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Update Preview(Aug, 5)


Server maintenance(August 5, 2020)   Downtime : August 5, 2020 15:00~17:00(UTC+9)   We will introduce the new content "Elemental ruins"   [Updates] 1. Overview - New PvE content. - Attribute-concept dungeon(like the Elemental Source), between attributes strength and weakness is doubled. - Daily ranking reward. - Can try 3 times a day, and best record is counted.   *Notice may be changed slightly to the finalized on the test server.   2. Progress - You can enter by touching the entrance at the lobby. - Every day, change attributes(7 type) - Each wave clear, randomly appearing buff allows you can choose. - The Blessing Buff of the Ruin will continue to accumulate until the defeat of the Battle. - Challenge yourself to a high round by strengthening your deck concept with a strategic choice. - Buff selection includes a selection mode that you select yourself, and an auto buff mode that you select automatically at random.   3. Daily ranking reward - Obtain rewards according to the ranking recorded daily. - Relics will be reward according to the attribute.

Taming Master: notice - Update Preview(Aug, 5) image 2

4. New items - Items related to 6 to 9T attribute relics, 9T synthesize equip, and related item with elemental ruins. - In-game image example

Taming Master: notice - Update Preview(Aug, 5) image 4
Taming Master: notice - Update Preview(Aug, 5) image 5

  5. Honor Store - Add to items that can be purchased.

Taming Master: notice - Update Preview(Aug, 5) image 7

6. Hall of Fame - Hall of Fame will be recorded by the nicknames of Summoners with the 1st to 30th place record in each attribute ruins.   7. Tips - [Relic] items are not fitable and are used in the equipment alchemy.   - New 9T relics can be acquired with a low probability through an honor store (trophy exchange) or a elemental box, ranking reward.   - 9T relic allow attempts to produce 9T synthesize equip according to existing equipment alchemy rules.   - 6-8T relics that will be acquired primarily can also be used for synthesize, ductility.   - In order to increase the probability of producing a synthesize with a unique option, recommend using relics + existing prohibited zone named equip(6 to 8T) as materials together.   - The ruins are admitted up to 3 times a day, but if you have a satisfactory record on your first attempt, you can play only once a day.   - Even low-level summoners can reach higher stages if they are lucky if they strategically select a fixed (+) buff rather than a (%) buff.   - As the elemental ruins have given high rewards to the top tier, there is an area of luck to improve the fixation of the ranking, so recommend you continue to challenge yourself until the lucky day when the buff you want continues to appear in high numbers!

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