted and have returned to their tier and ranking in proportion to their combat power.   - In other words, we apologize again for causing confusion in the use of arena and give all users additional stuff and Arena tickets for the daily reward of the Master tier.   - Compensation in mailbox, can received until August 4, 23:59(UTC+9) Crystal x40 Honor Point x500 Arena ticket x10   Thank you.

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