jackthewolf6 LV.2 Lurker
Feb 10, 2021, 03:38 AM 89 read

Looking for players to tryout for my team. If interested, join my Discord.

Looking for Group

Hello, if you're reading this then you are clearly interested in learning more about our team! Purple Lotus is a startup gaming org dedicated to training lower level players into top stars among their chosen game. Right now we are only accepting Valorant players, preferably at least Silver level if not higher. Do not be discouraged though if you rank lower, go ahead and apply! As long as you're dedicated to working hard and training hard to improve at the game both individually and as a team then you have a shot at being accepted! To be part of the team though, you must be able to take criticism and attempt to improve yourself by using the information given to you. We also do not accept toxicity from the higher ranked or lower ranked members, like I said, our goal is to improve together, not fight at every single practice.   https://discord.gg/6a9gWXsdtg

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