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Update preview(July 15)


Downtime : July 15, 2020 15:00~17:00(UTC+9)   We will inform that Season 2 of Arena and other important information. Update details and additions content will be added.   [Arena] 1. Season 2 - Season 1 will be end July 15 and start new season 2 - Due to end of season, rank, League Point, ELO Point, record, first promote reward will be reset - Therefore, users who have used the existing season 1 of arena can re-acquire all tier promotion rewards for season 2.   2. Promote reward - Promote reward to the Master Tier is the same as Season 1. (Total of 3300 Crystal + Advanced Stuff) - Promote reward for the new 'Grandmaster' Tier includes a new pet   3. Grandmaster Tier - Top of 25% users in the Master Tier receive a Grandmaster badge and rewards - Grand Master Daily Reward: 45 Crystal, 550 Honor Point - Grand Master Weekly Reward: 225 Crystal, 2,750 Honor Point, 12 Honor Trophy   4. League Point system change - Maximum LP reduced to -30 which can be reduced to attack or defense battle. (-100 > -30) - Minimum LP reduced when win significantly lower opponent in an offensive battle is reduced to +3 (+5 > +3) - In Arena, attack only NPC or weak (low EP) opponents without increasing the matching point (EP) to achieve minimum LP, score will be greatly reduced when defeat. - If EP is RED, indicated that EP is lower than rank/tier. - When win strong opponent within the range of matching, can earn many EP.   [Balance] 1. Summoner skill 1.1 Increase Morale - Reduce skill guage recovery to 2/5 and add 1 Magical orb to all allies   2. Pet skill 1.1 Assassinate - Targeting method to attack the target with the lowest physical DEF enemy - Increases skill active rate to 14%->18%   1.2 Bloody Reign - Increases damage to 120%->180%   1.3 Dark Corrosion - Increases critical damage to 100%->120% - Increase health regeneration to 10%->25% - Increases skill active rate to 35%->60%   1.4 Pierce - Increases damage to 60%->75%   1.5 Wind Nails - Each Critical hit, attack speed increase to 10%->45%   1.6 Earthquake, Bloody Succession, Lifesteal Nails, Berserk Nails - Max Health > Current health(for effected by guild skills and buffs)   (※Some skill balances may be slightly modified due to internal tests before launch, change will be notified)   [ETC] Thanks to support for the first festival, we are distributing A ticket for everyone. - 1st festival ticket A will be given to connected all users. - 00:00 to 23:59(UTC+9) on July 1    

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