Hailbail97 LV.18 Sage
Nov 27, 2020, 05:57 AM 113 read

Island Re-Vamp Update!

Hell all! I want to apologize for being absent the last while! Been super busy with baby prep and just having a few really bad days that were pretty much movie days for me and the hubby. Kind of enjoying some us time before little man is here! Crazy the fact our mini humans due in only a week if that! 😆 As for the island... I havent gotten alot done with the revamp other then buildings are all moved and building bridges around the island. Just need to do some little details which wont take long unless I need to craft or order from the catalog. I will post some island picture updates tomorrow! Today, im just enjoying the island event: Turkey Day! Which should be interesting! Plus I may go and do some island work later tonight when I finish the event. Hope you all are doing well! And Happy Turkey Day to all the American gamers celebrating their Thanksgiving today! #animalcrossing #islandlife #newhorizons #beenslacking #almostdone #turkeyday #happygaming

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