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Becoming a Fashion Icon in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing has been a bastion of creativity for those cooped up at home, especially those looking to share their love of fashion with the world. Many professional companies have gone so far as to advertise their wares through the game, which is an incredible thing for the game to boast. But what does that mean for you, the player? Could you become the next fashion icon? Maybe; let’s take a look at some of the things people are doing right now in the game and see if we can’t glean some ways to help you become a fashion icon in Animal Crossing.  

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  One of the biggest tools of Animal Crossing is the ability to not just customize clothing items, but to do it quickly. You can release 5 versions of the same outfit in a matter of minutes and see which one sticks. If a specific look doesn’t catch on, no harm or foul, it’s not like you wasted any actual materials on the project. Quickly trying different ideas and putting them out in the wild to see what sticks will give you the data to allow you to make better items in the future, pointing you in a more productive direction.  

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  One of the biggest leaps for anyone to take currently is how to get people to pay attention to your work. With so many people hopping online hoping to catch that fashion train before it leaves the station, you have to find methods to make you and your work stand out from the pack. One of those ways is having a gimmick or a specific audience you’re looking to reach with your work. Shiv, for instance, is an artist who specializes in Indian wear in-game, a style that has been sorely lacking up until this point. Marketing her work with professional flyers and images, she’s had great success drawing people in.  

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  Others have used this chance to create articles of clothing that make folks aware of specific social issues. The Trevor Project has been helping to make a line of LGBTQ clothes in Animal Crossing in an effort to make folks aware of LGBTQ youth suicides, a trend that has been escalating this year. With a game that can reach so many, maybe you can make a difference in the lives of others, either through your support for their plight or by educating those who wouldn’t have known otherwise.   The last and perhaps most important strategy to consider is collaboration. Work with other designers to get inspiration, work on designs together, or just talk. By engaging in that community, you’ll likely make friends, but also budding partners in your endeavors, providing hints at what will help make you successful. Animal Crossing is about unity, and what better represents that than creators using the platform to work together?   What do you think? Do you have what it takes to be the next fashion icon of New Horizons? Show off some of your designs in the comments!

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