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Valorant Lore: Teachings of the Ruthless Tundra (Sova) (Fanmade)

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In a forest somewhere in Russia’s northern tundra…   As the harshly cold wind blew through the trees, an ear-piercing whistle was all that could be heard for miles. It was a snowstorm that had painted the vast expanse of trees a blinding, immaculate white. In the middle of a particular group of trees, a wooden cabin stood amidst the otherwise uninhabited expanse of trees. On the porch of the cabin sat two men, one middle-aged and one young, that appeared to be working with wood.   “No Sova, you’re sharpening the arrow all wrong,” the middle-aged man criticized sternly. Then he grabbed the arrow from the younger man’s hand and sharpened it himself.   “Long strokes like this. If your arrow isn’t sharp enough, you’ll only be tickling your prey. It’s eat or be eaten out in the tundra, never forget my son.” the older man said in a strict, but loving tone.   “All right, papa,” Sova said somewhat brushing off his father’s lecturing. He had heard the same lecture many times before, but everything has been working out so far, hasn’t it? ‘Papa is just a worrywart.’ the young man chuckled to himself.   The middle-aged man stood up and looked out into the billowing snow and said, “Let’s head inside.”   Sova and his dad went inside the cabin and lit a fire as they sat on the table together. The father went into the ice shed and looked for something to make for dinner. He opened the door, then sighed at the sight of an empty shed. “Seems we’re going to have to go hunting again…” the father muttered under his breath.   Walking back into the room where Sova was, the father said, “Tomorrow we’re going hunting, so we are going to need those arrows sharp.”   The duo went to bed hungry that night, but this was nothing new to them who had lived in such a harsh environment their entire lives.   As the sun peeked through the cracks in between the trees, the father and son were already dressed in warm, heavy attire to keep out the cold as they hunt for dinner for the next month.   Before they left their cabin, Sova whistled out at the trees above him. For a long time, there was no sound until Sova suddenly felt two claws clamp on his shoulder. “Stealthy as always, Kroshka.” Sova chuckled. His father walked out into the forest and he followed closely behind. Now they just had to find a trace of an animal.   After a few hours, they had found traces of animals near the lake. It was the easiest place to find traces of animals because everything needs water, right? After following a particularly larger set of tracks that appeared to belong to a deer, the two finally found the deer in their sights. As luck would have it, their prey’s back was turned to them which would make things much easier. Sova’s father took an arrow from his quiver and fired it at the deer. The arrow lodged in its neck and it bled out after a few minutes. It was an uneventful kill. He had been hunting since he was a little boy with his own father, and he might as well have killed himself out of shame if had missed such vulnerable prey.   “Let’s take back our catch, then we’ll continue tomorrow.” the father walked up to the deer corpse and slouched it over his shoulder. Sova’s father was a man of large stature with big bulging muscles. He seemed like a metal tower, unwavering and steadfast.   As the two trudged through the snow, there was a trail of blood that dripped behind their tracks. It would have been fine if luck was on their side, but they had already been given their daily dose of luck for the day and God wasn’t going to give them anymore. A grunt could be heard from a distance, like a low rumble of thunder.   Sova’s father stopped and squinted his eyes, then he turned around. Behind them stood a giant bear greedily eyeing the deer slouched on the father’s shoulder. “Stand your ground Sova,” the father whispered.   The bear slowly closed in on the duo picking up its pace with each step until it was in a full-blown sprint.   “RUN SOVA!” the father yelled.   Against his father’s wishes, Sova drew his bow and fired it at the sprinting bear. The arrows seemed to bounce off of the sprinting bear with a sharp sound. The bear quickly made it into Sova’s face and swung ferociously.   “SOVA!” the father stepped in front of his son and took the brunt of the blow, but Sova did not remain unscathed.   ARghhh   Sova and his father flew back. Sova grasped his right eye, blood trickling through his fingers. He breathed out quite heavily. He removed his hand slowly from his face, only to meet with complete darkness from his right eye. It was ruined. Sova got up just in time to see the bear take another swipe at his father before carrying off the deer they had laboriously hunted.   “PAPA!” Sova ran over to check his father’s condition and choked on a sob.   “Sova, your eye…” the father said with difficulty as he touched his face.   “Don’t worry about my eye, we have to get you back to the cabin…” Sova said in a panicked voice.   “It’s too late, we’re quite far from the cabin… just remember that we’re the hunters, not the hunted; remind that damned animal of that. Death is our friend, he’s just taking his tax now…” the father said with his last strength. The middle-aged man breathed his last there.   The owl flew down from the sky and landed on top of the father and let out a sad hoot. It pulled at his clothes trying to get a reaction out of him to no avail.   “He’s gone Kroshka. Let’s take him back and give him a proper send-off.” the pain from his eye seemed to have disappeared in an instant and all he felt was numbness.   After a long and quiet walk, the cabin came into view just up ahead. The warm feeling Sova usually felt after seeing the cabin was no more, and all that was left was a memento of sadness. Sova wasted no time burying his father in front of the cabin so he would never forget. A makeshift tombstone was made out of some logs to mark the spot.   Sova wasted no time grieving, for this wasn’t the time for that. It was time for revenge. He would bury the bear next to his father to soothe the fallen hunter’s soul.   He whistled to the sky and he was met with a hoot from high above. “We’re going to avenge papa Kroshka, are you ready?” Sova asked the owl perched on his shoulder. The owl hooted in approval and the duo set off to track down that gluttonous bear.   It didn’t take long to find the bear considering the massive prints it left along with the blood from the deer. It was feasting on the food that his father had caught for them. Rage instantly filled Sova’s eyes and rationality left his mind. As if noticing a burning gaze, the bear turned around to look at Sova, then continued eating. The contempt the bear had for Sova could be seen from this sheer disregard.   Sova instantly took arrows from his quiver and shot them in succession at the bear, each meeting their mark. The bear roared and turned around. It charged at Sova at full speed, clearly enraged by the arrows. Sova stood there and continued to fire, unfazed by the bear’s charge. A few more arrows lodged themselves into the bear’s body, but it didn’t slow down in the slightest; it might have even sped up. 600 kgs of muscle rammed right into Sova as he flew, but not before he had impaled the bear with his pocket knife.   Sova coughed out a mouthful of blood, and multiple ribs were broken but he stood up completely ignoring the pain. The bear charged him again, but with much less momentum again. The bear bled profusely from the many arrows and the stab wound it had suffered before. While Sova did stand, he was neither able nor inclined to run so he stood there and stared the bear directly in the eye with a cold, emotionless expression. Just as the bear closed in and stood over Sova, a hoot could be heard from the sky. Kroshka flew up to the bear’s face and plucked its eye out. Enraged, the bear swatted the owl flying, its life and death unknown.   “KROSHKA!” Sova’s face contorted with a ruthless expression as he took the life lodged in the bear and pulled down with all the force he could muster.   The bear fell over and let out an agonized roar full of anguish. Sova stood over the bear and stabbed it in the neck multiple times. As he slashed and stabbed he yelled, “I AM THE HUNTER, NOT THE HUNTED.”   After the bear was long dead and he was finished venting his anger, he dragged his broken and bloodstained body back to where Kroshka flew when it was hit. After looking around for a bit, he happened upon Kroshka’s battered body and he picked up the fractured bird in his hands. It had already left this world along with everything else that made the tundra feel like home.   Sova severed the head of the bear before walking Kroshka’s body and the head back to the cabin. He would bury them both by his father’s grave so it would serve as a lesson to him, a reminder.   “Keep my papa company, would you Kroshka?” Sova whispered to himself staring at the tombstone he had made for the little owl.   Just then a blinding light had come from the North, sweeping over everything and illuminating the darkest edges of the tundra. Sova shielded his eyes, confused as to what that was. ‘Could it be the end of the world?’ he thought to himself. Little did he know, it would be the beginning of a brand new world.    

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    This is so good.

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    Aww, thanks bubs.

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    Can you make one about Cypher? He's a Moroccan intelligence agent so a spy story would be cool

  • Yusuf "Alex" Harris verified LV.30 Dream Chaser Sep 23, 2020, 05:08 AM

    I had an idea about Cypher, but it had more to do with why he wanted to know everything about everyone. But it was more of a thing when he was a kid rather than adult, but I'm open to suggestion. Also, highest voted agent gets it bubs :3

  • Yusuf "Alex" Harris verified LV.30 Dream Chaser Sep 23, 2020, 05:08 AM

    and there's no rule saying I can't make multiple stories

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    Wow Alex! Congratulationd for this! This is amazing! I really liked it. Keep it up, I'm really looking forward to your upcoming stories!

  • Yusuf "Alex" Harris verified LV.30 Dream Chaser Sep 29, 2020, 06:14 AM

    Thanks bubs

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