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G.U.N Skins

Hey wassup guys welcome to this brand new Valorant post today we are gonna be talking about some fresh new leaks about cosmetics, skins call them as you want this is a relative new topic and a variety of streamers have already react to them including the Valorant streamer Hiko so with no much more to say lets just jump right into it.

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Ok now getting focused on this new skins this pack looks mostly as a Alien topic pack or as how some people call it the NeuroBlaster pack but I think that the main Focus thing in this picture is only one thing but only for the drama lets numerate them First we got the spectre as the first gun in the picture next one is the OP that personally in my opinion looks amazing and getting a litle bit lower we have two options but we are going first for the Bucky then the classic and a little bit at the left we can see the thematic knive but know obviously the main thing that Im pretty much sure that you all saw first and it is this new neuro blaster gun I first thought that it was just the knive but bigger but if you see some details these are two complete different objects so I think we are all wondering what is that thing and in some future we are gonna be able to use them.

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Only for saying all of this skins have some effect at the end of the gun.   Pts: The final object that I was talking about apparently doesnt exist and was only Hiko clickbait so yeah I didnt had time for correcting it but yeah now you know sorry for the fake news :V   And as always thanks for reading I hope you got a wonderfull day and if you liked the post you can up vote it and please follow me at moot if you dont wnat to lose brand new posts with Valorant information.    

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