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Making Fresh Content in Animal Crossing

With many entertainment companies struggling to create new content while under the strict regulations of COVID-19, some creatives have found interesting ways of getting around the barriers to make new, cool stuff; by using Animal Crossing to make and share their new works. There have been a ton of wacky and fascinating projects that have come to fruition through this video game, and any of these projects could be things that you choose to undertake yourself! Let’s take a look at some of these projects and brainstorm ways of how you can do the same.  

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  One of the most notable instances in the recent use of Animal Crossing to create music videos. Sylvan Esso “filmed” her music video for “Ferris Wheel” in her personal Animal Crossing account. Similarly, Sad Alex did a music video for “Hypotheticals” using the video game as the primary platform of creation. For those of you musical creatives out there looking for a way to break it big, this may be a phenomenal method of doing just that. You can create music videos for your work that are on par with what some professionals are making, and as long as your recording equipment is higher quality, you should have a shot of grabbing people’s attention.  

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  Not so musically inclined? Some folks have been staging their favorite musicals, using Animal Crossing to stage the movements. Predictably, “Hamilton” is one of the more popular subjects of this, being released on Disney+ not too long ago. There’s a surprising amount of effort put into some of these, with the actual music laid over top to set the stage for the events taking place on-screen. If you have free time and a particular passion, you could stage movies, comics, TV shows, you name it. While this may not be your own original work, it’ll likely get the attention of folks, both fans and those who may want to use your dedication and skills in a work setting.  

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  Lastly, a recent talk show titled “Animal Talking” is being hosted on the platform, hosted by an individual named Gary Whitta. While it may be easy to write this off as just some guy trying to garner some attention while talk shows suffer, this guy has put a stunning amount of effort into making a legitimate talk show in this format, going so far as getting actually celebrity cameos like T-Pain to show up and perform on the show. Now, I’m not saying to necessarily go to that level, but consider what kind of stuff you can host on Animal Crossing and share with the world. Everyone seems to be playing these days, meaning you’ll have a shot at having a huge audience for a show you create.   What sorts of things would you love to see people making on Animal Crossing? Let me know your ideas down below!

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