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Visiting Other Player's Islands in Animal Crossing's Dreams

As Animal Crossing keeps piling on content, it can be hard to keep track of everything you can do in the game and how certain mechanics even work. Enter the Dream Suite, a space in which players can interact with each other’s islands… in their dreams. How does this work? How is this different than just visiting a friend’s island? Let’s take a look.  

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  In order to actually access the Dream Suite option in-game, you’ll need a few things in place first. You’ll, of course, need to have downloaded the most recent Animal Crossing update, and you’ll need to be connected to the internet, but namely, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required to gain access to this portion of the game. Lastly, your character will need a bed to sleep in, but we’ll touch on that later.   The Animal Crossing Dream Suite allows you to access the islands of others and vice versa, with one big difference; in dreams, you cannot affect the islands you visit. No stealing resources, interacting with items, or generally changing the state of anything in the “real” world. This can be a huge boon to those looking to show off their home to anyone and everyone but don’t want folks stealing their stuff or messing with the cultivated space they put together.  

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  Now that you know the requirements and what this feature even is, let’s delve into actually using it. Once you’ve downloaded the most recent update, Luna, the NPC associated with this feature, will send you a letter containing… her bed (impressive packaging). It’ll tell you to try sleeping sometime, though you don’t need to use this specific bed to do so. Any in-game bed will do, allowing you to choose one that meets your style.   When lying in beds, you’ll now have the option to “just lie down, treating the bed as a normal piece of furniture, or to “sleep”, which will transport you to the dream world. Here, you’ll be able to create a dream version of your island, the game providing you with an address that others can use to visit. You’ll likely have the most luck sharing one of these on an Animal Crossing subreddit. Note that Luna can only update your dream island once daily, so be aware of when and how you are updating your address.  

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  Once you have someone else’s code, you’ll be able to visit their island and explore to your heart’s content. But keep in mind, you won’t have any of your tools, so any locations that require tools to access cannot be seen by those visiting your dream island. Also, each dream island will contain a Custom Design Portal, allowing players to access and copy any and all designs you’ve created on your island.   Hopefully now you’ll be able to have pleasant dreams with your friends rather than running into trouble. Do you think the Dream Suite is useful or just a waste of time? Let me know down below!

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  • Caveman LV.23 Wolf Aug 16, 2020, 02:15 PM

    Now that sounds good. Perfect for my friend who I know for sure will mess my island up. 😠😡