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The Art of the Animal Crossing Speed Build

Building a good island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is hard. Like, really hard. It takes a lot of time, energy, dedication, and imagination to make something worthwhile, and even then it may not be something that people online gravitate towards or care about. It’s taxing work and can be unrewarding, especially for those who don’t have the commitment or interest in working on such a long-term project. I have certainly felt such woes, often settling on a less than amazing island layout if only to be done with it for the time being.  

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  Yet from the ashes of these frustrations have come a variety of Speed Builds, or videos that help to showcase the process of someone building their island. Often, these videos result in magnificent, 5-star islands that are fantastic to look at. But rather than making this goal seem unreachable or frustrating, Speed Builds seem to encourage a lot of folks to press forward in the work that they are pursuing. Let’s consider what about Speed Builds are so special and why they help to better bring the community together.   Speed Builds are a tool for both the creators and those watching. For those making the videos, this helps to catalog their efforts, show when and where certain attempts went awry, and how they can better streamline their process in the future. For those watching, it gives a blueprint as to how to accomplish some tasks, shows how even “professionals” make mistakes when creating their island, and helps to inspire new ideas. Ultimately, it’s something the serves everyone and only makes the game an increasingly improved experience.  

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  What’s more, the comment section is full of people looking to participate. Some are looking to lament their inability to find progress on their islands, only to have players encourage them or give them suggestions. Others are discussing ways in which certain landscapes can be built, talking about techniques or efficient workarounds that will allow for the processes shown in the video to become streamlined. Everyone wants to help everyone else, and it makes for such an enjoyable time that it’s hard to not participate yourself.   It can be easy to see yourself making mistakes or changing your island layout on the fly and thinking that your whole plan just might not work. It’s demoralizing and hard to deal with. These Speed Builds help destigmatize that idea, showing how even the best of the best are second-guessing themselves and making changes on the fly to make up for whatever errors come up. There’s no such thing as perfect, especially in a game with no ending beyond the fun you are having. Speed Builds only help to showcase this fact and make the game that much more special.  

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  What is your favorite Speed Build? Are you working on one yourself? Tell me all about in the comments!

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  • Plop LV.11 PlayStation Oct 22, 2020, 03:12 PM

    My favorite one has be where they made a giant lake on their island and at dusk you could see the shadows of the trees across the horizon. (pun not intended)