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Oct 7, 2020, 12:45 PM 23 read

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Hi, my name is Earthspam from the Philippines, looking for talents, preferably in South East Asia, below are the requirements needed: - Microphone - Discord - Diamond Rank or up - English, no need to be fluent (if everyone knows Tagalog language, then it will be Tagalog) - Good game mentality   Tryouts are not required anymore, and your individuality is why you made it to Diamond tier or above. Instead, I will make you team up each other and review your game impact as a team.   If you want to take your skills to pro-level, message on 1. 1st and second preferable roles 2. Favorite Agent 3. Favorite Map 4. Favorite Gun 5. Are you currently working? (Yes or No) 6. Availability for practice. 7. Valorant Username and ID

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