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How to Use Animal Crossing to Decorate Your Home

Animal Crossing has been both a place for creativity and for promoting brands and recently, IKEA has gotten in on the fun. Getting an account of their own, IKEA has painstakingly recreated their most recent furniture catalog in Animal Crossing. Not everything was so easily converted over, with goofy, humorous substitutes being used to replace anything that wasn’t in-game. And while for some this might be a fun joke, for others, this shows an opportunity. Let’s take a look at what players can do using this catalog as a reference.  

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  Every now and then, folks need some new furniture to freshen up their home, but it’s so hard to tell what does and doesn’t work in your house. However, here players might be able to test what that could look like for themselves.   First, you’ll need to recreate the rooms that you’re looking to redecorate. Measuring out how much space a particular piece of furniture in the room takes, you should be able to roughly estimate the dimensions you have to work with in-game. It’s less important that the outside of the home looks accurate, so long as you are creating a room that reasonably displays the correct space.  

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  Next, you’ll want to hunt down the given furniture you are interested in within the confines of Animal Crossing. These won’t always be perfect one-to-one comparisons, but as long as you are close in what you are attempting to accomplish, that should be enough to give you a gist of the feel and vibe of the furniture in that space.   Of course, you’ll also want to find what furniture you already have in your home in the world of Animal Crossing to mock up those things you’d like to keep. Don’t worry too terribly about the specifics. Chances are if you are playing Animal Crossing you have a solid imagination, allowing you to picture those things that aren’t perfect in the correct light.   Then comes the fun part; laying everything out! Be sure to move the furniture pretty regularly to determine what looks great where. Try different combinations of furniture, including or excluding certain pieces as you see fit. Eventually, you should come to a combination that looks fantastic! And once you know what looks solid to you, you’ll know what items to place an order for from IKEA the next time you have the chance.  

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  Animal Crossing gives us the chance to create our fantasy homes in the digital world; why not take this chance to port that over to the real world? Let me know what Animal Crossing home you’d love to live in down in the comments.

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