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Diving Into the Animal Crossing Summer Update

With the inclusion of swimming in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, many gamers have been anticipating the eventual inclusion of this mechanic in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and lo and behold! With the most recent announcement regarding the Summer Update, we can expect that and more in the coming weeks, but what does it mean for the game as a whole?  

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  First things first, swimming is going to open players’ worlds in a big way. Swimming means collecting, and when you can gather more sea creatures, you know that they’ll have their benefits. There’s an aquarium in the museum that you’ll be able to donate to, for one thing. Blathers seems particularly excited to have some more non-bug entries into his exhibits.   You can also give away some of your finds to classic Animal Crossing NPC Pascal, who will then reward you with more DIY items. What we have seen is a mermaid set of furniture that isn’t to my tastes, but I’m sure some players will get a kick out of it.   Additionally, Gulliver has washed up on the shore once again, but he’s dressed as… a fancy pirate? Muttering things about “storms” and “mateys,” it’s very likely that you’ll be able to get some pirate-themed items from him. While we don’t know the specifics surrounding this, if I can get that fancy hat of his, I’ll be a happy villager.  

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  And that’s essentially what we have to look forward to for the next month; August will provide us with a whole new update, but we’ll get there when we get there.Some might be disappointed with the seemingly low amount of content this update promises, but I think there’s a lot to be said for what is on display. A whole new museum to contribute to will take up a lot of my time, as I’ll be sure to fill it out 100% as soon as possible. A new set of DIY items from Pascal? Sure, I may not use them, but I’ll probably collect them anyways.   It is worth addressing, though, that it’s kind of cheap to have Nintendo remove a feature that the series already had just to reintroduce it. Why would a company do that? To get you to pick up the game again months later. It’s not for player benefit, obviously. If that were the case, we would have had the feature from the get-go. That puts a little bit of a damper on things for sure, but I am glad to finally be swimming with the fishes again.   The biggest disappointment for me is the Gulliver interactions. Sure, I could get some exciting booty from him, but it seems like the least involved and most random element of this addition. Plus, it just feels lazy having the same NPC dressed up oddly and having him show up occasionally. Can both versions of Gulliver appear? Could they wash up on the island… at the same time?!? I’m sure that could be a fun bug players might come across, but we’ll have to see.  

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  What do you think, is this update as exciting as it seems, or are folks wanting something more from these updates? Let me know your thoughts down below!

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