Why Everyone Hates the Animal Crossing Egg Hunt

Players have been a-buzz anticipating the Bunny Day event arriving at their Animal Crossing islands, and ta-dah! Here it is! We are 6 days into the event, and everyone is…
...pretty unsatisfied, actually.
The Bunny Day event has, across most of social media, become something of a slog that, for many players, is dragging down the traditional experience of the game. Many are complaining about how they just want to go about their business and not be bothered by the intrusive effects of the holiday. But what is it that makes Bunny Day so darn obnoxious?
For those who haven’t been playing for the past week, Bunny Day introduces the all too familiar Zipper T. Bunny, who has spread his holiday cheer by hiding various eggs across your island. Players will discover them when going about their business, appearing as fish, in holes, as sky-borne presents, and more. Each time a new egg is found, villagers will be able to inform you about things you can craft out of them, creating furniture or clothing for you to use. And if you do all the things, collect all the eggs, and craft everything you can, Zipper will give you a special gift at the end of the event on the 12th.
The problem? Well, it’s 2-fold. Firstly, many of them items you can craft look… bad. Sure, this is up to personal taste, but many players online have been fairly vocal about how gross and obnoxious these items tend to look.
But by far the bigger issue is that players who are hunting for things to bring to the museum or are going about their business are forced to encounter these eggs, eggs that may do nothing for them other than get in the way. If you’re looking to have fun with your game in your way and the game tricks you into doing something else, that’s downright infuriating.
And what’s more, if you want this secret gift at the end of the event, you *have* to hunt for all the eggs and build all the things, even if you have no use for them. I’ve seen posts where people are essentially having yard sales for their Easter-oriented stuff just to get it off their islands. We have yet to see if all the work will have been worth it, but something tells me folks won’t be all the happy with the end result.
Some players have been searching for ways to avoid the eggs when going about their business. Tips have been provided to identify fish or presents that contain eggs so you don’t waste any time, and it’s become known that, by visiting other islands, you can fish to your heart’s delight without encountering any eggs. But these are fixes for a problem that shouldn’t need to exist. Players should be allowed to elect out of a holiday if they want, something that is impossible due to the controlling nature that Nintendo handles their properties. Time-travel does nothing, thanks to the holiday being tied to the real-world clock, meaning that everyone’s stuck in this existential, bunny-hell until the event finally concludes.
What are your thoughts on Bunny Day? Have you been enjoying the search for new eggs, or are you tired of digging up these awful things by accident? Let me know below, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the event.

Why Everyone Hates the Animal Crossing Egg Hunt +2
TwoFacedJoker383 TwoFacedJoker383 LV.7 Gym Leader 2d
Why Everyone Hates the Animal Crossing Egg Hunt

Animal Crossing Mystery Island Pointers

Mystery Island adventures are one of my favorite parts of Animal Crossing! On my second day of playing I used the free ticket Tom Nook gave me and instantly became addicted. My bedtime ritual now consists of brush teeth, brush hair, moisturizer, Mystery Island! 🌴

If you haven’t been to one of these mystery islands yet, the best way I can describe them is like playing the lottery. You win some, you lose some. Winning the lottery would be getting a different fruit than your native one or different flowers. 🌸 Hitting the jackpot is Tarantula 🕷 or Bamboo Island. Losing isn’t so bad, either! Worst case scenario, you end up on a miniature version of your island. Although this can be frustrating, there are still hidden surprises there. You just have to look harder to find them.

Going to and from these islands, I picked up a few tricks. 😌

Always be prepared! I find it better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Before you take flight, empty your pockets!! What should you bring with you? One of the most important features to utilize would be the upgraded storage. Upgrading to the maximum amount will enhance your experience tenfold. Other supplies you will want to bring - a shovel, an ax, fishing rod, and net.

What should you leave behind?

A watering can will not be needed on a mystery island. So far, in my experiences, I have not needed a slingshot, either. Let’s also not forget to leave behind our bad attitudes. I’ve seen a lot of complaints from players not getting Tarantula Island, but if everyone landed there it wouldn’t be nearly as special (or profitable)!

What should you do when you arrive?

Some general tips I have for maximizing your experience would include shaking trees 🌲 and strolling the beach even if you don’t plan to fish. You can find messages in bottles or possibly shake loose a DIY that you can’t find on your island! It’s definitely worth the time to comb through everything. The exact order I go by depends on what catches my eye! I prioritize plants (like bamboo or hybrid flowers) over more common items like coconuts. 🥥

What mistakes should I avoid?

Imagine the despair I experienced when I landed on Bamboo Island with no fruit in tow. I ate as many coconuts as I could to dig up the bamboo plants to bring back to my island, but it just wasn’t enough. I would have loved to have been able to harvest more. Fortunately, I picked up some bamboo shoots! Learn from my mistakes, ratlings!

On to the next part of this guide - What types of Mystery Islands are available?

I found this handy dandy illustration on Reddit. As you can see, there are several layout possibilities! There’s really no telling where you will land. Fingers crossed for Tarantula or Bamboo Island!

My favorite island so far has been one that included hybrid Tulips. 🌷 I found an enormous stash of black Tulips and stockpiled them into my inventory. I knew I likely would not get the chance to see them again, so I tossed down any unnecessary tools to make more space. I decided to bring more flowers and craft the tools again when I got back to my island. A minor inconvenience, but it was rewarded with a major pay-off! I’m a lot closer to my island aesthetic goals now. 🖤

What has been your favorite Mystery Island so far??

Animal Crossing Mystery Island Pointers +4
Ratman Ratman LV.13 Switch 6d
Animal Crossing Mystery Island Pointers

Animal Crossing's Time-Based System is Outdated

Everyone’s clammering to play the new Animal Crossing, the game that folks have been waiting for, especially now that most players have the free time to invest into the game. It’s hard not to go on social media without tripping over a post about someone’s village or invite offers to be friends online. Yet, it seems that in the excitement, many users have overlooked what I see as a serious issue that still plagues the game and makes it a generally frustrating experience; the time-based system.
I remember the first time I booted up the original Animal Crossing on the GameCube during a holiday. What a special time it was in my village around Halloween, with characters dressing up, presents to be obtained, and unique interactions to be had. It was a great afternoon spent with my electronic pals, giving me a taste of the magic Animal Crossing can have.
For other holidays, however, booting up the game became more of a hassle. One did not simply run off to play a video game in the middle of Easter or Christmas, no sir. There were relatives to see, real presents to be opened, and sometimes travel as we made our way to whoever was hosting. So by the time we got home, it was bedtime, and there was no way to obtain those cool items or to see what my town might look like that one time a year.
Now that I’m an adult, this is, surprisingly, still a problem. In a day and age where we’re always moving and there’s constantly stuff that needs to get done, I don’t have the time to log in every day. Maybe a couple of weeks will go by when I can’t get to my town, after which the game guilts me for having been away for so long. Weeds sprout, villagers are sad, and the efforts needed to restore my world to its former glory seems so daunting I don’t bother. Animal Crossing treats its players in the same way something like Hearthstone does, trying to ingrain the idea that this game is a lifestyle. But unlike Hearthstone, I already paid $60 for this game; I don’t want to feel like the game is controlling when I should play.
And now that you can’t change the time on the Switch, this becomes all the more pressing. Now you *have* to play on each and every holiday or risking losing free stuff. Now you *have* to log in every few days or feel the wrath of the townsfolk scorned. Much like real life, Animal Crossing looks to give you responsibilities that you have to return to again and again, becoming chores more than fun.
Just the other day, my friend Kat was complaining to me that, after an hour or so of playing, she had exhausted all the things she could do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that day because the items she bought, such as the shovel, needed to do many activities wouldn’t “arrive” in the digital, in-game store until the next day. The game was telling her she had to wait to have fun for no reason other than to immerse her into the illusion that in-game time was passing.
In this way, the time-based system, while providing some neat ideas back in the day, hampers an otherwise enjoyable gaming experience. And what’s the best solution? To be honest, I’m not sure. But other games have found great ways of handling this.
Look at Stardew Valley. Players play in a time-based world, but each day only lasts 15 minutes or so, and when players feel like they have nothing more to do, they can go to bed to start the next day. Features like this could help still have that in-game time illusion while not making me wait 24 actual hours to get an item to progress in the activities I want to do.
One thing’s for sure, the way Animal Crossing handles things now is not consumer-friendly, pressuring people with limited time on their hands to play daily or face the consequences. And I for one don’t like to be held hostage by my digital overlords, even if they’re a bunch of cute raccoons.
What do you think? Is the time-based system still just as good as it was back in the day, or is it something you can’t stand to deal with anymore? Let me know in the comments, I’d be curious to hear your experiences with it.

Animal Crossing's Time-Based System is Outdated +2
TwoFacedJoker383 TwoFacedJoker383 LV.7 Gym Leader 16d
Animal Crossing's Time-Based System is Outdated

[Tip] Let's get Seasonal Materials & Star Fragments

Hey, how’s your Island?
April is coming in real life, ACNH as well.
Unlike woods or rocks, there are some special materials which are seasonal, or obtained in a different way.
First, I’m gonna introduce 2 seasonal materials.
1) Young Spring Bamboo
I think you’ve obtained this material already, Young Spring Bamboo.
This material can be obtained from Bamboo Tree during Spring season. You can get them by hitting a grown Bamboo Tree with an axe. Bamboo Trees can only be found in Nook Miles Ticket Island, Bamboo Island.
When you hit a Bamboo Tree with an axe, both regular Bamboo and Young Spring Bamboo will randomly drop from the bamboo tree. Young Spring Bamboo is a little rarer than regular Bamboo.
I recommend you to use Flimsy Axe or Stone Axe rather than Axe because Axe will chop down the Bamboo Tree. Flimsy Axe or Stone Axe will not chop down the trees so you can get the Bamboo in next day again.
Also, you can bring Bamboo Trees to your island via eating fruits and dig up them with a shovel. If you bring enough Bamboo Trees to your island, you can farm them freely.
Bamboo shoots can only be found in Bamboo Island, dig up the fossiled ground.
Here are the lists of Young Spring Bamboo DIY Recipe.
2) Cherry Blossom Petal
Cherry Blossom Petals will appear in the early spring and are found near trees with Cherry Blossoms in them. The petals are floating around the map so you need to swing a Net to catch them, just like catching bugs.
However, if you miss the swing for 2 times, the cherry blossom petal what you aimed for will disappear.
Cherry Blossom Petals will not appear from Pine Trees or Fruit Trees. In April, all normal trees will turn into Cherry Blossom Trees so it won’t be a big matter.
In April 1st, Isabelle (or Tom Nook before you upgrade the Resident Service) will teach you the Outdoor Picnic Set DIY recipe. You can get more Cherry Blossom Petal DIY recipes via other villagers, ballooned gift, messaged bottle.
3) Star Fragment
If you happen to see Celeste the Owl wandering around your town, Meteor Shower event will happen in ACNH.
At clear night (not when it’s raining), sometimes Meteor Shower event occures. If a Meteor Shower is happening above your town, you can wish on the shooting stars as they fly across the sky via press A button. Make sure that you’re not holding any tools, and use the right analog stick to look up into the sky. Ideally, you should be positioned so that the sky isn’t blocked by buildings or trees.
Shooting stars tend to happen in batches, so feel free to stick around for a while and wish on a number of stars.
Next day, you’ll find Star Fragments, Large Star Fragments, Zodiac Star Fragments on the beaches of your island. Total number of amount is same as how many times you’ve prayed wishes last night.
Zodiac Star Fragments are depending on what time of the year you experience the shooting star event, you'll get a different Zodiac Star Fragment. By using these items, you'll be able to make a unique piece of furniture based on that Zodiac Sign. (Currently, Aries)
You can craft various furniture and0 Zodiac furniture via DIY recipes with those Star Fragments.

[Tip] Let's get Seasonal Materials & Star Fragments +12
NelsonRB NelsonRB verified LV.24 Trick or Treat! 8d
[Tip] Let's get Seasonal Materials & Star Fragments

How Animal Crossing Couch Co-op Falls Short

With everyone stuck indoors, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has seen a booming success, with players clammering to log on regularly, finding ways to meet with friends and family while away from one another. That being said, while people are having a great time playing with one another across the internet, couch co-op leaves a lot to be desired.
One of the biggest drawing points of the game up until this point has been how many players the game can host on a given island at a time, with 8 people able to hang out at once online and 4 people able to stay on an island together when on the couch. However, just because 4 players can play beside one another doesn’t mean they get their own islands, far from it. Each islander must share the same island if played on the same console, meaning your little patch of heaven is actually 1/4th yours. While some folks might be able to agree on aesthetics and get along swimmingly, I’m sure there are plenty of siblings and couples who argue over how their island should look, potentially changing things on the island without alerting the other players.
Additionally, only the 1st player on a given game can actually progress some of the more integral events. Players 2, 3, and 4 can’t advance main quests or generally choose the layout of the land, meaning that they become more advisors or viewers from the sidelines. 3/4ths of the players will have to wait for their mom or sibling to approve the museum building plans before anyone can start donating, meaning huge amounts of content could be gated off until someone has the time to log in.
When multiple people are playing simultaneously, 1 is designated as the leader, with the rest acting as followers. Everyone can run around their shared screen, but followers are forced to experience the game at the whims of their 1st player. Everyone has to follow their movements, as there is no split-screen, and are forced into buildings or interactions that they start without a say. Essentially, there is next to no freedom for anyone beyond the leader. Even actions like fishing can be canceled if the leader opens a menu, quelling what fun you were having.
Then there’s the issue of controls. Since you have to split up the joy-cons with enough players, some will have no access to menus, being forced to repeatedly press a single button to move between items blindly until you find the one you’re looking for.
Worst of all, resources are scarce when shared between so many players, as the island provides only so much of each, seemingly designed with 1 player in mind. And since you can’t delve into Mystery Island Tours together, it’s a race to see who can grab up what the fastest.
It’s odd and downright infuriating to be unable to play the game effectively with someone sitting next to me over someone miles away online, which you, of course, have to pay extra for. While visiting my friend’s island is fun enough, I’d love to see what island my significant other would come up with if given full reign. As it stands, we have to make compromises, oftentimes taking turns to play to ensure that we both can get the most out of the experience.
How has couch co-op been for you? Do you find it as frustrating as most players, or are you not finding any of these issues? Let me know below, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

How Animal Crossing Couch Co-op Falls Short +2
TwoFacedJoker383 TwoFacedJoker383 LV.7 Gym Leader 6d
How Animal Crossing Couch Co-op Falls Short

[Tip] How to make the villagers leave my island fast

Hey, how’s your Island?
There are hundreds of animal villagers, but I cannot find who I want that easily. Sometimes the villagers who I don’t like visits my island and settles in. It takes so long until they move out naturally by themselves.
So I introduce you to how to make them move out from the island quickly.
In case of me, I don’t want Velma on my island. So let’s see how to do this.
This requires changing the Nintendo Switch ‘Date and Time’.
1. Change the date to +1 month and +1 day from now. For example, if today is April 6th, change the date to May 7th. Enter the game, then save & quit immediately.
And then Change the date to 1 month past (In this case, May 7th to April 7th)
2. Enter the game again. Look around the island and check if any villagers are considering moving out. If anyone is considering, they look like thinking of something. You don’t need to visit the villager’s house. If anyone is considering, they are always out of their house.
2-1. If the villager who thinking of move out is not the one you want them to leave, quit the game WITHOUT SAVE (Home button > X button to quit), change the date to the NEXT DAY. (In this case, April 7th to April 8t)
If there’s no one to thinking of move out, also change the date to the next day.
In my case, Filbert was considering moving out but I don’t want him to leave. So I’ll quit the game without saving and change the date to the next day.
3. If the villager who thinking of move out is the one you want them to leave, talk to them and let them leave.
If the villager is not the one, quit the game without saving and change the date to the NEXT DAY again(In this case, April 8th to April 9th).
3-1. If no one’s considering moving out, quit the game without saving and change the date to YESTERDAY (In this case, April 8th to April 7th).
3-1-1. You’ll find another villager is considering to move out instead. If the villager is not the one, quit the game without saving and change the date to the NEXT DAY (April 7th to April 8th)
3-1-2. If no one’s thinking of move out again, quit the game without saving and change the date to the NEXT DAY (April 7th to April 8th)
4. From now, keep repeating the task 2 to 3-1-2 until the target considers to move out.
So the summary is like this.
1) Someone is considering but he/she is not the one = Quit the game without saving and change to the next day
2) I’ve come to the next day but no one is considering = Quit the game without saving and change to the 1 day before
3) I’ve come to the 1 day before but still no one’s considering = Quit the game without saving and change to the next day
If you successfully make the target leave the island, then you need to find another villager until the next day. Use Nook Miles Ticket and visit the island to seek for the villagers you want.
If you don’t do anything and change the date again, then a random villager will settle on your island instead of the target.
Luckily, I was able to find Audie in Nook Miles Island. But this is a super lucky situation so save your Nook Miles before you try this process to find another villager.

[Tip] How to make the villagers leave my island fast +5
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[Tip] How to make the villagers leave my island fast

[Tip] Flowers crossbreeding efficiency guide

Rare flowers will not appear everytime. You need to keep water the flowers and empty the spot where rare flowers will grow if the other color flowers appear.

[Tip] Flowers crossbreeding efficiency guide
NelsonRB NelsonRB verified LV.24 Trick or Treat! 3d
[Tip] Flowers crossbreeding efficiency guide

YALL WE MADE HIM SAD ⚠️trigger warning ⚠️

YALL WE MADE HIM SAD ⚠️trigger warning ⚠️
Brinabear Brinabear LV.25 Midnight Kiss 9h
YALL WE MADE HIM SAD ⚠️trigger warning ⚠️

I drew and animal crossing inspired OC her name is Tessa!

Name: Tessa
DOB: April 8

I drew and animal crossing inspired OC her name is Tessa!
Brinabear Brinabear LV.25 Midnight Kiss 21h
I drew and animal crossing inspired OC her name is Tessa!

Turnips! ACNH Turnips

Looking for prices higher than 99, my island is on a drop streak and to low for me to sell. Willing to trade.

wardedo89 wardedo89 LV.26 Mod 1h
ACNH Turnips

Lmao me

Lmao me +2
Facet_2F5L Facet_2F5L LV.2 Lurker 9h
Lmao me

Any time travelers?

Hey heyy if anyone here is time traveling on their island can I please visit my dumb ass sold my sea butterfly because I thought I had it in my museum already when I didn’t :( so I need to go to the months it’s on. I don’t have much but name your price and we can work it out :D thanks in advance ✌️

Gia_marie4206 Gia_marie4206 LV.2 Lurker 3h
Any time travelers?

Trading 500+ turnips?

Are anyone's turnips selling for 500 or higher bells?

StatPupet StatPupet LV.18 Be my Mootentine ❤️ 3h
500+ turnips?

One room to go!

One room to go!
Hałfpint Hałfpint LV.3 Lurker 9h
One room to go!

Looking for Cherry Blossom Recipes.

Looking for some cherry blossom recipes, I recently started playing so I missed out before. Will play with bells or whatever we can work out :)

Sciryn Sciryn LV.2 Lurker 10h
Looking for Cherry Blossom Recipes.



EXTRA: IF YOU HAVE GOLDEN WATERING CAN, CAN WATER MY BLACK ROSES+ I’m looking for people that have Celeste on their island

BELLS, GOLD ROSE BUDS, OR a crafting Material

DM Me If Your Interested

FireRed FireRed LV.10 Nomad 3h

Turnips over 200 bells??? I’ll bring you any fruit or a gift!

Turnips over 200 bells??? I’ll bring you any fruit or a gift!

Petrit Kuka Petrit Kuka LV.3 Lurker 5h
Turnips over 200 bells??? I’ll bring you any fruit or a gift!

Looking for good turnip prices 😤

Kelso669 Kelso669 LV.3 Lurker 3h
Looking for good turnip prices 😤


I will pay a good amount for a rocket just message me you name the price.

gamer407103584 LV.4 Lurker 5h

Selling Fruits and Bamboo

I'm selling fruits and bamboo. I have all the fruits and plenty of bamboo. 5,000 bells per each 10 fruit.

Choco Choco LV.4 Lurker 1h
Selling Fruits and Bamboo

[Tip] How to buy & sell Turnip

Hey, how's your island?
Now many people would be suffered by debt from Tom Nook I think.
To pay the debt, we need to earn Bells. There are various ways to earn Bells, but buying and selling turnip is the easiest and the most famous way in Animal Crossing series.
1) Buying turnips
Once you build Nook's Cranny, Daisy Mae who sells turnip will send you a mail.
After that, Daisy Mae will visit your island every Sunday, 6 AM to 12 PM. She'll stay only for 6 hours so do not miss this chance!
Turnip price (both buying and selling) is different for each player. If turnip is too expensive in your island, visit other's island rather than just giving up. (Nintendo Switch Online service is required to visit other player's island)
Once you bought them, you can put the turnips in your house, or bury them in the hole to keep it.
2) Selling turnips
If you've bought enough turnip, Tommy & Timmy in Nook's Cranny accepts them from Monday to Saturday. They don't accept turnips on Sunday so you need to wait for a day.
Sales prices change twice a day, in the morning (before 12 PM) and in the afternoon.
You need to visit Nook's Cranny twice a day and check the sale price of Turnip. Compare to buying price and sell it when Nook's Cranny is accepting them at a high price.
Turnips only last for 1 week. If you don't sell them until next Sunday, they'll get rotten. So you should sell them before Sunday.
There's one thing you should know.
Turnips have 1 week of the expiration date. You can change the Nintendo Switch date to the future for only up to 6 days. If you set the date for more than 7 days of the future, they'll get rotten.
Also If you change the date to the past, even just for 10 min, they'll get rotten immediately.
So never change the Nintendo Switch date when you have turnips (wherever they are).

[Tip] How to buy & sell Turnip +2
NelsonRB NelsonRB verified LV.24 Trick or Treat! 9d
[Tip] How to buy & sell Turnip

Terraforming In Animal Crossing Is The Worst

I have done nothing besides rave about Animal Crossing New Horizons for the past two weeks. I love the game so much! The longer I play, the more a few minor issues bleed into gameplay, though.
🦉 Blathers blathering was cute at first, until I figured out you can’t shut him up. Some find it endearing, but at this point, I want to skip dialogue and just donate to the museum. Pro tip- hold the B button during dialogue to speed it up a tad.
🍎 Eating fruit is fine, but why is it impossible to eat a full stack in one bite? The chomping is adorable, but I really don’t have all day to chew these apples one by one.
I can overlook those small, arguably insignificant issues. There is something I can’t ignore though...not matter how hard I try. What straw finally broke the camel’s back? Oh...let me tell you.
If you haven’t got this far in the game yet, terraforming is a feature that allows you to fully customize your island. You can build ridges ⛰ and cliffs, as well as editing water 💧 features. You can also lay pathways with it. It sounds cool enough, but be warned - you are going to curse Tom Nook himself for the frustrations this will cause. Terraforming features are unlocked after KK Slider plays his concert 🎸 in your town. It is presented as the Island Designer App.
Terraforming is so bad I almost considered quitting the game entirely. 😤 have put countless hours in and I was tempted to walk away from it. I ended up sticking it out, but I am still struggling with this feature in the game.
When I first saw previews of terraforming it looked amazing! I was so excited to give it a try. I did everything I could to get my hands on it as fast as possible. It took me less than a week and a half to unlock! I’ve been playing around with it for a while now, and I’m sad to say there are no tips or tricks I can offer. Terraforming is just straight-up the worst.
When I started, I realized I was going to have to tear up my entire island to get the look I wanted. After spending hours of planting trees 🌲 and flowers 🌸 , building bridges, and inclines, I was more than disappointed that I had to demolish it. I spent double the hours taking down bridges, uprooting trees, and digging up flowers. At the beginning of renovating, I tried to move everything to one side of the island, but it proved to be more work than I could handle. I decided to sell anything that was replaceable, like the fruit trees 🍎 and just replant them at a later time. I picked all of the fruit and stored it in my house storage before selling the tree.
Next, I began crafting my zen garden. I knew it would take the longest, so that’s where I started. I created three double-tiered ridges with water features. It took two entire days of trial and error to get it to where it is now. I still have to plant bamboo to finish it, but overall, I’m happy with how it turned out. I am not happy with the amount of time it took.
The main issue with all three factors - pathways, water, and cliffs is that you cannot batch edit anything. The tool only allows users to craft one row at a time. I have found if I pave out a square section first, it seems to fill more, but I am not 100 percent sure about that part.
I have some ideas that I think would make this tool better and bring out its full potential.
An undo/redo button would be amazing. It is not very easy to undo things now, and it is time-consuming. The main issue I have had is when I am attempting to lay a path, instead of moving forward and painting the next section, my character won’t move forward and will instead erase an intentional portion. Thus, the never-ending cycle of path paving is born. Separate selections of painting 🎨 and erasing could be a solution, as well.
Laying multiple rows at a time should be an option. It could be mapped 🗺 out similarly to the housing selections and movement of objects. If sections of the island could be selected in a batch and an option to paint an entire path was presented, this feature would be incredible. The Design Pro App has similar effects (mirror, move pattern, stamps, etc.) that I would like to see transferred over to the Island Designer App.
Finally, a time-saving solution would be for trees, flowers, rocks, or virtually anything in the way of a path, cliff, or water feature was poofed back to the lost and found box in the town hall. 📦 Picking up objects right in the middle of a redesign is as frustrating as it is time-consuming. Why not have those items disappear as you are designing and reappear in the box later? It could work the same way that it does whenever you build a house, bridge, or other building. When Tom Nook gives you a building kit of any kind, after you place it, it moves all items that were in the way to the donated box. The items are not lost forever, but it provides a quick fix and another reason to see Isabelle.
I hope to see this feature improved upon in the future, but I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, you can catch me laying my tile one by one and plucking up flower beds to lay the dirt underneath them.
Have you unlocked the Island Designer App? How do you feel about the features? Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree!

Terraforming In Animal Crossing Is The Worst +6
Ratman Ratman LV.13 Switch 1d
Terraforming In Animal Crossing Is The Worst


I got this diy from a bottle on the beach and I’m so happy!! 🤍😭

Hałfpint Hałfpint LV.3 Lurker 21h


Join Here:

Jolly Rawger Jolly Rawger LV.5 Lurker 4d

This game isnt easy

I literally cant start this game since I cant think of an island name, does anyone have any reccomendations?

RamenRev LV.2 Lurker 1d
This game isnt easy

Trading Does anyone wanna trade!

Hello! I can trade with cherries I also have bamboo, and three oranges! And I have four ten stacks of pears! That’s about it! What I need is either just a pot or a barrel, or both, if ya give me both i can give you a stack of bamboo and pears hah XD but ye
Thanks again!
Just message me ^^
Or the dodo code is MBYRL !!!

Does anyone wanna trade! +1
VintageDoodles VintageDoodles LV.2 Lurker 1d
Does anyone wanna trade!

If I catch another Water Egg I swear to God

If I catch another Water Egg I swear to God
Aje Aje LV.3 Lurker 21h
If I catch another Water Egg I swear to God

Making friends!

Who doesn't like making friends, especially in these "dark times" where everyone is quarantined?! Making this post for everyone who would just like to exchange friend codes and play Animal Crossing or any other game for switch! Mine is SW-3630-1555-5714! Add me anytime! Let's bump this up to the top so we can get more of a community!

xShinigamiNinja xShinigamiNinja LV.3 Lurker 20h
Making friends!

Fruits and Bamboo

I'm selling any fruits and bamboo anybody needs. I need the bells rn so basically any amount of fruit that I have I'll be selling. I have them all. We can negotiate a price if you msg me. Look at comments for updates about what fruits are available.

Choco Choco LV.4 Lurker 14h
Fruits and Bamboo

Trading Cherry Blossom Lantern DIY recipe

If anyone has an extra one, I'll trade with you. I got every fruit besides oranges, bamboo, and bells.

xShinigamiNinja xShinigamiNinja LV.3 Lurker 21h
Cherry Blossom Lantern DIY recipe

Trading ACNH Fruit

Looking for apples, pears and bamboo; willing to pay or trade in other fruit.

wardedo89 wardedo89 LV.26 Mod 1d
ACNH Fruit

Selling nook miles tickets x5 for 900k bells

Oscar Manchego Oscar Manchego LV.2 Lurker 16h
Selling nook miles tickets x5 for 900k bells

Facial hair

Want some facial hair accessories

Dark Knight1289 Dark Knight1289 LV.2 Lurker 21h
Facial hair

Villager Chart?

There are a couple villagers I want to leave my island but I'm not quite sure where I can find the info on personality types and what to wear to make them want to leave. Does anyone have a sort of chart or link to a website I can use?

StatPupet StatPupet LV.18 Be my Mootentine ❤️ 1d
Villager Chart?

Need friend

I need some friends to play with on animal crossing

Kennapink LV.2 Lurker 1d
Need friend

Rocket item

Need the rocket item

Dark Knight1289 Dark Knight1289 LV.2 Lurker 21h
Rocket item

Trading BUYING

looking to buy stone stacks. please DM me no amount is too small


Any good turnip prices

Just looking for someone with really good turnip prices today.

N1k LV.4 Lurker 1d
Any good turnip prices

Flat Screen TV Needed

I’m trying to do a outdoor movie area and all I need is a Flat Screen TV.

All I need to do is catalog it so I can order it myself.

I can offer a golden Slingshot for your time :)
(Additional trading if that doesn’t seem fair)

Thanks in advance!

FiveFinger48 LV.2 Lurker 19h
Flat Screen TV Needed


ScrapsReady ScrapsReady LV.13 Gameboy 1d

Cherry Blossom Lantern

i can pay for the recipe or i can bring my resources and you can make them pretty please :))

marjoestar marjoestar LV.2 Lurker 13h
Cherry Blossom Lantern

Nook miles ticket

Anyone got spare tickets they willing to sell? Just wanna travel to different islands and collect things

PiColin PiColin LV.4 Lurker 14h
Nook miles ticket

Animal crossing

I have pears and cherry and coconuts can someone help me get oranges peaches and whatever else I need

Spiderman455425 LV.2 Lurker 11h
Animal crossing

I love animal crossing

gamer756678773 gamer756678773 LV.2 Lurker 21h
I love animal crossing

Been a fun day of Animal Crossing!

Sorry I wasn't so active today, I've been both building furniture irl and collecting and selling things on Animal Crossing!
I've ended up with a bunch of stuff to sell for tomorrow now!
What's your favourite bug or fish in Animal crossing?



Been a fun day of Animal Crossing! +2
Elfi Elfi verified LV.28 Fearless 2d
Been a fun day of Animal Crossing!

New horizons

I don't have any friends to play animal crossing with hmu if you trying to play

Zrcolberg Zrcolberg LV.2 Lurker 15h
New horizons

Trading Any1 store open? Turnip prices? I’ll bring you any fruit !! Or a gift!

Any1 store open? Turnip prices? I’ll bring you any fruit !! Or a gift!

Petrit Kuka Petrit Kuka LV.3 Lurker 13h
Any1 store open? Turnip prices? I’ll bring you any fruit !! Or a gift!

give me ur villagers >:)

i’m looking for any villagers that are moving out of your island! specifically apple, marina, merina, reese and the cute clown i forgot his name haha. also if you have the cherry blossom wand recipe! thanks soooo much.

marjoestar marjoestar LV.2 Lurker 19h
give me ur villagers >:)

Selling 5x nook miles tickets for 250k bells each

Hamburber Hamburber LV.2 Lurker 13h
Selling 5x nook miles tickets for 250k bells each

If an amiboo villager leaves, can you just bring them back?

So if I had an amiboo villager move out hypothetically, could I just go back the amiboo machine and bring them back? Curious because if so I’ll let them go so they can replace an unwanted villager of mine

Kazmataz LV.2 Lurker 1d
If an amiboo villager leaves, can you just bring them back?